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Courtney Blair, Founder of Zippy Content, started her business out of necessity.

When she was pregnant, desperate for work and unable to find it, she began contacting everyone she knew for work she could do from home. Lo-and-behold, someone had something for her to do. It was her dad who had his own online business in the psychology realm and wanted to be featured on podcasts.

Fast forward 3 years and Zippy Content was born.

Zippy Content now represents almost 100 entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, consultants, and more from across the globe, and finds them interviews with the COOLEST PODCASTERS ON EARTH.

In this episode, Courtney shares the do’s and don’ts of using podcast interviews to get more business. We discuss not waiting to be an expert to get started in business, as well as the challenges of work-life balance.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Courtney shares how being out of work forced her to start her own business.
  • She shares how that business evolved from a job she took on for her dad.
  • We discuss the challenges of work-life balance.
  • We also talk about why you shouldn’t wait to be an expert at something to get started working in the industry.
  • She also shares great tips on what you need to plan out before you start going on podcasts to promote your business, book, etc.

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Welcome to the show. Courtney. Hey, thanks for having me. Thanks for being on tell me about yourself outside of your business.

So me outside my business. I am a mother. I’m a student and a wife. So I have a lot going on just outside of work. I’m 27 years old. I live in Southern California. I’m going to school to get my bachelor’s in Business Administration. So that’s me in a nutshell.

And when did you know that you were an entrepreneur,

I knew probably when I was eight. I just knew of a few other kids who were selling stuff at school. And it was just something that I I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to make money and my dad bought me a little button making kit and I’m a little buttons that you pinned your shirt. And I went door to door and I was selling them in the high end neighborhoods and did the whole thing probably only lasted a couple weeks. But yeah, that was that was when I knew for sure. Tell us about your business and how you got started with that. So my business is it be content. Basically, what we do is we represent authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, basically, anybody who’s up to something cool, and we find them interviews on podcasts. So I got started in this industry. About four years ago, I was pregnant and I was out of a job actually just quit quit my job at LA Fitness at the time, because I just was not having it. Morning sickness and stuff. I was done. So I just went to work for myself. And I started right freelance writing and stuff, and it just wasn’t working out. So I ended up hitting my dad up for a job who works in the psychology realm. So he has courses in NLP and hypnosis and stuff like that. So he just hired me as an employee about four years ago, just to find him podcast interviews. And over the next couple years, I sort of fine tuned it and turned it into a business that I could offer people. And I changed up the pay structure from him paying me hourly, as an employee to just being paid by the booking. And I got to work about a year ago, just offering my services to people. And it’s been a wild ride ever since.

That sounds really cool. And you guys have Courtney, to think for a lot of the awesome interviews that are on my podcast. We appreciate you do, by the way, thank you. And I have to thank you too, because you keep my interviews and calendar full, sometimes too full. I was recording podcasts and publishing them once a week. And last year, in December, I had enough interviews to get me through like, summer this year of it. And I’m like business changes so much I can. So then I started having to publish twice a week. And I still had a whole bunch of interviews. And so I took a break from doing interviews. And now I’m kind of like on another little sprint. I was just looking at my calendar, and I am at the end of two right now with interview views. Nice. So book down. Yes. And we are recording this in early April for reference, what is your greatest entrepreneurial challenge.

So I would say just balance. And as an entrepreneur, it’s really easy to just kind of allow work to become life and neglect other things, you know what I mean? neglect, the house neglect, you know, yourself. And so that’s been my biggest challenge is just trying not to eat, breathe, and live, work, and make sure that I’m really giving, you know, myself, the self care that I need, and, you know, just family life in general, super important. I feel like when I don’t, when I neglect that side of things, my business starts to kind of show it because I’m, I’m working so hard on business that my world crashes in, you know what I mean? And that’s, that’s bad for business. So, yeah, balance has definitely been the biggest challenge for me. Yeah. And that’s

also good way to burn out. And then you just hate everything that has to do with your business. Exactly, exactly. So aside from not wanting to work for someone else, and aside from your family, what’s your why, um, I why I would say is just helping people spread their messages. That’s just

a real feel good factor that I’ve pulled out of out of my business that I didn’t realize was going to be there. When I got started. Like, obviously, everybody gets started. So they don’t have a boss and, you know, make your own schedule. But definitely, it feels really good to just be able to help people in that sense that they have something to say, and being able to line them up with the right audience to say it to it feels really, really good,

what advice you have for someone that’s just getting started in business,

don’t wait until you become an expert to get started. Just just get started. You know, do you do your due diligence and do some research, but don’t sit around and spend your entire life trying to become an expert, before you hit the ground floor. You know what I mean, there’s a lot of stuff that that is going happened along the way that teaches you lessons that you wouldn’t otherwise have, unless you were doing it. And that’s like a really, really important part of becoming an expert. And so I feel like a lot of people get really caught up in just, you know what I mean, the, the, the back end, like, they kind of freak out, because they feel like, they just don’t know everything, when in all honesty, nobody knows everything, when they first get started. You just have to do it. You just have to hit the people up, send the emails and get it going.

Yeah, and you can just learn along the way because you’re, you’re gonna make mistakes. And I’m going to make we’re all making mistakes. And one thing that happens if you start reading a whole bunch of books on like, how to start a business, they’re all going to tell you different things. So you just got to pick one that works for you and just roll with it. change things up as you go. Exactly. Be flexible. So what advice do you have for someone that is wanting to get on podcasts? Like, first of all, why should they get on podcasts? And how would they start out. So I feel like all of my clients

all kind of have a little bit of a different goal. Obviously, everybody, most of people hit me up, they want visibility, you know, they want to bring what a visibility to whatever it is they’re doing. And, but the end results for everybody just in terms of satisfaction are different. What some people want new clients, some people want to larger audience, some people want to speak to this very, very, very specific audience, you know what I mean, and just spread a message. And so you know what I mean? So, really, um, I would say the biggest, the biggest reason why you should get on is not only just for the visibility and stuff, but to make those connections, you know, what I mean, there’s, there’s obviously, a lot of, there’s a they’re not, obviously there are just a lot of benefits that on the back end, just in terms of doing podcast interviews for search engine optimization, you know, maybe exposure to your sales funnel, if you have one, whatever the case may be. So there’s, there’s a lot of different reasons to do it. But I would say the most beneficial is just being able to hone in on visibility and leverage people’s audiences and someone that’s just starting out, like, what advice would you give to them to, like,

get on podcast, the people that

I work with, who are having the most success with doing podcast interviews are working on their visibility and engagement on social media. And they have somewhere to direct traffic like, it’s, it’s, I don’t like to work with people who want to go on podcast just to hear themselves talk, you know what I mean? I want there to be benefits on the back end. And I want there to be, you know, I want there to be a real firm way to direct yourself to success, if that makes sense. Somebody who’s going on a podcast just to hear themselves talk and just to have a cool conversation in the long run is going to look back at all the money spent and be like, Well, I didn’t make that much money off of it. It wasn’t a worthy investment, you know, so you got to make sure that you have somewhere to direct that traffic that is going to turn into more clients or you know what I mean, whatever it is that makes you Yes, this is successful,

that makes sense. So, set a goal Do you want more traffic? Do you want more leads? Do you want more sales and then structure kind of like work backwards? Is what you’re saying? Yes, exactly. Exactly. So if you could have lunch with one business thought leader who would it be? You know,

I actually have a client that I am dying to have lunch with him is Regan Hillier. I don’t know if you’ve interviewed I feel like maybe she’s going to a client for a long time. So I feel like um, if

have you interviewed her

in a while,

I think I’ve seen the name but I don’t think I’ve interviewed her

is she’s great. I’ve been dying. Just like, because she’s really really big, and just the entrepreneurial and like, kind of spiritual realm. And so I really work mainly with her team. So I haven’t really gotten to have like, a lot of one on one conversations with her in particular, even though I find her interviews and stuff so she’s just somebody who’s really cool to follow just on social media and stuff she’s really big on, you know, connecting with, with the real you and and turning that into your, you know, just applying it to your business and manifestation. And, you know, there’s a lot of spiritual aspects that she ties into entrepreneurship that I love. She’s definitely somebody that I’d love to just sit down and pick her brain over a meal.

And what’s your favorite business book and you know what, it’s, it’s,

it’s a tough one, my favorite one that I’ve come across so far as the go giver. I’m completely drawing a blank at the the author but it’s just, it’s just a fable. It’s not it was published as a fiction, but it’s the moral of the story is basically that the the most direct way to success isn’t to focus on yourself, but to focus on giving to other people, and that that’s where the real success is going to come in. So it’s a great story. You know,

I had someone else mentioned that book. And I think I added it to my to read list. It’s great. It’s not very long, either. That, I mean, that’s one of the things that was kind of quick read, but it impactful at the same time. Good Book, I’ll, I’ll link to that in the show

notes. Cool. What’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier. So I would say turn yellow is has been the app that kind of changed the game for us. When I first got started finding podcast interviews, I didn’t really have any way to track the interviews once we pulled them in. So I would have clients that were like, I want 10 interviews a month, and then I would find them 10 interviews. And there was no real way for us to, you know, track all the information for recording and everything like that. So it was kind of a scramble on the back end, you know, so just being introduced to cello and kind of figuring out how to use it to track interviews through the booking and reporting or recording cross process has been just a game changer for us. It’s great. And it’s a free app to you. It’s wonderful. Yeah, that’s what I used to organize my podcast right now.

Cool. It’s wonderful. I love it. Yeah, I have everyone that I’m interviewing in order and I use their calendar feature to schedule out when the interview is going to be published. I also give everybody like an industry so I don’t publish like two real estate interviews in a row. Nice, smart. And then since my podcast is geared toward women, entrepreneur, I don’t want to have more than two male interviews in a row, etc, etc. Yeah, that’s smart. That’s smart. And then I move things along and as I move stuff as I move your card along the lists, like I know you, I know you. Yes. So once your card goes to the edited pile, I have a Zapier integration setup to create a WordPress post for me,

there’s a lot of nice stuff going on with the free hello and the free Zapier integration. I love it, huh? Yeah, me too.

Um, so Courtney, where can listeners find you online? What’s your website where you add on social media so my website is that the content calm you can book an appointment with me there very easily. If you by chance, want to just talk to me about my services or get to know each other a little better, you can get me on the phone within a couple days just for my website at the Get Started button. I believe it is what it is. And then you can also find me on Facebook, Courtney Blair, and Zippy content is also on Facebook. We’re also doing a live show right now, which I’m waiting on a branding package to get back with the logo and stuff. So it’s been on hold. And but I’d like to have you on it eventually to just to kind of I’m doing the live show. It’s called unzipped. And it’s basically just a way for me to showcase the people that I work with in terms of pod casters. And you know what I mean, just kind of show people who are working with, so that’s what we’re doing. And you can find me there and kind of keep up with us there. And yeah, as I mentioned, I’d love to have you on eventually. As soon as we’re getting that thing going again. Yeah, let me know when you get it going. And so this

will be a Facebook Live Show. Yes.

Yep. It’s just running from the be content page. And yeah, we’re, I mean, it’s basically just very conversational. I don’t have like a interview flow or anything like that developed just yet. It’s just kind of to talk about what your podcast is about and everything.

Okay, well, cool. Courtney, thanks so much for sharing your story with us today. Thank you. I appreciate your time. I really enjoyed myself.

Cindy Rodriguez is the host of the Start Fierce Business Podcast. When she’s not interviewing awesome entrepreneurs, she’s working on growing her startup, going to Disney World with her daughter, or reading a book.

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