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Sidjae Price, entrepreneur, and owner of Priceless Planning is a shopaholic that loves traveling and sleeping. She believes in enjoying life every single day.

She’s always known she was an entrepreneur but just hadn’t figured out which business idea to pick out the many she came up with.

She finally decided on starting Priceless Planning, where she helps overwhelmed & overworked entrepreneurs organize their businesses.

In this podcast episode, we discuss the importance of creating a business plan before you do anything else. Sidjae shares her strategy to disconnecting from her business, so she isn’t working around the clock. We also talk about our shared love of Gary Vee.

“Things don’t always go as planned in business. Sometimes you have to pause and take care of life.” - Sidjae Price Click To Tweet

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Sidjae shares her greatest entrepreneurial challenge – stepping away from her business.
  • We talk about the routine she’s come up with to not work around the clock.
  • We discuss Steve Harvey’s book – Jump.
  • Sidjae talks about why she’d like to have lunch with Gary Vee.
  • We talk about the importance of creating a business plan before you do anything else in your business.
  • Sidjae also mentions why creating policies before a business launch is so helpful.

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  • Jump by Steve Harvey

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