How to Encourage Your Clients to Give Reviews

Smart business owners know that this is a time when customer feedback and reviews can make or break companies. In fact, according to Podium, customers make decisions about your business long before you’ve even met. Widescale global product and service competition via the internet guarantees that the only way your budding business can succeed is by building a strong reputation — especially if your services are offered online rather than locally. Positive feedback and reviews serve as the foundation of that reputation. Consumers today use online reviews in some cases more than family and friend recommendations to decide who will get their business. To acquire more of those valuable reviews from past and current clients, follow these top tips.

Mail Them a Postcard

One way that you can encourage a past or current client is by sending them a prepaid glossy photo review card in the mail. Thank them first for choosing your services. Then explain how you’re trying to build your business and that reviews help you with this task by addressing any areas that you need to change and providing you with positive testimonials that can help visitors to your website or blog decide if you’re the right choice for their needs. Ask politely if they would take a few moments of their time to write a short review and drop the card in the mail to send back to you.

Offer an App

People love apps. Apps are what make smartphones the modern phenomenon that they are today. With apps, people can stream their favorite TV shows, work from home, edit photos, play games…you know what I’m talking about. Develop an app relevant to your services, then make certain that the app has a feedback button. Also, schedule a request for feedback about the app and your services in general to appear after a few weeks of app usage. As long as the app creates positive experiences and memories for your clients, they’ll likely have no problem with taking some time to send you a bit of feedback.

Create a VIP Subscription List

You can also convince customers to provide you reviews by making them feel appreciated and extra special with a VIP subscription club. In every VIP newsletter email that you send, you should always include a basic feedback link option. Every now and then, after you’ve provided your VIP customers with engaging e-newsletter content and a variety of valuable perks like discounts off your products and services or those offered by local partner businesses, send out a sincere email or postal mail letter asking your VIP club members for their opinions about you and your business. Emphasize in the letter that you want feedback that also includes anything that they think you could do better so that you’re getting more informative reviews than simple “I think X is great!” statements.

Give a Discount After Review

Send a discount email to random customers that thanks them for their feedback. Make certain to be clear in the email that the discount is a contest-style perk where a handful of names are randomly pulled from a list of customers who provide feedback. When you give a random discount in this way, several of the customers who receive the discount will always believe that future reviews might lead to additional discounts and come back after their next product or sales experience to offer feedback. More importantly, customers who randomly receive these discounts are more likely to inform their loved ones, friends and other members of their social circles about this fantastic thing you do now and then to show customers that you appreciate them. As a result, this type of review incentive can actually generate new interest in your business and increase foot traffic and sales.


These are only a handful of ways that you can convince clients to give reviews. Plenty of other strategies encourage positive feedback and other forms of engagement from customers, including gifting customers randomly or as part of a VIP program promotional items or offering loyal VIP customers free or low-cost services. Performing charitable works in the names of your VIP members is another positive way to surprise them that will prompt them to offer their feedback about your actions. Start using any of these solutions today to increase your client reviews so that you can spread awareness and build interest in your business.

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