How to Detect Resume Fraud on a Candidate Job Application

Being responsible for hiring a responsible individual to fill an empty job position can be a daunting task, but taking your time in the process will pay off in the long run. One of the best ways to spend your time is to conduct a thorough background and resume check for inaccuracies or misrepresentations. The price of hiring a poor-quality individual for the position is high, so you’ll want to ensure that you take measures to discover if a potential candidate is honest on their resume.

Employment history

Know where to look on a resume for misrepresentations. The most common area for this with education and employment history (Ladders). Some people make up companies to work for or extend their history to prevent gaps in employment. Check if the companies and positions exist if you have any concerns.


Candidates can also lie about their qualification for the position by falsely stating they have a degree or award that recognizes the accomplishment. If you have doubts, ask for proof before an interview for a degree from the university. For awards that you’ve never come across, quickly type the name into a search engine to see if there is a list available to the public for viewing and verifications. Legal credentials, like I-9 compliance, should also be verified before hiring.


Be on the lookout for vague achievements that make the candidate stand out, but seem odd or unfamiliar. Look for descriptions that give concrete details such as a specific number of people someone managed or how many different departments they were responsible for dealing with. If their resume looks promising otherwise, bring these achievements up during a phone interview and pay special attention to their answers.

Background check

A criminal background check is beneficial, but performing your own is the best way to screen candidates. Call companies directly to check when they worked there, what their job title was, and their responsibilities. It’s easy for someone to make up a reference using a friend, but calling the organization’s primary phone number eliminates the chances of reaching a false reference and keeps your record-keeping accurate, giving you more information on the applicant.

The job market is competitive. Many people won’t hesitate to slightly alter information if it gives them a better chance of getting the position. It is your job as a person in charge of hiring to notice inconsistencies and verify information to ensure you hire someone who is qualified and will perform the job as expected. Create a no-tolerance policy when it comes to false information on applicant resumes.

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