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Ian Dunlap of Hyper Acceleration is a normal guy on a very interesting path in business.

He loves spending time with friends and family, working out, music, and reading.

Ian was born to be an entrepreneur. He had his dad as a role model. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he had several small businesses.

Before starting Hyper Acceleration, he ran a marketing consultancy for nine years. He gave it all up for investing when a client owed him $80k, and he was faced with the decision of whether to take them to court or do something else to make up for that loss.

In today’s podcast episode, Ian shares the story of how he walked away from his marketing business of nine years for something entirely new for him. He shares some invaluable advice on who you should target in your business. He also has a challenge for you that could earn you some cash.

“You have to find your competitive advantage because almost nothing else matters.” - Ian Dunlap Click To Tweet

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Ian talks about the importance of reading as an entrepreneur.
  • He shares why he walked away from a business when a client owed him $80k and started doing something completely foreign to him.
  • We talk about how having an entrepreneur father motivated Ian to become an entrepreneur himself.
  • Ian shares his brilliant Dream 100 marketing strategy.
  • We discuss why you should give away lots of free content.
  • He shares the two books that have made him the most money.
  • We also discuss the importance of knowing your competitive advantage and how to find it.

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