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#146 – Jenn Scalia on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

In this podcast episode, we talk about listening to what your heart says in regard to all the advice that’s out there. We also discuss the challenge of finding people to continue to help you grow as well as why Jenn would like to have lunch with Rihanna.

#144 – Dennis Friebe on the Power of Failure

In this podcast episode, we talk about the power of embracing failure in order to succeed as a business owner. We talk about why expecting to fail will help you grow as well as other entrepreneurial struggles, like staying focused.

#142 – How Failure Helped Byron Morrison Start a Successful Business

In this podcast episode, Byron talks about how he used failure and setbacks as an opportunity to move forward in business. He shares why he turned down his dream job and took a completely different career path. We also talk about the importance of taking breaks from work to gain clarity and avoid burnout.

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