The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast is now the Start Fierce Business Podcast

I’m excited to announce that The Fierce Entrepreneur website and podcast is now Start Fierce Business Solutions and the Start Fierce Business Podcast.

Here’s why I decided to change the name.

After interviewing over 100 entrepreneurs and going over my own business origin story, I realized that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t consider themselves entrepreneurs. At least not at first.

Which brought me to another realization – my podcast isn’t about people talking about and promoting their businesses. It’s about looking back and reminiscing about when they realized they were an entrepreneur. It’s about what made them start their business; advice they have for people who are starting a business.

When I started out as a freelancer, I made a lot of mistakes which could have been avoided with the right resources and processes.

This website is that place where you can come to if you want to start a business on the side. Or if you’re new in business and want to know what you should be using for your business accounting, etc.

The podcast will continue to feature stories of how entrepreneurs started their businesses along with resources and advice for women starting their businesses.

If you’re already subscribed to the podcast, you won’t need to resubscribe. The artwork and name will change but everything will remain the same.

You’ll also be able to find it on your favorite podcast app by both names (for now.)

As far as the website, old links will forward to the new site.

Well, time for me to start working on creating new awesome content for you to enjoy on the new website.