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Dannielle S. Lewis of Bankable Diva Ent. started her entrepreneurial journey 13 years ago. She was married and a new mom and her husband handled all the finances.

When her marriage ended, she suddenly found herself forced to scrape change together to feed her son.

She knew things had to be better than what she was living, so she started her very first business and it FAILED. Not because of her skills but because she didn’t know how to handle her finances.

She didn’t have a background of having good influences with money. She watched her mother rob Peter to pay Paul, and hand out discounts in her business continuously. So, she didn’t know what to do.

So Dannielle went back to the drawing board. She took college classes and took control of the money she was making and built a business that was blossoming.

Bankable Diva Ent. specializes in coaching/empowering women to take control of their income, ideas, and hobbies, and turn those things into a bankable/legitimate business and generational wealth.

In this episode, we talk about remaining positive in business, even through the hard times. We talk about being a single mom business owner and give a quick strategy on how to start a side hustle.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Dannielle shares how a divorce forced her to take control of her finances, and why she’s teaching other women to do the same now.
  • We talk about the challenges of balancing personal and business life.
  • We also talk about knowing that downs will come in business, but you must know everything will be okay in the end.
  • We discuss remaining positive through all business situations.
  • We talk about being a single mom business owner.
  • You’ll learn a quick strategy for starting a side hustle.
  • We also discuss how you can get further in business faster with help than doing it alone.

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Welcome to the show. Danielle. Thank you. Cindy. Tell us about yourself outside of your business. Well, outside of my business I wife for Mugler to three beautiful children. I would like to consider myself a nickel need a baker.

But that really I like to think I’m involved in a lot of different organizations that’s locally here in Louisiana, but they have nationwide market. So pretty much me being a wife, a mother and helping in the community is pretty much all I do outside of working

well tell us about your business and how you got started. With that well bankable diva, EMC specializes

Then coaching and empower women on how to take their ideas, their hobbies, and your current income and form, what I would consider a bankable, legitimate business. And then I teach them how to take control of their budgets. Or they can learn how to build generational wealth. And we do all of this live and online, in person, seminars, workshops. I have a published book where I teach them how to go from the startup idea to actually learn how to brand themselves to grow their business bankable diva specializes in helping women of all nationalities just learn how to take financial literacy and make it work for them. When did you know that you were an entrepreneur? Well, I’m sorry. When I was younger, before I got into bankable deviancy I wanted to become a cosmetologist and I always like to joke when everyone asked me how did you know you wanted

Be a cosmetologist or in the beauty industry has been my mom would tell me I put my cousin’s hair we were very very young and instead of me running to her to try and figure out how to get it fixed, I tried to comin over and fix it myself so I knew then that I wanted to make a way our Learn how to do things on my own. So if I’m there going up it kind of sport more along the lines of with my divorce that I had before this marriage. What happened was I always saw my mom robbing Peter to pay Paul always her having to catch the bus to people were doing different things that some kids syncing no RC on a daily basis. And as I grew older, I kind of allowed my then ex husband to take over the finances and allow him to do

The difficulties that he needed to do with our finances and we started splitting I actually had no idea of what to do. So I really found myself going back to school, learn the things that I needed to learn. And then I took that and formed a system, our program for myself and it worked. So I then what know what is happening to go ahead and share this information with other women who are experienced and things that I’m experiencing so they don’t have to have their children seeing the things that I was seeing at the time. I love that what’s your greatest entrepreneurial challenge

balancing personal and business life

that is the hardest thing for me is not finding the client is not finding anything marketing wise or anything. It’s just making sure that my kids in my family know that I’m still there and that my business knows that I’m still there to nurture both sides my children

I’m involved in a lot of different sports so it’s really trying to find that balance to where you can be on both sides of the fence everything equals out you know it’s interesting I never thought about the fact that no one on the show has ever said that they struggle with finding clients or finding new business it’s always something like work life balance or giving up control and things like that honestly that’s the hardest part is never find the clients the clients are there once you find that ideal client your target market you know who to hone in on so it’s not finding the client is always wants to find that client and they know they need you and it’s making sure that other parts of your life don’t fall apart trying to make sure that the clients are taken care of but what advice do you have for someone that is looking to get started in business and maybe have a side hustle well i’m also my clients two things happen when your interest

Business one there, meltdowns will definitely come

but to it’s all going to be worth it in the end and my biggest thing that I would like to tell anyone that starting a business or that has a side hustle is to always remain positive

you’re going to have some ups and downs in that even in side hustle you’re going to have days where you want to pop the champagne and enjoying life. But then you have those days where you want to punch a wall so always remain positive regardless of sales are coming in are they’re not. The main thing that I love to talk about is something that Dave Ramsey always says. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t always remain positive. I can tell you how to do other things like budgeting to keep your business glowing or how to go out and find clients. But when you find all of those things in sometimes things don’t go the way that you want.

wanted to go just remain positive and know that the path is there isn’t just put in the work is going to have businesses hired and it’s not going to go the way you think it’s going to go. But sometimes you have to take a path that you didn’t intend to go through. And that path might be really hard but the end result of going through that path may be greater than you ever thought. Right right. That’s that’s something that a lot of individuals don’t our business owners don’t know about. And one of the main things when I’m doing my workshops I always start out with something in title or you ready and that’s for you to get your mindset ready are you really reprogram, because having a business owners mindset is totally different than having a regular mindset or a civilian mindset. It’s totally different. So if you’re not ready for this in you have to be sure because they are going to be

times where you’re going to feel like you want to give up. But if that the end result is what you want it to be in, you’re going to stay focused on it. Just don’t give up. Always stay focused on their hair or the path that maybe leave taken. But you’re going to get to the end result that you want to do. Aside from not wanting to work for someone else. And aside from your family, what’s your why, like I was telling you in the beginning, I always tell my mom robbing Peter to pay Paul I saw catching a bus. I saw her she was even a business owner. And she just had the clients that didn’t want to pay out per se. They wanted handouts, and they wanted this house so she was putting more business than she was receiving. So the overall reason for me wanting to educate women, not only because we have it a lot harder than men.

in this business owners but I don’t want kids that are watching their mom, you know struggle to have to live the way that I lived in so if I can find a way to encourage or coach or really help the women learn what they need to learn so that they don’t have to have to tell their kids no all the time because not that they want to but because they can’t afford to purchase anything that they would like to purchase. Gordon that’s my reason why is really to just make sure that if I can touch as many women’s lives and children’s lives as I possibly can with financial literacy and learning how to build businesses, that’s the overall large achievement for me, that’s my reader. Why to keep going. I love that so so, so much because I’ve been you know, the single mom that struggled financially and I worked hard.

I’ve been able to provide my daughter with a lot, but, you know, there’s they always ask for stuff. And then you’re like, Oh, I can’t, yeah, we can’t do that. And you feel bad, right? And it’s not that you want to, you know, it’s just sometimes we just hate and. But if you have the opportunity to be able to afford to give it to them, it makes life so much easier to seeing the smiles on their faces. And if it doesn’t have to be large items is sometimes being in the store and they want to pack a bubble gum, but it’s not on your list. And you’re like, what mom budgeted just for was on the list and that’s one of my stores that are selling my book

is where I went to the store and I literally only had enough in my pocket to get what was on the list in mind you the list only consisted of like juice and bread and meat for the sandwiches. So if I couldn’t afford to do outside thing, so

That’s really one of the main reasons that I’m pushing so hard. So educate women on how to learn financial literacy, learn financial, some analogy and be able to build businesses from what they currently have. Because we have a lot of ideas. We have hobbies right now that if you just sit back and think you can make income from Yep, and we just need someone to help us structure it in learn how to legalize and make it legitimate. And as I would consider a bankable,

yeah, I always tell my friends are like, Oh, I love to do this, or I love to do that. And I’m like, Okay, do you have an Instagram account where you you’re showing your stuff off? And it’s like, no, and it’s like, Okay, well, you should probably start a blog and they’re like, Yeah, but I don’t know what’s a blog about and people will like, and it’ll be cool stuff. I’m like, just show people how to do what you do. That’s it. Everyone loves the how to score teaching me how to do something.

You can pretty much make money. Exactly. Yeah. And then we’re all lazy to write. So yeah, he’s, we had to do it. So I’m like, Okay, this person knows how to do this. So I’m just going to buy it from them because it’s too much work, right? That’s, that’s kind of the story of my life.

If you go have lunch with one business thought leader, who would it be? Oh, can I choose to please

So Dave Ramsey, of course, and Christy right. And she’s right under Dave Ramsey. So I would choose those soon because I feel like they’re in the field that I want to be in. And they also had all of the obstacles that I ran into. So just to learn or pick their brains to see how they went from pretty much having nothing to where they are now and besides of His love Dave Ramsey’s quotes but just to see if he has anything new

We can kind of partner on to put that code out there causes coastal viral really growth phase.

So those two definitely I would want to have lunch maybe even dinner with the pick their brain for lunch may not be enough time that’d be cool. You know what it’d be really cool if you are one of the brands that he took under his wing like Christie’s ran her Chrissy right

yeah that will be super cool

I had one of her design I do web design so I had one of her web designers hit me up to talk about my website not to design my website he was just complimenting me on my website. So I thought that was pretty cool because I had just learned about her from one of my friends that teaches Financial Peace University

is awesome and your website is our

then kicking in pointing at different things. I was like, Oh, this is really really nice.

Thank you. What’s your favorite business book? I have quite a few. But off hand,


okay. This is going to be good. Yeah. And

I will say outliers. And the reason being is because it’s not necessarily just based on business. Um, but it’s kind of shows you how to go. And a lot of people have this self doubt. And they they’re trying to figure out why things don’t go their way or how you have these success stories or how media is always telling us about these individuals who started their business companies in their closet closet, and now they’re millionaires, but the main thing that outliers teaches you is that you have a

tribe behind individuals who actually started out in these gorgeous Eddie come someone. So it’s kind of positioning you mentally to understand that everything doesn’t just happen by a whim. It’s planning and finding individuals that can help you mentors. And you know, because a lot of us try to do everything on our own. And that’s one of the main issues that I’ve run into when I’m speaking with client is what I can do this I can do that. And it’s not necessarily that you can’t do it is the fact that you may have someone that can help you get there faster then you can do about yourself. Yeah, I love that. I’ll have to put that book on my to read list. Thank you. Um, what’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier QuickBooks, QuickBooks is and let me be in the financial industry.

The easiest for me to navigate through. It’s so easy. Sometimes I even have my mom do for me

and she’s not technologically savvy at all. So it makes life a lot easier to know girls coming in was going out. And a real reason is because I always say sales don’t actually make the business and you have lot of business coaches that teaching that they do they teach you to go out in sale, sale, sale, sale, sale sale,

but in the end, as I always speak and talk and I always ask this question if you have seen businesses and one is bringing in $30,000

a month, but they only have $5,000

in expenses. But you have another business who’s bringing in $100,000

a month but they have $90,000 in expenses, which this is the better business which business will last longer and a lot of people are focused on

On the sales that they bring in, but they don’t understand that the expenses tear down their business. So QuickBooks allows me to demonstrate that. And for people that sales aren’t the only thing that makes a business, if anything, you keeping track of your expenses, and learning how to make sure you stay in the flow is what will make your business and that’s great advice. I just switched over to QuickBooks, and I’m loving it organizes pretty much everything I’ve conveyed lately. accurately. And you know what? years ago it did it, but I don’t think it was as good as it is now. I mean, it grabbed some stuff. And I was like,

you’re right.

It is now. Yeah. And so I got QuickBooks self employed just because with my startup I’m paid as an independent contractor and so I have my my expenses I don’t really need the full size QuickBooks just yet but I was like wow. Like this is this is really

Good like it tells me estimated taxes and I need to be paying and it’s cool. I like it. I really like a lot and the fact that which I haven’t used their payments yet, but I love the fact that a CH transactions are free. Yes.

Yeah. Because nobody else barely anybody has a CH transactions and usually you’re paying at least five bucks for them so or they want to consider Yeah, exactly. So I love it that it’s very happy to use that feature I’ll I have not used to get but I did have to keep an eye on all the different things that you’re adding to it to see how can I when I’m talking to individuals who are learning how to start a business, how they can implement those things based on their industry that day? Yeah, that a CH thing is definitely huge for service based businesses. It would have made a huge difference when I was collecting web design deposits.

Because that like I almost cried when you’re when I looked at what I was paying in credit card fees, right? Yeah, that’s

right. Because I little 2%, 2.9

or whatever adds up. Yes

you know and it’s $50 $100

It’s okay when it’s thousands of dollars. It’s like


so where can listeners find you online? what’s your website? Where do you hang it on social media? Well my website is www dot bankable, the in K A bl e diva the IBA dot com Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is going to be at bankable underscore diva Facebook is at bankable diva. No underscores on expenses and Twitter is at bankable divas

and you guys need to follow her on social media because I I’ve seen you post

Some gems on Instagram. And the other day I was like, Oh, I need to get this person I podcast. And then when I clicked, I was like, Oh yeah, I already have a

hold of her. But I was like what? Like, this is some great stuff. So yeah, you guys definitely need to follow her. Yeah, I try to give as many free 99 nugget Golden Nugget as I possibly can. And I’ve had a lot of women messaged me, D. Me and for me that just by following stuff on social media days, unable to save on $800 a month they’ve learned how to do what I call the bankable envelope, where you find change our new how we just throw the change from a $20 bill in our purse well that you get Rebel on below and put that change in the envelope every month and then at the end of the month, you have hundred or $200 in an envelope and you put them in your savings account sample and you can start in emerging

The fun just by doing that never pay attention to how much change you have to live and I’ll post yeah I’m looking at some change on top of my table yeah

and I know I have some more my desk and I have some more my car and in my purse I’m gonna start doing that thing yeah

well Danielle thank you so much for sharing your story with us today well thank you so much for having me awesome.

Cindy Rodriguez is the host of the Start Fierce Business Podcast. When she’s not interviewing awesome entrepreneurs, she’s working on growing her startup, going to Disney World with her daughter, or reading a book.

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