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Byron Morrison of Tailored Lifestyles is an author, mindset and lifestyle coach.

His entrepreneurship journey started as someone who was overweight, had no confidence and was so depressed he didn’t want to leave the house. His dad’s cancer made him rethink his entire life choices and set him down a path to take back control of his own health.

He turned down his dream job working for a big marketing agency because he learned that it didn’t give him any fulfillment. Instead, he started on a whole different career path to help others who were in his same situation.

In this podcast episode, Byron talks about how he used failure and setbacks as an opportunity to move forward in business. He shares why he turned down his dream job and took a completely different career path. We also talk about the importance of taking breaks from work to gain clarity and avoid burnout.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Byron talks about turning down his dream job when he realized he did not like his whole career.
  • He speaks about why he thought he’d have an amazing life with a dream job… because that’s what everyone else did.
  • We talk about his greatest challenge of getting over the fact that entrepreneurship is fancy and dealing with setbacks.
  • We also discuss being really clear on who you are, what you want to do, and why you do what you do.
  • We talk about niching down and being careful who you take advice from.
  • Byron talks about what a difference doing something you actually love can make in how you see things.
  • He also shares why you should work on what you’re good at and not put so much time and effort into things you aren’t great at.
  • We talk about how not wanting to let go of control in your business can make you get completely off course.
  • He shares how he used failure and setbacks as an opportunity to move forward.
  • Byron also talks about how bad the advice to hustle constantly is… The best thing you can do when mentally exhausted is to take time off and come back reenergized.

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