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Jenn Scalia is the CEO of Million Dollar Mommy, a company founded to help women across the world reach their dreams and financial goals.

This self-professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating a 7 figure business within 3 years.

Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world. Her accomplishments have been recognized in Business Insider, Inc. and

In this podcast episode, we talk about listening to what your heart says in regard to all the advice that’s out there. We also discuss the challenge of finding people to continue to help you grow as well as why Jenn would like to have lunch with Rihanna.

Listen to yourself first before you take on what someone else has to say. - Jenn Scalia Click To Tweet

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • We discuss Jenn’s greatest challenge – finding people that will continue to help her grow.
  • She talks about being yourself and listening to your heart amidst all the noise online.
  • She shares why she’d like to have lunch with Rihanna.
  • We also discuss our favorite online organizational tools.

Jenn’s Favorite Online App:

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