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Serial Entrepreneur Trevor Gaye comes from an entrepreneurial household and has been around it since the age of two. He knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a young age after seeing his parents in their businesses.

Today he helps run his family’s transportation business, Transtar Transportation Group, Inc. He also has a production company and podcast, Raw Xchange Productions LLC, as well as a new logistics business, Final Mile Logistics.

In today’s podcast episode, Trevor shares what it’s like to work in a family business, as well as how he started a large group podcast, and the importance of having a great work ethic as a business owner.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Trevor shares what it’s like to work in a family business.
  • We talk about the importance of having a great work ethic as an entrepreneur.
  • He talks about what it’s like to have a large group podcast.
  • He also shares his greatest challenge in the family business aside from learning how to work together with his father who had already been in the business for years – finding a way to have your entire team on the same page.

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Welcome to the show Trevor.

Thanks for having me. Thanks for being on tell me about yourself outside of your business.

Um, so outside of my business turning me right now, I’d say kind of active with my family. So it beautiful girls for into. So they’re at the age right now where everything is me, me, me, which I don’t mind that but I try to make a lot of memories from my childhood with them they’re getting to the age now to where, you know some stuff I used to do go to the beach, take boats out on the weekend vacations out south on the west coast, stuff like that. So, you know, I try to get a lot of time in with them due to the fact that uh. You know, I’m quite busy right now with you know, getting some whatnot so I try to give them as much time as possible. If I’m not doing that I really like sports, you know, football, basketball, anything pretty much going on. I like to go to events, stuff like that. So I kind of stay busy doing those type of things.

Okay. And when did you know that you are an entrepreneur?

I would say at a very young age. You know, both my mom and my father both started you know, our family business. Mom didn’t stay in to stay in it. As long as you know, obviously, my dad as the two they divorced when I was about seven years old, but you know, my mom, even after that’s been an entrepreneurial life, my stepfather’s and entrepreneur, so it’s, it’s one of my family friends. Like I said, since I was born. My I mean, we’ll get to this later. But my dad started is my dad. And my mom started their business in 1986. So I was born in 84. So two years old. I pretty much, you know, been around in my whole life.

I kind of wanted to be an astronaut that, you know, I didn’t have as good enough eyes for that. And then it was the older you get you looking to things, but I’ve been around, let’s say, the luxuries of owning your own business. Yeah, that’s the flux, you know. Plus, you know, you get to understand you, like people that worked for you for a long time, their family now in so, you know, you just see all of that in the, you know, the luxuries that you haven’t been an entrepreneur, just, it’s in there, you know, and as long as you, you know, dedicate hard work and grinding through your ethics, you know, it’s usually pretty smooth sailing from there.

Well, tell business. All right. Well, um, so I went to school down in Boca Raton, FL, you was there for about a year and a half. And then they had the hurricane struck there can’t remember those 2005 when it happened.

And actually one of the other building not building but the it was like a townhome, me and two other people were living in, actually, the route came off and ran like a week straight after. So they continue building and anybody that was living down south at that time, like, and then I remember living out of a hotel at times, like, they’d give us a certain race. But you can only do that for so long. Because, you know, you’re paying 60, $80 a night, you know, just got rough. So my school and they allowed me to, or they give me credit back in order made it look like I just didn’t do the semester. So I came back home. And when I came back home, you know, I started working, you know, just one of those individuals that always like, I couldn’t come home and deal with my mom and my dad, I had to start doing my own thing. I’m just, that’s who I’ve been, you know. And so I started working at a car dealership and Claremont and one day my dad was like, Hey, I think it’s time for you to come, you know, work for work for the family business. And prior to this, like, when I would come home on summer breaks, I would always work for the business as well. But, you know, this was time to say, Hey, you know, start getting your reins to understanding everything would come in. And so I agreed. And we actually, it was probably about a four year stint there. And, you know, for anybody listening to this show that worked for family businesses, they’re not always the easiest. You know, one of the things that obviously, I’m some of the other endeavors that I have, it’s me by myself, or it’s me and somebody else. So it’s a little bit different. When you’re dealing with family, you know, you have to, you know, and this is easy to understand now, but like for my dad, my dad, you know, Brian, just whole life for this business. So, you know, when the sun comes in, and yeah, I’m doing a good job. But if I’m not doing what is to his specifications, he feels very popular. So we just didn’t see eye to eye on that. And so now we’ve been back and forth. But this this time around, I’m back about five years, I handle all of the our luxury and our tax evasion, which things are a little bit rougher now with Uber and lips around but we do a lot of things. We have contracts with a Disney you know, we do stuff with the airport Canaveral, stuff like that. So we’ve been in the transportation business for about 3044 years or 3040 years this year. And then I also have a production company that I started with a few friends last year for a podcast that I have called the rocks chains. And then earlier this year, me and one of my really good friends created logistics business. And the reason starting that was obviously I have a lot of background in logistics and transportation started so well, some stuff going on in your landing area, that’s kind of beneficial. And I wanted to hop on that before in get anything all starts flowing type of thing. And so me and my business partner one into that, well, that’s a lot. So what are the names of those business?

Okay, so transfer consultation group or my family business. Thanks, been around again, since 86, you know, we do anything we’re full fledged, you know, the second largest search space and company in Orlando people that’s living in Orlando minerals is number one, we are the second we’re also minority and giving speeches, you know, have different perks there as well. And then, like I said, the production companies, Roxanne’s productions, LLC, which may we have a couple podcasts and I have with a few of my friends, which has been, you know, Venice system, I mean, ensure you Daydream podcasts. I mean, luckily, it’s, it’s, you’re not luckily. But, you know, it’s just you. So you kind of make your decisions here and there. But, you know, when you do anything you do when you do with a lot more people, you know, you know, you got to do a lot more things and be on the same page with, you know, more than just yourself. And then final mile logistics, again, is something I started a few months ago with one of my really good friends my longest friend, I’ve known awesome now price a fourth grade. So we went into business he actually was looking into getting into some business for for the club Toro remember, as a cultural I think you can buy a vehicle and expensive type of vehicles, and then you let people leave some out or rent them, you know, for a day or week, whatever the case may be. And I kinda was, you know, giving them the background on that. So, since I saw he was open to doing a business, I had an idea of myself, and I said, you know, what, how about this, and he’d like the idea. So, we started back in March of this year, final mile logistics which, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s taken some time, you know, obviously, coming from something that’s brand new, you know, you’re always going to have your challenges, you know, waiting on other people is probably the worst thing when it comes to that into that business. Because, you know, you get everything, all your eggs set up, and then, you know, set up to start working with other businesses, and you got to wait for them, they got to go through all their paperwork, and all of those types of things. So, but it’s still been fun. You know, it’s been an entrepreneur, man is as long as you have the work, work ethic. A lot of this stuff is pretty easy, as long as you’re dedicated. That’s the biggest thing. dedication is key. You know, sometimes people get in this business because they think they’re gonna make a million dollars. And you know, those type of people are the people that are on the side, a real light drive by because, you know, they didn’t have the dedication it took to get them with me too. Yeah. And the thing is, they sit there. And they look at tai lopez on Instagram. They see his Lamborghinis. And his has Lamborghinis. But his fancy cars and his big mansion, and they think that they can put up a blog and they’re going to be rich next week. And then as a, as a web designer, I’ve done so many websites for people where they’re so excited about their product. And then a year later, they’re not in business. And they never even started because it was too hard. It’s kind of the work we’re doing. And which is kind of sticking even most especially happened to girls, you know, what’s the future going to look like for them? Because, you know, for us, we would have never fathom, I was just talking to a friend the other day, and I was like, No, so funny. My parents would tell me, why am I playing video games and never going to pay your bills. And I’m watching young kids play video games all day and get sponsored and this and that, you know, kind of funny, but everything still takes work. You know, the people that are successful in doing what they’re doing, they’ll tell you, it’s not easy. I have to put in, you know, I had to grind every day, you know, you probably can tell me even with the podcast, like, you know, a lot of times people just do it cuz it’s fun. And they just want something to do as a you know, side gig. But when he the angel them, if you want to be the best of the best, and you want, you know, you want the numbers arise when you want that exposure. That’s what he sleep everything what you’re doing, and that’s those with anything you’re doing the business.

Yeah, definitely. And having a podcast is not fun.

I mean, maybe if you’re just coming on, if you’re just coming on and you’re just talking, you know, that might be kind of fun. But when you’re the one you know, if you got to edit it and put it up on the site, into the show notes and promote it and all this stuff. That part’s not fund the actual podcast itself. This is fun. But you know, the other part is like, because I’m sure you have, how is like six people on your podcast?

Yeah, well, totally. We try to keep it between four and five that are on the show just depends on if we have anybody again, but as a green, like the production company, there’s seven of us. Yes. So I mean, it stays in something can enable some of the things that we’ve done them, obviously, that costs money, well, we have, you know, great mixologist or, you know, have let me curry that helps us out, you know, he’s not cheap. But, you know, we so many things we give to somebody else. So, just to give you a backstory on that, you know, it’s funny, a lot of people who started first episode aired, I think, back in October. And I tell a lot of people say, we didn’t just get into this, we were doing this back in doing that previous here. And I’m like, there’s so many times we come together as a group and we set up we bought we all bought when called Mike’s we bought a soundboard. We bought all of this stuff, and I’m sitting and putting it together and this and I did it to work one day, boom, great. Alright, that was great. It was like a trial run. So we met up two weeks later. Another problem it didn’t work they got some point to where I was just so tired it’s not working. I said look, this is someone legal paperwork, that’s fine. Somebody your work or it just was a frustration among but you know, it’s, it’s all worked out. You know, that’s, I love not having to deal with that title. More legit. Understand, you know, from your frustration that you got to stop, edit, do all that stuff is very time consuming. Especially I’m sure you’re pretty busy with yours as many a scheduled appointment. Such a good So yeah, yeah, definitely. And, you know, it’s not that bad. Because when I when I talked to someone, usually when someone gets really into their topic, when they really know what they’re talking about. There’s not that many filler words, you don’t get so many moms and stuff like that. But when a person gets on, and they’re nervous, and they don’t really know. And I understand because I get nervous, too. But that’s the part that’s a little frustrating. The people that say after everything they say you see, like, like, I just did, yeah, so what is your greatest business challenge in your new logistics business?

Um, again, when it comes to logistics side, the biggest challenge is, you know, I would say waiting on people and being a new company on the logistics, logistical side is insurance insurance. Well, and obviously, I do with it with my transportation business as well. But I did not realize how hard that part was going to be. And it’s not necessarily that it’s hard, but it’s going to cost a lot of money. And the reason being is because your new company, they don’t have nothing to fall back on, do you know, any of your losses, any of that, you know, so they can kind of have to go off of you alone. And you’re obviously my business partner driver driving history, which is clean, but even still, when they request, like, it’s time to do some work with Amazon, and they request a million dollar covered. So I’ve made all the cases is my teeth, you know, and it’s commercial, it’s not regular insurance, such as, you know, what we have in our regular day, our everyday vehicles. So that was probably the biggest, you know, challenge today with the logistical business.

And how about the greatest challenge in the family business, what is the greatest challenge working with a family member from another generation, you coming in with these new ideas, and they’re like, Look, you don’t know anything, taking a long time, a long time to start to understand where I’m coming from. And for that purpose, you know, trying to get him to see the new age and the new, you know, new way to do things, you know, we can’t do things like the Flintstones anymore, we have to get to the Jetsons, you know, and that, that that probably be working with my dad has probably been one of the hardest thing. But besides that, because I feel that, you know, once you get past certain things, and understand what was coming from, and how to communicate with that person affect the week that gets out the way pretty fast. But I would say besides obviously, you know, working, you know, with, with a family member, I would say it has to be people and I don’t mean in a negative way. But, you know, the biggest thing you do when you manage or home is you have to find, let’s say you got 10 people on your team, you have to find a way to get alternatives people to go for one goal and the conversation ever cue them might not be the same conversation, have a three of them, and then the rest of the four or whatever the case may be. And that sometimes can be tough and beating on an individual. But you know, as long as you know, you take the time to communicate with people and get them on the same page, once you do get them to where you need to everything else is very good. And what we would say gravy. So aside from not wanting to work for someone else, and aside from your family, what’s your why, um, again, you know, I think I’m gonna go back to so people again, you know, I think being an entrepreneur, you know, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that, you know, some people might not see that on the top. And, you know, being able to have families work for you for 1015 years, you know, retire with you also to bring the best out of people, you know, what I mean, somebody comes into your job is to your business and, you know, they come in as a reservation, next thing, you know, there may be leading your sales team, you know, that those we come to that, I, I love that side. And, and when it comes to time, to bring the best out of somebody, you know, and watching the people grow with you, obviously, you’re going to have the people that shouldn’t have been there in the first exposed, you know, the ones that do stand out making with you throughout the tough times. Those are the ones that you love fighting for. Because, again, it’s not just even loses a job, it’s your business goes under you, you know, the 100 hundred and 50 people that you have working for you also. And yeah, they can get a new job. But you know, a lot of people has been a while, but you know, who it’s not like, it used to be back in the day that you don’t just wake up and go get a job that same day, sometimes you got to put in a little lecture work. And, you know, there’s this thing on the news, you know, you don’t get to go in and somebody gets to love your personality anymore. Everything strictly, you know, even sell tickets here, do this, do that. All right. Great. Now, you made that point now, what’s, what’s your personality, and sometimes, you know, that makes things difficult. So, but I would say, you know, for me, that’s, that’s what I really get the most benefit out of is, it’s helping other people and, you know, making them successful.

I love that, what advice do you have for someone that’s just getting started in business, you know, and I, you know, I wasn’t a few of the podcasts that you’re doing. Now, this is really one of the biggest things I knew, you have to just jump, you know, I’ll go back to the logistics business. If you just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk your way out of it, you’ll talk your way to somebody else did it better than you, and there’s a reason for you to do it anymore. Now, there’s all of those things that come into play. So I would say you just have to jump in and go do it. Now, I’m not telling you just going without knowing what you’re getting into, you know, be prepared, you know, make calculated decisions, but still jump in there. You know, if you’ve got 75% of the information, jump in and start start working. I don’t think anybody that is an entrepreneur today can tell you, they haven’t had anything or haven’t learned anything in the process. That’s really what they do. They just took the courage to say, I’m going to go and do this, I’m going to bet on myself and doing so. Because, you know, got them where they are.

Yeah, definitely. I know someone that has sold a business for over $50 million.

And he’ll he’ll tell you, like, I don’t know what I’m doing. And that made me feel good. Because I’m like, great, because I don’t know what I’m doing, either. None of us know we’re doing but we pretend that’s it. You know, I’ll tell you a funny story, right? And this is way back in the day, when my dad told me one time, and there’s just one, you know, computers have been, you know, a little bit more relevant. But he said, tonight, I’d go into, I would go into rooms, or I would go into meetings and say, all right, somebody said, I need this, this and this. And entertaining. I don’t want three or four levels because my dad started off at home. And so they would say, I need this, this and this neat. So no problem. I got it. And the the account would need 15 mode. And it’d be a contract for three, four or five years. And he didn’t worry about that. Because he said, so whatever, to that person. So they couldn’t go back in fact, check them and say, No, you’re incorrect, because there’s nothing really to go back on. You know, he was able to sell them a dream. And then he just made sure he did bacterium. And that’s, that’s something that, you know, obviously a little different now, because you can go back but you don’t know everything. As long as it again, it goes back to being dedicated and committed. Everything else will fill itself. It’s the people again, that just take it easy and do what they want to do that, you know, show you the difference. So you know what, it’s great that he did it. He was like, Okay, yeah, yeah, he figured out how to do it. And he did it. Because if he would have been like, Oh, I can’t do that. He may be wouldn’t be where he’s at today. Exactly.

And then, you know, that’s, that’s, that’s what you have to do. You have to find a way if you could have lunch with one business, not leader, who would it be, um, I probably go in on musk. And that would be because we’re on that right now, I want to I look at the forward thinkers, and I’d like to sit down with those type of individuals to really get a good understanding. Like, I know, I think outside the box and crazy at times, but just a pain to have lunch with him would be pretty mind blowing. And I thought a Gary Vee too. But, you know, I like Gary Vee. But, you know, I think Gary Vee. I’m a lot like Gary Vee. So I don’t think I would get much from them. Because he’s like a highest high octane up in your face time with God. And that’s cool. And all but I kind of would want to talk to somebody that would, you know, make me think outside the box even more than I do right now. And I think you know, I must, would probably would do that for me. He could probably get you into space.

Yeah, we are close. They are on that. That’s crazy. But, you know, it’s the future man. I mean, it’s what we need, you know, we need to move forward. It’s funny, you remember back to the future. So, not on a hoverboard. Yet like it back in the movie. But if he has developed sense, the internet, it’s, you know, it’s working its way through it. So, yeah, it’s pretty crazy. I remember, I know, this is probably kind of silly. But you know, like, back in the MySpace days, and it’s like, oh, my gosh, like, what next? This is everything. And, you know, then there’s Twitter. And then they’re like, Oh, look at the better than Twitter. And then there’s Instagram. So yeah, there’s always something better technology changes, we should adapt. Otherwise, you know, you’ll be that last person on Myspace when everyone else’s on Twitter. Exactly. know for sure. And, you know, I think things are a little bit easier nowadays. Because if you have a great idea, that’s really all it’s about right now is having a great idea. Obviously, you can find the funding and what not to get it done. But if you have any awesome, I do not see people that can get the job done. It’s so fast. I guys are making apps that just connect a to b, and they’re selling for millions of dollars. And if you can get that done, then, you know, there you go. And off to the next one. And now it’s just again, are you doing love what you do where you dedicated and are you committed? So yeah, and speaking of that, I have app idea for anybody that wants to do it is a towing app like Uber for tow trucks sample. Somebody just told me because I had an issue. We’re just out on Friday. And somebody told me in Miami, Uber on their app has its own person. So they’ll tow your car because somebody will come drive your car for you. And the Uber will drive you so the guy picks you up and takes you home. The guy that pops out of his car hops in your car. drive your car if your drink so you can get the car back to the house.

Oh, that’s pretty interesting. Yeah, I just thought about the toe thing, because I called a tow truck for my dad. And the guys like, yeah, just, you know, leave the keys in this area. And I’ll stop by what I have a chance. And it’s like, Look, if it was like an Uber for tow trucks. I request I request one. somebody that’s closest, like, yep, I’ll take it. I see where they’re at. And it’s super easy. So yeah, you might want to get on it. No, I’m so busy. But somebody please make it I might be able to invest in it at some point. So you go, Yeah, um, what is your favorite business book? Um, I will see you. But if I asked to pick my favorite out of those is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. That’s a good one. I don’t again, it’s just I don’t know. He makes really good books anyway. And so that’s a good one. I like the 10 x rule by Grant Cardone, you know let’s just get it done get it done. Get it done do it and that’s the you know again when somebody wants to do something you got to ask them Do you want to do it that must have if you do then you have militia follow that rule and then start with y by Simon cynics.

That’s another good one as well. Yeah, I’ve read that 10 times rule. And it’s awesome. I just read a 10 times marketing book. Not by him. Um. Oh, nice. But it was. It was great, too. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s what your number two people might not know this. But we go way back when we go pretty. We go way back. Remember Eric, my business partner will get nocturnal jungle. He was doing some stuff for his coconut water. And he actually got to go on grant writing long show that he heads down south because he just he was the connection. He just did what he had to do. Make sure you gotten his face. He bought his water and everything. It was really cool. A cool story.

We have a water company a coconut water company.

Yeah, he started as a coconut water company a few years back. Yeah, he’s actually on his way back soon. So I’ll link you when he gets back. Yeah, that’ll be cool that that super interesting that he got in front of Grant Cardone, that’s crazy yeah man yeah I’ll say that story for him one day it’s pretty interesting man it’s you know it’s good to keep those type of people around you too because you know that like they say they are who you hang around so yeah I’m it’s important to have those type of people around you because they keep you thinking no to be thinking and pushing our yeah what’s your favorite internet resource or up that just makes your life easier um, I would say LinkedIn probably on a business level linkage a things very easy being able to connect with people you know, if you listen to something in kind of put it out there you kind of have to build the BS purple Twitter and Instagram all of that on facebook you know cool all that stuff is still quarter with some of the other things but on a business and what I would say LinkedIn is pretty interesting yeah I enjoy the fact that it’s not all political over there it can get political but it’s you know not a bunch of names and not all political it’s straight business I have not yet my mastered how to properly use it for business but that’s like my next task that I need to do it they say is even if you can understand how to handle LinkedIn today much rule the world I know this LinkedIn ads are really expensive but I heard they’re amazing exactly I haven’t fully tried that yet. $50 a lead Oh wow. So they’re making money well that’s what I’ve heard I’ve never used.

Tara thank you so much for sharing your story with us today.

Appreciate you having me on.

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