Momtrepreneurs – How Moms are Revolutionizing Family Finance

Moms are transforming the way family finance is managed, making incredible contributions to the checking account, and doing it all while raising their children and taking care of the house. How do they do it?

There are several potential paths to entrepreneurship for moms. All of them offer the freedom of a flexible schedule and most also allow Mom to work as much or as little as she wants or is able to.

Following a Dream or Talent

Christy Wright was 6 months old when her mother chose to put her talents to work by opening a struggling little cake shop in Nashville. It was the desperate Hail Mary whispered late at night by a single mother. Little did she know that her dedication, grit, and passion would slowly transform the business into a powerful, bread-winning boon to the family finances.

Maybe you’re interested in writing, silversmithing, jewelry making, baking, or teaching yoga. Whatever the talent, many moms have a passion surrounding a dream or talent they’ve always wanted to follow. Today’s world is giving them more and more freedom to follow those dreams and talents, where there is enough of a market demand for it. More people are willing, and even prefer, to buy from individuals instead of big brands, making it more possible than ever for a mom to take her talent and turn it into a paycheck.

Direct Sales

Brands such as doTERRA, Amway, Mary Kay, and Cutco offer moms the opportunity to sell products they believe in and make a living while they do it. But it’s no longer done by going door-to-door or having a storage container party on the weekends. These days, direct sales are made through social media. Live videos, online parties, sponsored posts and word of mouth through friends sharing posts and tweets spread the word for these momtrepreneurs. That gives them more time for family and household duties while still earning an impressive income.


There are a plethora of freelance options available to the momtrepreneur that allow her to cobble together a full-time income while working for multiple clients. Writing, customer service, administrative duties, graphic design, and bookkeeping services are just a few of the options available. There are freelance gigs that require no training, experience or education, and others that allow moms to take a degree earned pre-family and turn it into an at-home career.

What’s most incredible is not that moms can make money from home. What’s most incredible is that these moms balance career, kids, household duties, and their relationship with their husband or partner all at the same time. Multitasking between work and kids, or work and making dinner is no easy feat. Managing to do both and not only avoid dropping the ball but to actually thrive at both, is amazing.