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Genecia Alluora, founder of Soul Rich Woman is a former beauty queen turned business maven and serial entrepreneur.

In 2006, she represented Singapore in the Miss International pageant. This opened a lot of opportunities for her. But she saw a challenge unique to women that needed to be addressed. Women need a solid community that we can go to for support, guidance, and mentorship from women who have the same goals and ambitions as ours.

Soul Rich Woman is a community of women for women that empowers its members to succeed in life, business and health through knowledge sharing, networking and inspiring confidence. They currently have over 11,000 members from different Southeast Asian countries.

In this podcast episode, we discuss why you need a mentor, how to find the right mentor, and how to be a good mentee.

When looking for a mentor, find someone with the outcomes you want. - Genecia Alluora Click To Tweet

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • We discuss how Genecia built a side business as she was running a cafe business. Then when she sold her cafe, she took the side business full time.
  • She shares how she learned having a 9 – 5 wasn’t for her and entrepreneurship was her calling.
  • She talks about learning to embrace her vulnerabilities.
  • We discuss why mentors are important to business women.
  • We also talk about how to find the right mentor and how to be a great mentee.

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