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Byron Morrison of Tailored Lifestyles is an author, mindset and lifestyle coach.

His entrepreneurship journey started as someone who was overweight, had no confidence and was so depressed he didn’t want to leave the house. His dad’s cancer made him rethink his entire life choices and set him down a path to take back control of his own health.

He turned down his dream job working for a big marketing agency because he learned that it didn’t give him any fulfillment. Instead, he started on a whole different career path to help others who were in his same situation.

In this podcast episode, Byron talks about how he used failure and setbacks as an opportunity to move forward in business. He shares why he turned down his dream job and took a completely different career path. We also talk about the importance of taking breaks from work to gain clarity and avoid burnout.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Byron talks about turning down his dream job when he realized he did not like his whole career.
  • He speaks about why he thought he’d have an amazing life with a dream job… because that’s what everyone else did.
  • We talk about his greatest challenge of getting over the fact that entrepreneurship is fancy and dealing with setbacks.
  • We also discuss being really clear on who you are, what you want to do, and why you do what you do.
  • We talk about niching down and being careful who you take advice from.
  • Byron talks about what a difference doing something you actually love can make in how you see things.
  • He also shares why you should work on what you’re good at and not put so much time and effort into things you aren’t great at.
  • We talk about how not wanting to let go of control in your business can make you get completely off course.
  • He shares how he used failure and setbacks as an opportunity to move forward.
  • Byron also talks about how bad the advice to hustle constantly is… The best thing you can do when mentally exhausted is to take time off and come back reenergized.

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Welcome to the show. Byron. Hey, thanks for having me on today. It’s great to have you on. Tell me about yourself outside of your business. Okay, great. Well, the easiest bits, probably to tell you a little bit more about my story, because I kind of built into everything that my business is about. Because basically, a few years ago, I was close to 50 pounds heavier. I was depressed to the point I didn’t want to leave the house. I had no self confidence. Food was controlling me. And I was really unhappy in the life that was living. And then my dad got cancer. And it instant my whole world was pretty much turned upside down. During his treatment he had most days bowels surgically removed. And he spent 25 days in ICU, most of that he was on life support and breathing through a tracheotomy. And that experience was a wake up call that if I don’t do something about this now then that was going to be me. So I set out my own.

Journey to lose the weight to change my habits and behaviors and change our thought about the world. And I started learning everything I could about health and nutrition. And that kind of sparked a passion. And like a lot of people, I was kind of in a job that I hated. I was telling myself that had to stick it through. I had to get experience and work my way up, and then life was going to get better. So I kind of did the grind. I was hustling, trying to build my way up and I finally got interviewed the job of my dreams. And I kind of worked for this for years. And in the interview, I realized I didn’t hate my job. I hated my entire career. So I kind of went home that night cancelled my move to a new city turned down the job signed up that evening to study nutrition, and that kind of sparked off my whole journey of wanting to help people who are going through a similar journey that I did so I kind of spent the next couple years getting qualified I wrote my book become a better you and started coaching people from across the UK and America and that’s kind of brought me through

Today kind of helping entrepreneurs kind of with their mindset and how they feel about themselves and kind of get their confidence and self belief back and start changing their different areas of their life, from their relationships, they getting more success and everything else. Wow, that’s very interesting that you turn down your dream job you just realized isn’t even when I want to do and you just took a whole entire other direction. Yeah, for me, I kind of built up in my mind. I thought I soon as I get this job in this fancy marketing agency, I’ll have all the fancy clients, I have all the perks, I have the great lifestyle and life will be amazing. And I just realized that that wasn’t what I wanted. I tried to convince myself because that’s what everyone else was doing. Everyone else was settling down there, again, careers and I kept trying to force it that I finally uncovered that actually, I wasn’t passionate about it. It didn’t give me any fulfillment. And I found myself down a path that a few years ago if you told me I’d be working and that I would have laughed at you couldn’t think of anything.

worse but that for me, it just goes to show how much life can kind of change in an instant. I love that will tell me about your business and kind of like how that got started. Well once I funny, good qualified in health, nutrition fitness and behavior change, I started working with various different groups of people, primarily ladies kind of getting helping them find themselves again. So getting that confidence back, getting them to stop feeling lost and invisible to the world. Some of it was about losing weight and eating healthier, but it was all about changing the way they thought and felt. And it was a process I created called thought reversal to change our thoughts and stories in our head and get people to see that just because something happened in the past doesn’t mean it has to define their future and get them to really change how they think and respond. So all of my works basically based around showing people that they can empower themselves to become better they can actually take control of the life they want, they can get the health, body and business

live their dreams and start to actually feel alive. Because I think one of the biggest things for me is I was living that I wasted so much my life kind of locking myself away and being miserable and just try and show others that actually they can start making positive changes in when did you know that you were an entrepreneur. I grew up playing bass. I did a lot of music shows. And then and now I started promoting different events. When I was 18, I went to university and I had my own events company and always putting on regular events at local clubs. And then I went travelling for a year and came back and I continue doing that for a while. So I always had that entrepreneurial spirit that never really had anything truly passionate to apply it to. So it was one of those things got a career I always wanted tabloid business they had no clue what what’s your greatest entrepreneurial challenge? That’s quite tough one because I think for me a lot of the time growing your business in the background mind is our biggest challenge.

I think overcoming the mindset battles because for a lot of entrepreneurs and I know I felt this way a lot when I started with kind of sold into the entrepreneurial lifestyle, being all about these fancy parties, private planes and endless amounts of cash, and you had all these coaches and these gurus trying to sell you on the dream. And if you just buy into their webinar do their course everything will come together. And at the start my journey and starting my business, I had so many setbacks and it was mentally and emotionally draining to the point that often I didn’t know what to do next. It felt like I was hitting my head against the wall going round in circles and always looking for the next strategy. But it was only when I kind of took a step back and really assessed who I was what I was trying to do and the message I was trying to get across that things started coming together it What advice you have for someone that’s wanting to get started in business really get clear on who you are, what you want to do and your reason why because people in this day and age can see through

If you’re not genuine and you don’t have a purpose, and you’re not moving towards a cause, it’s very difficult to stand out because the markets saturated it’s more expensive than ever to advertise. And you really need to have a message that people resonate with. And instead of trying to cater to everyone really find someone that you can truly help make a big impact. And that’s when things start happening for you. Yeah, absolutely. I find that a lot of people when they’re starting out, they don’t want to niche down and they say, Oh, well, I don’t want to exclude anybody, but it’s like, if you’re trying to reach everybody are not going to have a successful business. I think with that you’ve also gotta be really careful who you take advice from? Because I know for me, when I first started out, a lot of people told me just put your message out there, just do this and then you’ll see who comes to you. And a lot of business coaches told me that because I was nice and down too much that I was cutting people off and in hindsight, it was the exact opposite advice to what I needed to do. I

You need to focus on a certain market, find out their problem and how you can solve it. Yeah, that’s excellent advice. Did you come from a marketing background? You mentioned an agency because I did all the marketing work. When I was running my own business, I kind of after I did a master’s degree in business, I kind of thought, I’ve no clue I want to do marketing felt like the best fit. So I kind of just fell into that. And I think that’s why I had a little bit of that disassociation. Because I hated doing that in that environment. Now, it’s what I do on a daily basis for myself, and I love it. So it kind of just shows you how big a difference doing something you care about can actually have. Yeah, absolutely. But you’re from the things that you’re saying. I can tell that your marketing background has actually helped you a lot in your own business. You just didn’t want to do it on an agency level for everyone else. Exactly. I think one of the biggest lessons that entrepreneurs need to learn is to work out what you’re good at because we spent so much of our life focusing on the next

negatives of what’s going wrong, what we can’t do. And we kind of get obsessed and let that control how we feel. And we put so much energy and effort into things that we’re not great at, rather than just go all in on things that were amazing at and kind of outsourced or find help with the things that we can’t do, and actually use that positive energy to grow. Because it’s, I think, for a lot of us, we try and do it all and then we kind of get down when things don’t go, right. And that I think for especially for people starting out is one of the biggest lessons to learn, kind of focus on what you’re good at and get someone else to help with everything else. Yeah, absolutely. Like for me, I was always a freelancer on my own. I was kind of a control freak, right? So it was hard for me to get help doing things except for like accounting because I absolutely hated it. And but now I am co founder and a startup and I have two business partners and I love the fact that they

Do what they’re good at. And I do I’m good at it just makes life so much better. I think that’s one of the biggest problems. So because you kind of start your own business, and you’re doing it because you want more freedom, and then all of a sudden, you fall into the trap that you don’t want to let go of control and you try to micromanage everything, and you try and focus too much and it can just kind of engulf you completely and just make you go completely, of course, because you’re focused on so many different things that you can’t do anything, right. And I think for entrepreneurs, that’s one of the biggest lessons to kind of learn of is how to balance it all. So aside from not wanting to work for someone else, and aside from your family, what’s your why my biggest thing is I want to help people who are struggling like I was I know a few years ago I pretty much lost hope I had accepted that by life was me going to work going home watching TV all night and repeating like I said I was depressed to the point I didn’t want to leave the house I even Stargate my food shopping the

Live it. So it was one less reason to have to go out doors. And I was very much I wasted so much time than never getting it back. And that’s fine. My biggest thing for anyone off to seeing what my dad went through and after what I went through myself is to try and make the most of every single day. Because rather than getting caught up in all of these negatives in life, just actually practice gratitude, become self aware. And that’s why for me, my biggest wise to help people who are stuck in the trap that I was in. I love that. And I love how you use a situation to motivate yourself and not pull you deeper into wanting to be isolated as I think there’s so many amazing things out there. And there’s so much to life. But we just as humans, we have this habit of just not actually making the most of it, of just getting so caught up in the little things and letting that control us and push us to a breaking point where if we could just take a step back, take a deep breath and kind of take it all in. We’d be far more mentally resilient actually deal with the challenge.

life throws our way and actually start looking at failure and setbacks as opportunities to grow and develop rather than getting pulled into them and seeing it as the end of the world. Yeah, a few years ago, I, my daughter was smaller, and I was homeschooling her. And I was freelancing. And I would find that in the middle of the week, you know, 11 o’clock in the morning, she’s like, Mom, let’s go to Disney World. And we had annual passes because living in Orlando, that’s what you do. But you know, I would tell her No. And then one day I just thought, I’m like, why not? And so we would do stuff like randomly go to Disney for a few hours in the middle of the day, because you only live once, right? We live in an awesome place that people spend like they save for a lifetime to come here on vacation and we can just go whenever we want. I think that’s great. I think probably the worst advice that entrepreneurs get is that you have to hustle constantly you need to be working.

16 hours a day, you can’t have a life. Because with that, you just burn yourself out. You lose your focus, you lose your motivation. I think the best thing that I did for my business when I was kind of mentally feeling like I was exhausted was, I just took a week off. I just decided, you know what, I need to take a step back. I need to reassess. Take some time for me spend it with my path, and my family, my friends, and then you come in reenergize Do you feel good you actually have some breakthroughs about what you need to do and you don’t burnt out because after that all of the stress all of the overwhelm you stop sleeping as well your body doesn’t function right you don’t make the best decisions and your results suffer and your clients see that your lead see that the people around you and it’s only so long that you can kind of fake a smile and put on a brave face and total falls apart. Yeah, definitely. People will notice people at the office they might not say anything, but the moment you open your mouth and and they’re like how are you and you’re like

They’re like, yeah, I’ve noticed for a few days, you don’t look so hot. And it’s really hard when you’re trying to grow a business. And you’re trying to portray this confident leader, whatever you’re trying to do, because people buy into you and your image. And if you’re burnt out, people aren’t going to trust you. People aren’t going to want to work with you. You’re not going to be able to scale and grow and develop and it’s you’re going to suffer and then you’re going to put more pressure on yourself, your relationships are going to start getting strange over health going to suffer and things are just going to get worse and worse. And till you eventually burn yourself out and reach your breaking point. And that’s one of the biggest reasons I see why entrepreneurs fail because they push their body and life to the absolute limit. And then they give up because they can’t deal with it anymore. Yeah, and when you mentioned your relationships are going to fail, not just business relationships, your relationships with your family, with your partner with your kids with your friends suffer because you’re having a bad day at work. You get home and somebody asked you a question.

You’re just mean to them because you’re having a bad day. And it has nothing to do with them. Exactly. And I think that’s one of the biggest things that entrepreneurs kind of need is to get a support network and try and kind of surround themselves by like minded people where they can kind of vent and open it up. Because I think for a lot of entrepreneurs, because this lifestyle sold as such an image of perfection, they don’t want to admit that they’re struggling because they think that that’s a sign of weakness, that they’re not living the dream, they haven’t got it all figured out like everyone thinks that they do. So they try and put on a brave face and fake it even though it can be tearing them apart inside. And that’s why I think it’s so important to find a network of getting help and support of surrounding yourself by people who are there to help you who actually understand because I think often with family and partners, they don’t get the dream they don’t get what you’re trying to do, and they might not realize why you’re trying to do this and why you’re doing it that way. And anything you can try and do to kind of remove the friction and then you can

Just turn off when you go home try and dedicate your time to them and have that balance because that’s when you get fulfillment in all areas of your life if you could have lunch with one business thought leader who would it be I’m a big fan of Russell Brunson just as his book Expo secrets i thought was one of the best books on marketing. I’m also really big fan of Scott Orford. I follow a lot of his work I just didn’t keep your ready fun guide to kind of grab lunch with so be between one of those two Okay, and what’s your favorite business book I would have to an expert secrets were not just mentioned

and actually I’ll take about I would say actually business thought leader will be Gary van der Chuck because I’ve actually a massive fan of his work I know especially for me if you need to get mode fed watching his videos and reading his books as well have you got his new one yet? I haven’t I that I want to get it but I haven’t had time the last couple of days so I’m going to put a full during it because

Otherwise I’m not going to get anything else done.

So funny. Yeah, I checked out a couple of reviews. And one person said that I shouldn’t have started reading this at 3am because I’ve only just finished and I was like, Yeah, that’ll be me.

I’ll probably get over the weekend. Yeah, I added it to my to read list. But yeah, I’m also not buying it yet because I just bought rise and grind from Damon john and i haven’t even started it and I’m in the middle of reading some other books. So I gotta get through those. First

off to check that out. I haven’t heard of rise and grind it so that it’s new. Also, I really loved Damon John’s first book, The Power of broke. It’s actually my favorite business book ever. I love Gary V’s books too. But power broke really resonated with me. And so when this book came out, I bought it but I mostly I usually get Kindle books. I bought this book because he’s doing a book signing on Saturday.

So, um, yeah. So I bought the book so he could sign it. I’ll have to check that out.

Once you Actually, you know what he has a chapter on Gary Vee. He interviews different entrepreneurs. And I think they talk about like their morning routine. And there’s a chapter with Gary, be awesome. Um, what’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier? Probably. This is gonna sound a bit cliche, but the Facebook ads are just because I do a lot of my marketing or through Facebook. And it’s quite easy then and that kind of track everything, check resources, statistics, and it does make life so much easier. So I know once they launch that you didn’t have to kind of log in on laptops and try and see everything. So that saves me a lot of time. Yeah, you’re actually the first person to mention that on my podcast

that’s really was a big game changer. You think it’s one of those things that’s so simple, even it just, it just saves you time which I think when we got so many things to do.

Part of that our biggest asset that I love everything that keeps me from having to log on to the computer. Granted, yes, I do my work in front of the computer for the most part, but if I can check something on my phone or my iPad, that’s perfect. Yeah, just makes life a little bit easier. Because if you’re out for the day because I do various seminars and workshops, and a lot of the time I might have to work remotely through my phone, anything like that, that kind of gives you kind of the power of a laptop just in your hand makes life so much easier. Yeah, especially something so important. Like a Facebook ad you can monitor on there and if it’s not performing well you can just turn it off instead of having to wait until you can log online and lose money where can listeners find you online the best places on Facebook so I’ve got a Facebook page where I’m just focusing on mindset entrepreneurs so that’s facebook dot com forward slash author, Byron Morrison. They can also find me at tailored life.

styles dot co dot uk and also on YouTube so I can kind of send you all the links from the description yeah awesome and I’ll include them in the show notes yeah and you can also find my book on Amazon as become a better you okay perfect well Byron thank you so much for sharing your story with us today thanks for having me on.

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