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Whitney Nicely of Whitney Buys Houses, LLC started to chase her passions and fine-tune her skills in the real estate market after college.

She flipped her first house in 2009. Her real estate portfolio has grown from zero to 17 residential houses, 19 apartment units and 7 chunks of vacant land across East Tennessee.

Whitney believes everyone should control their own destiny by investing in real estate as soon and as much as possible. It doesn’t take a trust fund or $100k in the bank to get started. In fact, Whitney teaches people how they can use no money, no credit, and no banks to finance real estate deals across the country.

She’s fired up about teaching people the fast, fun, and profitable way to be successful in real estate.

In this podcast episode, Whitney gives advice on how to get started investing in real estate. We talk about the importance of being obsessed with what you do, as well as how Facebook has been instrumental in her business.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Whitney shares her journey as an entrepreneur – she’s a 4th generation entrepreneur.
  • She started her entrepreneurship journey as a trucker.
  • Whitney shares awesome tips on building a real estate investing business.
  • She talks about why she would be a terrible employee – as she needs creative freedom and flexibility.
  • We talk about why you need to be obsessed with your idea.
  • She also shares how Facebook has been an invaluable networking tool in her business.

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Welcome to the show, Whitney. Thanks for having me. Cindy. This is gonna be fun. Yeah. Thanks for being on. Tell me about yourself outside

of your business before we get started. Well, gosh, there’s not much

to say outside my business. I’m a dog, mom to Abby, the lobby. And she’s 130 pounds of her and loving and cuddles. She’s not very ferocious for her size. And I’m a step mom. My stepsons are 10 and 12 and they are into sports and travel ball. And anything that has to do with a baseball or football. And recently I have started traveling with my husband more. And I absolutely adore it. Because

by living the entrepreneur life,

I get to have more freedom with my time. And he’s picked up a consulting gig in Tampa. So I get to be a hotel housewife and still do mom

entrepreneurs stuff. Where are you from? Knoxville, Tennessee. Okay, so you’re down in Florida a lot now?

Yes, I am. And I adore it down here. It’s so warm. Yeah,

it is

the temperature right now.

It’s 7779. Oh,

yeah. I love it.


Tell us about. Well, actually, what’s your favorite place that you’ve

been to lately with your husband?

Well, back in October, I

did a workshop in LA. And then we extended that into a little vacation and went from LA to San Francisco, taken the coastal road. And we stopped in lots of great little California towns. And my favorite one was Half Moon Bay. And it was absolutely gorgeous. We went out fishing, we saw whales. And it was it was just a gorgeous, quiet, small town. So that was probably my favorite trip that we’ve been on recently.

Well, tell me about your business and how you got started. I am the fourth generation entrepreneur

in my family. My great grandfather started dumped trucking in 1939.

And back in 1939 entrepreneur wasn’t even like a word. It definitely wasn’t a buzzword like it is now you know, we’re just small business owners. And this is just what we did to make a living and feed the kids. So my grandfather trucks. And then my mom started trucking. And then when I graduated college, I started trucking and I flipped furniture to make extra money. Then I started flipping dump trucks to again, make extra money. And then my mom decided to flip a house in Oh, nine,

during the middle of the recession, and I kind of wrote on her coattails and helped her flip that house. And I fell in love with the process and the system and all

that activity and

watching something ugly, come to life and be pretty again. So we flipped another five houses over the next four or five years. And in 2014, I started buying houses and flipping them on my own. And, you know, once you take those training wheels off, and you stop flipping with Mom and Dad, it’s hard to go back to flipping with mom and dad. And so in 2014, I really went out on my own. And I bought 14 houses in nine months. And over the last three years, I’ve done 50 seven deals without using my license and without using any amount of money. And that’s what I teach other women how to do now.

Okay. And what’s the name of your business?

Whitney Buys Houses. Okay, what’s your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur,

my greatest challenge, I am a complete control freak. So my greatest challenge is delegating and not just delegating the small task, but delegating some of the bigger tasks to like my husband has started working for me now.

And he is going through some of those bumps and bruises when you get started investing. And I have a hard time letting him go through that and struggle a little bit instead of just stepping in and taking control of the deal. And either making it happen or not. So I have a hard time letting go of control.

Yeah, I struggle with that, too. It’s so hard. But for me, it’s it’s

little task, it’s big task. It’s all time types of things. But, you know, we need to stop being perfectionist

in order to really grow.

I’ve found a lady to help me a virtual assistant to help me and she is absolutely amazing. I can give her half

of my idea. And then she’ll send me back

a draft. And I’m like, well, that’s better than what I imagined. So I’ve

learned to delegate the small things to her. And she actually started as one of my students, I like to, you know, promote from inside, kinda like the big companies do. She already knew me, Sherry knew my system, she already knew a lot of different things about me. So she’s able to create some amazing things for me that, you know, my students deed or they want to see, and she can do that from the student perspective, and then work with me on the other side of my business, too. Okay, so you trained her and then hired her. Okay,

see, I would, I would like to do that. It’s amazing. I’ve,

I’ve tried it the other route, I had another amazing, absolutely amazing VA. And I hired her as a VA and then taught her what I was doing, and it’s working better for me, for them to come in and learn all about me. And then to say, Okay, now I need some VA help.

I did it backwards the first time. So what advice you have for someone that is wanting to get started

in the real estate business in the same thing that you’re doing, but not coaching? Well, yeah, no, I still buy houses. Mm hmm. Exactly

how I teach my students how to buy houses. And so if you’re wanting to get started, you need to find a Honey Hole, you need to find an area either in your town or clear across the state. Or some of my students are in California. And there honey holes are in Mississippi or Ohio. So maybe it’s across the country. But a Honey Hole is basically somewhere where you can go and start making some deals happen and pick up the low hanging fruit or the fruit that’s already on the ground that needs to be scooped up and helped. You know, a lot of times people make real estate more difficult than it needs to be, they live in an area that has a really hot seller’s market. And they know that, you know, this one little section, this one little suburb, it’s really hot. That’s where everybody’s flipping and so they think, well, if everybody else is there, that’s where I need to go. And I think you need to do the total opposite. If everybody is running in one direction, you need to skip

the opposite way

clear opposite direction and you’ll find yourself playing in a sandbox all by yourself and you’ll have you know little to no competition you’ll be able to score a lot more deals you’ll be able when you’re ready to go back to the hotter market you’ll go in with more confidence because you won’t be new you’ll be experienced and that’s what I help my students who is really find their Honey Hole so they can get started and get some I don’t wanna say easy but get some quick wins under their belt so that they can go after some bigger deals

I love that so what’s your website if they want to

have you be their coach

My website is Whitney nicely calm, and there’s a button at the top so that you can opt in to get your first deal done fast and or you can go to get your first deal calm.

Okay, thank you. So aside from not wanting to work for someone else, and aside from your family, what is your why I would be a terrible employee.

I don’t really like being told what to do. I don’t like being told what time to show up. I don’t like being told what time I can leave.

And that would create resentment

for whatever it is I was doing. I need to have some creative freedom, I need to have some time flexibility. And I need to be able to see that what I do produces a product in the short term and over the long term to you know, like, I have friends that have big corporate jobs, and they work on stuff for months and months, and my sometimes years and they never actually see it happen.

You know, they crunch numbers, they do those planning, they run all these scenarios and this and that, and the other and I’m like, God, that just I need something that I can get started on this week.

And I can either close it

next week or next month or in the next three months. But

know that I was in and out and done

and move it on to the next one.

If you could have lunch with one business thought leader, who would it be

alive right now? Or, oh, no, they don’t have to be alive.

There’s a lady who grew up in Rome, Georgia. Her name was Martha Barry.

And she wrote a book called miracle in the mountains. Or

she didn’t write it. Her assistant wrote it after Martha passed. But Martha was a lady who grew up in the south grew up in Rome, Georgia, and didn’t really follow what society was telling her to do. And she ended up opening a school and then a college for the kids of the mountains and for poor Georgia kids. And as she was opening up her school, she started collecting land. She started buying up all the farms around her family’s farm until eventually she had the largest land campus in the world. And it’s called Barry college is still runs today. It is some of the most gorgeous countryside that God ever created. And she was a trail blazer in the 1900s, 1910s,

all the way up. She hung out with some really cool dudes like Henry Ford and the President’s throughout those decades were stopping into Barry college and donating money. And she never hit the history books. She is very much flying under the radar. But

I think she and I would have a ball at lunch.

I’ve never heard of her. But I want to check out that book because I am from the mountains. It’s from the mountains in Puerto Rico, but still the country in the mountains.

But she had a heart for the mountain kids and I’m sure yeah,

there’s people and families in the mountains. And I don’t want to give away the whole book. But one of the coolest stories is she was going out and recruiting these kids and finding kids and bringing them back and you know, sometimes the parents would send you know some money but a lot of the people didn’t have any money and they would send chickens and whatever they could find or

you know, they would work

at like the kids would go to school and work the farm to be able to get

their tuition But then one little boy showed up just out of the clear blue and he had walked from Rome Georgia, I gotta tell you for geography is like the top west corner of Georgia like almost Alabama, Tennessee, like that area. He had Walt from South Georgia, which is like an eight hour drive today, but it had to be like an eight at eight day journey back then. And he brought a cow and a note from his mom that said,

you know, please take my kid and the cow that’s all we have to offer and I get teared up thinking about

and she just took all of these poor kids and some of them went on to be like scientists and doctors and attorneys and governors and like it’s such an amazing book I love it.

Um, yeah, I definitely have to check it out in

yeah so where I’m from in the mountains

in Puerto Rico it’s kinda it’s starting well it was starting to be better they built the world’s longest zip line there and there was like restaurants and stuff but for example now with Hurricane Maria the sit the metro area they’re going to get power first The mountains are still pretty pretty bad to access so it’s going to be like a year for them hearts Yeah, so there’s

still forgotten yep yeah, thank

you for sharing that.

Absolutely. Yeah.

Martha Barry was awesome and she never married she never had any kids

but she always said that her students were kids and so she had hundreds

What’s your favorite business book

I really like miracle in the mountains. Another book that I recommend all the time is Salvatore Ferragamo was the shoemaker of dreams and Ferragamo was a dude who was totally obsessed with feet

and shoes and Grant Cardone be obsessed or be average has nothing

on Ferragamo, his book on feet and shoes, I mean that man was obsessed. Like completely obsessed with shoes and faith. And when you get started in something, you really need to have a one track mind and be so obsessed with something and so passionate about it. And that book to me. I mean he do you know you’ve heard of Ferragamo before? Haven’t you? He’s a high end designer now. Like most ladies have heard of him at one time or another. He I mean he was crazy

about it. And I actually went to his original workshop or warehouse in Florence, Italy. Like I didn’t even know who he was until we were in this museum. And I was seeing all these stars who he made shoes for. And then I got the book and like, he was an amazing man. Also,

what’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier? Facebook? I’m so Maddie on Facebook.

I have an absolute blast on Facebook. And I just I can’t say enough about it. It’s It’s so much fun. I pretty much live in Facebook land.

What’s your favorite part about Facebook?

I think it’s the ability to meet people that you would never actually come in contact with. Like I’m in Tampa right now. And I wanted to do a photo shoot. And a guy that I’m in a couple different groups with was, you know, saying he did a photo shoot for somebody else that happened to be in Orlando and I just sent him a message and I said, I’m in Tampa most every week you want to come over and like take my headshot and work together and he’s like, absolutely and I would have never known to call him or anything. And actually when we were doing the photoshoot we were trying to figure out a way how we could JV and help promote each other’s courses. And you know each other students each other’s strengths and he’s going to come back and video my workshop later this year in Tampa again. So it’s just the connections you make. And I love to take Facebook into real life

and really be friends with people that I meet online. Where can listeners find you online? Where are you out on social media

like what’s your Facebook and all that

I am on Facebook Whitney nicely and I’ve got a Facebook group. I’m very active in there. Also, I’ve got a YouTube channel if you go to Whitney mastery. com. There’s little buttons where you can find me just about everywhere.

Okay, perfect. Well Whitney, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today.

Yeah. Thanks, Cindy. This was fun.

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