For a while now I’ve been fascinated by conversion rate optimization.

Most web designers are just focused on making pretty websites.

I knew there was a disconnect when pretty websites weren’t getting results. So I set out on a journey to learn about conversion rate optimization. Which is just a fancy way of saying to make your website in a way that visitors do what you want them to do.

Fast forward a few years to the present, now I partially own and am in charge of marketing for a startup whose focus is conversion rate optimization.

Yet looking at my podcast website, I realized there were some things I had to change.

Before making any rash decisions on changes, I installed the free version of Hotjar. I can create up to 3 heat maps for my website and 100 user recordings. So I installed it and turned it on.

As I was looking at the recordings, I realized something fascinating.

People were visiting my podcast show notes pages, but I didn’t see the podcast player in the recordings.

That was weird.

Whenever I’m logged in, I can see the podcast player just fine. Must be a browser issue.

As I kept seeing more people visit my podcast pages without the player, I knew there was something wrong with my website. So I tested it on a different browser that I wasn’t logged in from. Lo and behold, the podcast player was not showing for me either.

All this time I thought I’d make it easy for people to listen to the podcast on my site, but they were just seeing a bunch of blog posts with no audio.

So I quickly changed every single post on my site to include the podcast player straight from my podcast host. It was a lot of work but I guess in the end it worked. I wanted to change the positioning of the player to above the episode title on each page, so it was something I needed to do anyway.

The moral of this blog post

ALWAYS test your website. Just because something looks right to you, doesn’t mean it looks right to other people.

I would strongly recommend installing free software such as Hotjar, so you can view your website the way your visitors see it and make changes accordingly.

By the way, with the changes I made, November was my best podcast download month ever!

Cindy Rodriguez is the host of the Start Fierce Business Podcast. When she’s not interviewing awesome entrepreneurs, she’s working on growing her startup, going to Disney World with her daughter, or reading a book.

The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast is now the Start Fierce Business Podcast. Click here to learn more.

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