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Jenna Spencer of AssistPro is a corporate banker turned entrepreneur. Upon realizing that working in the corporate world was stopping her from creating the future she desired, she refused to compromise.

Jenna seized the opportunity to create a solution by founding AssistPro with her signature mix of bold intelligence, dynamic energy, and 360° service. Now, Jenna gets the thrill of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses while achieving her own personal and professional goals.

In this podcast episode, Jenna talks about how she created a life she loves working from home and how she’s using AssistPro to help other women discover the same thing.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • We discuss how we figured out we were entrepreneurs – it involved job hopping and not being satisfied in our jobs.
  • Jenna shares her greatest challenge of staying focused on her why while not having everything figured out.
  • She also shares advice on investing in yourself and taking care of yourself.

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Welcome to the show. Jenna. Hi, Cindy. Thank you so much for having me today. It’s great to have you tell me about yourself outside of your business.

Yeah. Well, I am a mother of three children under the age of 10. I am married to my high school car. And I love fast car and laughing when did you know that you were an entrepreneur? You know, I’ve been surrounded by entrepreneurs all of my life. But for some reason, I thought that I had to pursue the corporate path and college to be successful. And I’m not sure where that I got that idea from. But I knew I was an entrepreneur when I was about five years in the my corporate rat race in the banking world, pursuing a dream and I was not happy. It was trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. And I knew in that moment, I had this light bulb moment of, Oh, my gosh, I’ve been surrounded by entrepreneurs all my life, like what have I been doing? So I made a hard left off of that course. I knew I’d figure it out along the way. And that’s how I got started. So was a light bulb moment for me.

Yeah, I didn’t figure out that I was on an entrepreneur for a really long time. I always did stuff on the side. And I also always got bored with jobs. So I felt like I was a job Hopper, right. So I felt like, I felt like I was lazy, because I see my friends are at jobs for, you know, five years, 10 years. And here, I was like, I just got a promotion. But I want another job. Absolutely. I completely can relate to that. And it was this internal Battle of not feeling good enough, because it wasn’t working where I was at, and looking for something else. But feeling like I should be happy, you know, I should be happy with her enough because things are going well. But I just wasn’t at the end of the day. So I completely understand that. Mm hmm. Tell me about your business and how you got started with that.

Yeah, so I have a virtual executive assistant agency. And it really happened just by coincidence, I left my corporate job when I was on maternity leave with my third child. And I knew that I wanted to find something working from home, and that something was out there. So I became room where it was in my purse, define that. And I knew that I loved organization, and I love ministry to type work. And I loved just a self management piece of it, it will be entrepreneurs. They were private business consultants, and they hired me, never having been an assistant, you know, a day in my life. But having been in the banking world, and having all the organizational skill, they identified something in me that would be successful. And then being the amazing entrepreneurs that they are six months into being learned man, they said, Hey, have you ever thought about having your own business, you know, we recognize her as an entrepreneur, spirit ino. And our network is growing very quickly. And there’s a great need for assistance. And so in that moment, I knew that I would be able, I have been given an opportunity to pay forward and opportunities they gave to me. And so I didn’t even think twice about it. I had one conversation with my husband. And he said, it looks like I can feel for me that this is something you’re really passionate about and wanted to do when I set up the business and they started referring their network to me, and the rest is history. What’s been your greatest challenge. As a business owner, my greatest challenge has been staying focused on my wife, and not focus on knowing everything to do that, because I’m very a type personality. And so I want to have to figure it out. And so it’s challenging for me to keep moving forward, even when I want to stop because I don’t have something figured out. And so being focused on my why and making sure that I’m entered as a woman, as a person, help me move forward when I don’t have all the answers because I want all the answers I can completely relate. I’m the same way I have. I want to implement something into my business. I want to learn everything that I need to learn about that one thing before I implemented a lot of times, it kind of like causes me to have hang ups because I want to know the outcome. I want to know reviews. I want to know the best way I want to know the best software. I want to know what people have gone through when I could just like look it up, implement, keep it going. If it doesn’t work, do something else. Absolutely.

Aside from not wanting to work for someone else. And aside from your family, what is your why my Why is being the Festival of opportunity. Two other women that are in search of what I was for, I’m looking for an opportunity to have the best of both worlds to be able to have different priorities. So use my my professional mental skills. But also maybe I have a sick child that help us soccer field as a baseball field. And so my Y is helping other women discover a life that they love by being able to work from home. And so my company and and myself, I am that vessel for them. And that absolutely hands down is my number one why and help me I mean, it just drives me every single day. That’s what fuels my fire. What advice do you have for someone that’s just getting started in business, don’t give up, you know, invest in yourself. The biggest lesson I learned is that it’s not about having yourself grounded and making the investment in yourself in having yourself mentally and spiritually and physically well, and, and well taking care of and your cup full that the flows over into business. So I believe that as women, you know, we always focus on what’s around us and what others around us and focusing on ourselves is one of the biggest challenges. So for female entrepreneurs, specifically, I would say just making sure that you give yourself enough time to take care of yourself. But, you know, with men and women and with entrepreneurs, you know, there’s such a personal element that’s tied to your business that you know, by focusing on good daily habits and morning routines and whatever that thing is for you. That filter cup and ground you that is just as important to your business is checking off if you could have lunch with one business thought leader, who would it be so I love to happen lunch with Simon cynics. I think that he is amazing. Obviously start with why is one of my favorite books. That’s what I read when I was getting started. But, you know, he focuses on so he focuses on how, you know, trust and emotional intelligence and inspiration and, you know, all of your gut thing that really relate to business. And for me, coming from the corporate world that was so unconventional, you know, it just wasn’t really allowed in the corporate world that when I found out about him, and started reading his material following him, I just drank it like water. I just fell in love with it. Because it’s so different from everything that I knew in the corporate world. And I just think he’s so smart and emotionally intelligent. I have like, hands down my favorite by far, what’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier, you know, this really goes back to basics, but I cannot live without my calendar. So, you know, be married with three children. And we have baseball and art and soccer and field trips and everything I live and breathe on my calendar. And I have everything on my calendar, my family, the calendar, but it just helps me stay focused, because I’m really big on blocking my time. And so it helps me be able to turn my brain on and off. So when I’m working, it’s very concentrated work time. And when I’m off, I’m off the grid. And I love that because it helps it’s an accountability tool for myself because being an entrepreneur so you work all the time and having the calendar set up and holding myself accountable the calendar it it just gives me such a great schedule and the ability to turn on and off which I really really love and my family so my like my nine year old knows the calendar so my mom has this time to be dead from the specialty bed and when it’s work time at work time and it really helped give us a great Keaton to our family and also where can listeners find you online what’s your website where do you hang out on social media?

Yeah so you can find me at my website which is Steph Curry W dot assist crow LLC dot com. I do have an Instagram handle and Facebook is which is the same as the pro LLC we’re always learning something or you can find me on Facebook defender Jenna Spencer. I love to hear a funny story about my career and my family and things that are going on but I love social media and I’m really across Instagram and Facebook and then my writing. I thought this on my website as well.

Well Jenna, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me.

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