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Francesca Ragucci is the owner of Francesca Ragucci Marketing. She knew she was an entrepreneur since she started a babysitting business in high school.

Her company is a social media branding & management business running accounts for businesses. Her main focus is to gain the attention of her clients’ dream clients. She does this by building advocacy in a mobile market.

In this episode, we discuss how new business owners can use social media when they’re starting out. We talk about all the ways Gary Vee has helped us in our businesses. We also talk about the sacrifices you need to make to quit your job and be a full-time entrepreneur.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • We share actionable advice for entrepreneurs that aren’t using social media yet.
  • We discuss how Francesca applies Gary Vee’s document don’t create content philosophy.
  • She talks about how you need to be clear on why you’re starting your business, not the financial reasons.
  • We also chat about what to do when you’re thinking about starting a business.
  • We discuss the sacrifices you have to make if you want to take your business full time.
  • Francesca gives excellent advice on social media for business owners.
  • She also shares why you should not only listen to big name podcasters. People starting out have lots of great things to say as well.

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Welcome to the show. Francesca

Thank you for having me today. Cindy it’s great to have you on tell me about yourself outside of your business well when I like to do is I lead a very active healthy life I like to call it holistic as some people may resonate with. I’m very active with going to the gym with listening to podcasts, a lot of business or just good Mind Body soul podcasts. They’re really useful when I’m working or just on downtime in general to feed myself some new knowledge and information what’s up a podcast soon you like listening to Gary vay asked Gary Vee. Gary van der Chuck is an entrepreneur. I like listening to Lewis houses School of greatness. And there are is another podcast called pancake town which is really creative group of girls who just sit down for breakfast and talk about random topics. So listening to podcasts were in the description there, they’re just talking about a lot of things that just popped to their head. And it’s not just business or tech related is oftentimes fun, because it’s very relatable.

That sounds fun. I listen to Gary Vee, I try to listen to him once a day just to get fired up and motivated.

And we definitely fires you up. I do recommend Gary Vee to to anyone who is starting a business or or working for a company or just looking for motivation. In general, he does have a lot of straightforward points that he talks about. So tell me about your business and how you got started.

So when I do within my business is I run my client, social media and online presence. So what does that mean?

That means that I take over their social media accounts on the one posting content on an Instagram or Facebook, I’m the one creating their branded posts, I’m the one blogging for them, so on and so forth. So how I got started was I noticed a lack of education in the market in general, with the mobile developing as it is at a rapid pace, especially with Snapchat coming up many different apps that come about month after month, it’s very hard for people in different industries to keep up and educate themselves on an area that may not be their area of expertise. Because their realtor, they’re an interior designer, their restaurant tour, they may not be the social media expert.

So for them to become one takes away from something that they’re actually meant to do, and put all their energy. So for my clients, and for people come to me, they already have a trusted source in me that I come equipped with this resources and tools that are unable to use within their business in order to get what they want out of using me on a month to month basis. So what is one piece of advice that you have for people that don’t have a social media yet, but they have a business?

Why don’t you have a social media? Okay, so one piece of advice is, of course, can social media.

So for people, a lot of older people are just people, it doesn’t matter what age you are, in general, are just very confused. Again, there’s that lack of education of what to do, how to use it, how to use hashtags, there’s so many questions out there, what I have to say for you is logged into one.

So whether you log into Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, log into one and learn about it, and see how people are using it. So for instance, for example, people use a lot of photos. Twitter is very powered by hashtags. So it’s important, whichever one that you choose to start with, to learn the language and behavior of it. So you’re able to become successful at it and move on to leveraging for five social platforms. Yeah, and just to add in there, your customers are on social media, I talked to so many people, and they’re like, yeah, you know what, our customers don’t use social media. And it’s like, Yes, they do. You just don’t, that’s completely incorrect, no matter who your demo is, or what type of lifestyle the customer is.

They’re on social media, because Facebook has about 2 billion people at this point. So it’s very hard to say that they’re not at least on Facebook. Hey, yeah, I remember one time I was talking to my daughter’s grandmother, and I complimented her on her cell phone case. And she’s like, Oh, yeah, I bought it on Facebook. And she’s an older lady. And, you know, somebody posted a Facebook ad, she saw it, and she bought it. So everybody’s on social media, you just got to figure out where they’re at.

There you go. And there’s so much to do on Facebook. And that Facebook marketplace is pretty powerful, especially in the groups too. So that’s, it’s really funny. When your grandparents or people, two generations older than you were using it, it just goes to show you that mobile has really taken over more than people wants to believe. Well, a lot of grandparents use it to keep up with the grandkids, because there’s an older lady at my church. And she was asking me if I could help her use Facebook and Instagram and all that, because she wants to see her grandkids pictures.

Yeah, so Facebook is really good for that, in general, just keeping up with what’s going on. Because it’s that fear of missing out. It’s constantly training yourself to post us as business owners, and especially that business owner you were talking about earlier, who’s not on social media, really important to train yourself to have the mindset to always want to post whenever you’re in an environment in your business, or you’re at an event or you’re doing something that’s noteworthy. It’s about training your mind to pick up your phone, because every phone has a camera and snap a picture and post it out.

Yeah, because once you get in that habit, especially the one that I’m in where I’m extreme, if I’m in an up an opportunity, or and then Bennett, I’ll post to everything all at once in that spot. Sometimes you’re you’re scheduling out, or you’re saying, you know what, this is impactful in the moment. And I’m putting everything thing out right now. And once you train yourself to do that, that’s when you can really have fun with it. And be more creative with your photos and your videos or your blog posts. Yeah, one thing that I’ve started to follow, and it’s scary visa advice. Or he says, Don’t create content, just document your journey, which is basically just post what you’re doing. Right document or recreate. So it’s just posting what you’re doing, but still having a concept in mind.

Yeah, so it’s, it’s really an awesome philosophy to live by. Because that’s what I like to do. And what I like to do for my clients is even when I’m out at a meeting with a client and we’re at a coffee shop or a restaurant, the way I position some of them is very lifestyle oriented. So we always talk about the lifestyle of the city and what somebody moving into the area or living in the area already will feel or experience there.

Yeah, so keep listening to guy. Yeah, yeah, that’s a great piece of advice. He does cost a lot but if you’re not offended, or if you can overlook it is great advice. Oh, yes.

When did you know that you were an entrepreneur?

When I was in high school early in high school, probably freshman year, I started baby setting a lot of my mom’s clients and I made my own money that was equivalent or a little bit more than doing a, you know, retail job at a minimum wage point. So plus I had the flexibility to create the schedule with the clients in advance for months out and I had different clients, different days, I was, you know, running around their kids are staying at their house watching them. So that was the first time and really got a feel for the freedom that entrepreneurship gives you and the flexibility of scheduling your time and reaping the monetary rewards.

When I was in college, I also was like, Okay, I want to make my own money in college. So that’s when I first picked up a camera. And I taught myself and through YouTube, predominantly, and took some courses in college, about photography, and I just started dabbling in portrait photography and event photography. So I contributed to some of the newspapers in that regard, and gave back to my university sort of photographs, and again, reap the financial rewards, reap the rewards of freedom and creating a flexible schedule. So that carried into my pocket college, and now my business life, always keeping those mindsets of what I enjoyed about it in mind, when when I’m creating the business, what’s your greatest challenge, as an entrepreneur, my greatest challenge is always make sure that I I’m being true to my foundation of why I’m doing it and innovating. So I do real estate photography. And some of my clients are realtors that I do marketing for. So it’s not just about me, when I’m doing monthly marketing, it’s not about doing the same thing every single month, the client and I change and adapt to different habits that are placed within mobile marketing trends, or me growing and developing into different types of things. So for example, when a client and I started out, it’s very basic. When it comes to I learned about what they want, I learned about how they want to present themselves on social media. And I do that a couple months down the line, I will put them in articles in a magazine, or I’ll get them on a podcast or will partner with local businesses. So it’s making sure that the strategy changes through time.

And whether that’s with me and my clients, or may and myself within what I’m doing, always make sure that that change is happening. Otherwise, it just gets boring. And I love spontaneity and making sure that I’m always making use of resources that are around me What advice you have for someone that is wanting to start their own business, when you’re starting your own business, it’s about really getting clear on why you’re doing it. And not just the financial reasons of why because that comes because when I started out, you know, you want it and even now every single day you want something but it’s really about the patients. It’s about saying to yourself, and I’m always going to refer back to it. Which social media platform Are you going to start out on? Okay, so when you’re starting your business, say you have nothing or say you only have personal accounts as nothing about your business, I want you to open up a Facebook business page, open up a LinkedIn or open up an Instagram and just put those points of what your businesses put your business name in those basic set of information and just get started, get started blogging, just start and be patient about the process because everything’s going to come to fruition when it’s supposed to, you know, when I started, I was a month and I was and you know, you think after a couple months, you’re like, Okay, I should have X amount of clients or after a year, I should have X amount more clients this year, this month. And it’s great to set those types of goals. But it’s about the daily process to it’s about saying, and this is how I started to. So I’m only talking from experience, it’s about saying, okay, maybe you know, Monday to Friday, I’ll work more hours at night as opposed to watch TV from five to 10pm, because that’s five additional hours that you’re able to develop your business, you know, make make your food or write a book or whatever activities that you have going on that are central to you to implement. Yeah, one thing that I do is my daughter likes to binge watch TV shows with me yet.

So I take my laptop to the couch. And I do the things that don’t require so much of my brain. I got this right, I know what you’re talking about. Yeah, just like certain tasks that the TV’s not going to distract me from. And that I’m not going to completely tune out my daughter or the TV. And it’s kind of like the best of both worlds. Because I do have to spend time with her. But I also have to work so it for me, it’s like the best of both worlds. But if you don’t have somebody, you know, if you’re single, you don’t have any kids don’t watch TV. Just keep work because you get more done. But not like don’t like not ever watch TV. I’m just saying not all day. Right? And it’s again, it’s it’s training yourself out a habit.

So you know, only talking from personal experience. It’s about just being self aware of what you’re doing. And okay, if you want this business to be like a side to a corporate job. Or if you want to leave a corporate job. Do your business full time. Yeah, you really have to make sacrifices. And you really have to say, what’s important to me here right now. Okay, so I, I am single. So I, I can only talk from that type of mindset. But you know, like from your, your perspective, you said, You sit on your couch, and you do activities that involve a little bit less brain power. So one of them may be if you’re sitting on the couch with your family or with your children. Maybe you’re adding people on social media, you’re responding to comments, you’re you are growing your social platforms at that point, because you have your phone in your hand.

Exactly. Yeah.

Aside from not wanting to work for someone else. And aside from your family, what is your why freedom, that’s what I’ll stick with. I’ll stick with that. Why, because I have it in red in my room. And I’ve had it and read in my room. Ever since I started my journey. I’m doing this for freedom. And that’s and that’s freedom to what I was talking about earlier. Freedom to plan out my schedule, the way I see fit freedom to work with clients and have them be very adaptive to what I see for them and me be adaptive to what they see for themselves.

So that’s what I’ll stick to. Okay, if you’ve got to have lunch with one business thought leader. Who would it be Gary Vee jack allow for those of you who don’t know Gary van or talk. He really just keeps it real.

And a lot of times motivational speakers who I’ve listened to before, tried to listen to because that’s another thing when you’re when you’re starting your own business journey you want to listen to or get some insight from people who are doing it as well. Mm hmm. Just to learn. So it is good to go on YouTube and listen to some important people. And then you have to get to a point where you decide for yourself, okay, who’s somebody I want to listen to daily, where Gary Vee he lets you in a business meetings that he has at his office. He puts His keynotes out there where he’s talking about how important mobile is in today. So in my opinion gardener Chuck Yeah, yeah. I mean, I’ve even gotten advice on stocks to invest in because of Gary Vee, or even just to start investing in the stock market period because of Gary Vee. He’s like, you know, you have an iPhone, but why don’t you own stock in Apple and stuff like that. So, and I’m not giving anybody stock advice, by the way.

Yeah, he even talks about selling items on eBay to make make extra money on the side, which eBay is very profitable for home items that you don’t use.

Yeah, my daughter followed his advice on that. And she started telling everything on eBay. So your daughter listens to him to a sometimes when I have it on. Yeah, so listen to him are great mom.

I introduced my friend’s daughter to Gary Vee. Also, they’re teenagers, they’re 14.

And I think the advice that he gives is really useful. I think that I need to change the name of my podcast to entrepreneurs who love Gary Vee.

Because I promise you almost everyone talks about Gary Vee on the podcast interviews. It’s Oh my gosh. Yeah. And the for him to not be you know, he’s not Tony Robbins. So he’s not like, super popular. My friends don’t really know who he is, except for hearing me talk about him all the time. So it’s so interesting that I mean, all these entrepreneurs that like Gary Vee, what’s unique about him is he just it’s it’s the realness of of his journey. It’s the honesty and it’s every one of us.

And the entrepreneurs who’ve been on your podcast, are able to relate to him in some type of way, because it’s practical. And even Gary says, My advice is practical.

Because he knows that there’s other people talking about similar types of topics like business and personal development, etc. But Gary likes to have his practical spin on it. Yeah, he was saying the other day that people were taking his his information and selling it into courses. Oh, okay. Yeah, I was not aware of that. Oh, yeah. They’re they’re literally take like, the things that he’s saying. The principles that he talks about and create an online course he thinks it’s funny.

Oh, wow. Yeah, I’m sure he has a lot of that going on. Yeah.

What’s your favorite business book? Okay. I’m obviously gonna say Gary, but I have all four of his books. Yeah, my favorite one is crush it. Mm hmm. So crush, it was really foundational to me starting out, I rag crush it at the very beginning, just to get clear on a few things that I wanted to do. Because my, my mind was very all over the place with all the social media and learning how to use them.

Gary just spoke about, again, practical tips on how the start, he broke down the bulldozer. And then 2000 night. So we broke down Twitter, Facebook and blogging and gave great steps. And I had written them down to start.

Yeah, I like that book. I’ve read all his books also. Well, I think I read Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and Ask Gary Vee. And then I listened to the other two on audio books.

And have you have you ever listen to audiobooks? No, I only have the books. Oh, so you should because he goes off the record and the audio books. And he’ll he’ll mention like, this isn’t in the book. But. And he starts talking like, so there’s like so much more extra content in the audio books. Oh, my gosh.

Wow. I will have to listen that.

Yeah. Thanks for that. You’re welcome. Yeah, they’re really, really good. So I listened to crush it as an audiobook. And oh, my gosh, what’s the name of that other book? Does he have four books? Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook? asked Gary Bay. Yeah, thank you. Economy. Yeah,. Okay. Yeah, I listened to the Thank You Economy. Okay, what’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier.

Google Docs, Google Docs and I I loved them in the two one because they’re all the Google’s the Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Because I was using like I notes at first. And then. So when I use them for predominantly is clearly Google calendars for all my meeting. So I had this scheduled in Google Docs or Google Calendar. And I have all my client meetings and everything I’m doing scheduled there, because I’m literally I’m on my laptop, my iPhone and my iPad at the same time, all day long.

I always have and notification coming up for when I have a meeting Google Sheets and docs, I set up lists about people I need to follow up with on emails, people who I’m doing podcast with, if I’m interested in working with any clients,

I put them on a list. So important lists to me, I use for Google Sheets, and Google Docs and hashtags. So for you beginners, put your hashtags in your Google Docs, I have a five lists of about 15 hashtags that I switch in and out on Instagram, because I noticed when I was using the same hashtags, I was getting the same type of people. And I wanted to go in and out of different types of audiences to reach Yeah, so I rotate it through there. And they also have for Twitter, great insight for your hashtags on Google Docs.

Awesome. That’s great advice. Yeah, Google calendar is such a lifesaver for me. I have a calendar that like a written calendar, okay. And it was useful for having a planner was useful for a few years. But I’ve realized the last few months I co founder of a startup. And we have a lot of meetings, and I have podcasts, interviews and personal things. And Google Calendar just makes it way easier. Because I have a calendar I share with my daughter, I have my podcasts calendar, and I have my business, my startup calendar, and they all feed into the same place. So I could see like, okay, Nope, can’t do it at this time. Because I have a have a work meeting, or I have a podcast interview. So it is so useful. And you can color code stuff. And that’s just awesome. Because, you know, air you can categorize stuff. And that always makes life easier.

Oh, it’s great. It’s very effective, you know, just those immediate apps that you already have, use them. Like, if you don’t need to get apps for $2, or $5 muse, the ones that you already have. I know, I’m Google biased, because I haven’t been and I love Google.

So if there’s any other type of Android Google version, you can use that. Yeah, they integrates into Android, because Google makes Android but so yeah, they shouldn’t have an excuse. But it integrates very well, with an iPhone, I actually use the Gmail app on my phone instead of the regular mail app sometimes, too, because it looks nicer. And it has more of the Gmail features on my iPhone, right, right.

Yeah, it gives you the flexibility to do both of them on whether you’re on an iPhone or an Android. Yeah, I just schedule stuff from all over the place to schedule it from my phone from my calendar on my computer, or I just go on the web on calendar dot Google dot com, or whatever the URL is. Yes. So where can listeners find you online?

Well, I have everything which I’m sure you’ll link up alone.

But the two main places I want you to go is number one, my Facebook FB dot me me slash Francesca. We do g every Wednesday and Thursday, I go Facebook Live. And I’ve been told by people that I give straightforward help. So I like to have one of my words, be straightforward, because that’s what I talk about. So I talked about the current state of mobile communication, whether we’re chatting about social media augmented reality, or the next best thing that Amazon’s going to put out because Amazon is a true leader in everything that’s happening next. Or I just like to answer questions and give people updates on what’s going on about me because you would be surprised how many people I have, who are on my page that’s still are unsure of exactly what I do. So I use the video opportunity to talk more about that because video, I’m very comfortable on video. And I I trained myself to become more comfortable on video number two spot is I want you to go to YouTube and type in Francesca, Gucci. And progress in progress is my weekly blog that I put out on YouTube. So again, it’s a great way that potential clients or anyone in general is able to see me within my business at photo shoots a client meetings at events or talking about social media and what I do in general. So it’s two great opportunities for you to see me interact with me and ask me questions. Okay. Well, thanks, Francesca, for sharing your story with us today. Thank you for having me on Sunday. I’m so grateful. And I listened to a few of your podcast before I came on. And I absolutely love the guests that you have on every single one of them were entertaining, impactful, powerful within their businesses. So hats off. I know, that’s kind of an old expression, bravo to you. And I really hope that you have much success with your podcasts. Thank you so much. I was just this week, actually, I was thinking about the fact that

I love listening to podcasts. And I like listening to big names that well, I consider big names. People like Gary Vee, right? Right. But he interviews for the most part, he interviews big names. I was listening to Entrepreneur on Fire. And for the most part, they listened to people that are so ahead of people that are just starting a business, right, and that’s inspiring. But sometimes it’s like, that’s great that that person made $500,000 selling an online course. But I don’t even have a Twitter account yet. You know, I don’t have an Instagram. How do I start? So I really like to talk to entrepreneurs that people can really relate to because they’re normal. So it seems like okay, yeah, if that person can do it, I can do it too, right. Um, I want to give your audience this caveat, too. Because podcasts are huge. A lot of people are doing them. Now, what you were talking about earlier, is those big influencers, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, those names the people who are at the top on iTunes, and they are on everyone else’s in there in that big stratosphere podcast. There’s a lot of smaller podcast where, and I wouldn’t even want to say the word small, but there’s a lot of people who are just starting out to be frank, they really have great words to say. And how I found out about this was let’s revert back I said, I have a Google Sheet of people whose podcasts that I want to be on more podcasts that I like, and the people are that I found them on, there’s pod beam, there’s Patreon. And there’s SoundCloud. There’s iTunes, there’s a lot of platforms for pod casters, and the topics are really endless. So it’s really unique. I really recommend if you’re someone who likes the big names, see who else is out there. That’s giving value as well for you as an entrepreneur. You’re just starting out on social media or you’ve been on social media, but you want to expand your presence and your expertise in your area. Go on podcasts. Yeah, it’s so much fun and it gives you practice talking about your business and educating other people about your topic. Yeah, definitely will thank you for that piece of advice. You’re welcome.


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