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When she’s not in front of her computer, you can find today’s podcast guest, Charlotte Chipperfield, in a pool. She’s an avid swimmer, in fact, she loves swimming so much, she even competes!

In college, Charlotte decided to minor in business, although she didn’t know if people would even take her seriously if she started a company. Although she didn’t have a clear vision as to what type of business she’d like to start, Charlotte knew that the end goal was to work for herself.

While working in the wine industry, Charlotte started working in marketing. She had been thinking about launching a business for years, and in 2014 finally decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and started her digital marketing agency, Chipperfield Media.

In today’s podcast episode Charlotte shares tips on how to take your social media to the next level. We also discuss imposter syndrome, and why she wants to help businesses master their online presence.

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • We discuss how working in marketing for the wine industry inspired this entrepreneur to start her marketing agency.
  • Charlotte shares three tips to take your social media to the next level.
  • She also shares her favorite social media management tools.
  • Charlotte shares how getting her mindset in shape is one of her greatest struggles as an entrepreneur.
  • We talk about imposter syndrome and ways to overcome imposter syndrome.
  • We also spend some time raving about my favorite business influencer… Gary Vee.

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Welcome to the show. Charlotte.

I Cindy thank you so much for having me.

Thank you so much for being on the show. Tell us about yourself outside of your business.

Sure. So outside of my business, I mean, I definitely work a lot on my business. But outside of my business I live in to Ron California, which is just outside San Francisco, which is a beautiful area. So I spend a lot of time outside of the hiking. I’m an avid swimmer. So I actually compete in open water swims in the base, that’s something I’m training for an upcoming race actually doing the Alcatraz swim. So when I’m not working on usually at the pool, trying to try to improve my stroke, how’d you get started with your business, and can you tell us about your business.

Sure, so I started my business in 2014. The name of the business is Chipperfield media, and it’s a digital marketing agency. And we focus on social media, email marketing, and content development. And I’d say probably about 80% of our time is spent on social media, it’s some service that everyone is seeking to learn more about it and make sure their business can be very successful online. And so I got into that from working actually in the wine industry. And I worked in the customer service side. And then I branched over into the hospitality are sorry, the marketing side. So from the hospitality over to the marketing side. And that’s kind of where I got to launch a lot of social media campaigns and accounts and worked a lot on the email marketing. And so for me, it just kind of the timing happened at the end of my last roll. And it’s been something I’ve been kind of thinking about for years about if I wanted to start my own business or not, and what that would look like. And so it was almost like, the universe was like, Okay, now is the time now, we’re never. And so I launched into it. And I’m lucky to still be doing it three years later, can you give us some tips on how to like, take your social media to the next level? Sure.

Yeah, we talked a lot about kind of elevating our clients presence mine. And I think there’s sort of three main tips that I like to give people. And that’s to really understand the first one is to really understand your company and who you are. And I know that sounds kind of really obvious, like we work in our businesses. But I think really being able to kind of step back and really understand who your what your core values are, what your core messaging is, and how you want to be perceived in the world. But also online is really, really important. So that you dial in the language that you want to be using when you’re talking about your company or your products or service online, and then also really dialing in on your audience that you’re talking to. So that’s probably the second tip is to know your audience. So get really deep into like, who they are, and not just their basic demographics, like income, age, the go a little bit deeper into, like, what are their interests? So what are they doing outside of work? Where do they work, what’s their family size, and all those little aspects you can actually use in like Facebook retailing, for example, to target your content towards them. And that also helps you to really create content that they’re going to find valuable, and that they will then take action on. And then I think my third tip is to really measure measure your results, I think we can get caught up and getting all over time spent on creating the content and putting it out there. But I think really being able to take a step back and go, Well, hey, did this campaign work? Did the strategy work are people finding valuable and if not, kind of correcting it and making sure that you are staying as close to their interest and in line with your messaging as you can be okay. And what is your favorite tool that you use in managing social media or tools, if you have multiple Sure, I mean, there’s so many out there, it’s, yeah, I I’m a big fan of buffer. That’s what I use for our business that I use for a couple clients. It’s very user friendly, very easy to kind of just schedule posts and see what they’re going to look like Hootsuite is definitely the more robust platform that’s been very helpful. And then I actually use a tool called canvas. ca NBA that doesn’t schedule posts, but it is for creating images. And they have some great templates in there. You can also I think, for the paid level, you can upload your own brand like colors and fonts. So you can really customize all your images. So that’s very consistent with your branding. And they also have like templates, you don’t have to like sit there like resize for Facebook and for Twitter. Like they have it all in there already. So that is another tool that I live by.

That’s awesome. And if you use it, I would recommend not moving stuff around too much. Because there’s a reason that certain designs were made a certain way. And that’s a little bit of advice from a graphic designer.

There you go. And a graphic designer because I do web now. But I mean, yeah, there’s a reason why templates are made. Plus it’s just easier, man, you have a template there. You just pop in your tags pop in your pictures. And it’s so simple it is. And I think so many times I have like a vision of what I want it to look like. But I can’t necessarily Yeah, I don’t have any graphic design background. So it’s hard for me to put that onto paper, if you will. So being able to kind of leverage their templates like, Oh, that’s exactly what I had in mind in Yeah, and then being able to customize it. So it looks appropriate for businesses. It’s such an amazing tool and such a time saver, too. So I haven’t used Canvas that much. But do they have a web app now to or not web app?

Sorry? Like a mobile app? Or is it just web still, you know, I’m still using it just on the web. I spent a lot of time at my desk. So that makes sense for me. But I I would assume they’re probably going to come out with an app. Okay, so when did you know that you were an entrepreneur?

That’s a good question. Um, I don’t think there was ever like, one moment that I was like, Oh, this is I’m going to be an entrepreneur.

I think growing up, I’ve always been very independent. And I think there was part of me in college that knew I wanted to own my own business, but again, didn’t know what form that was gonna look like, or how it was going to manifest. So I got actually a business minor. And so business has always been very present. And so but I also knew at like, age 18, I was like, I don’t know, I’m gonna start a company. And would anyone take me seriously if I was going to start a company. So for me, it was kind of getting out into the real world and getting learning experience different, gaining different experiences, and working for different companies. And, and kind of seeing what I liked what I didn’t like. And so for me, again, I think the timing worked out. And it was always something that was in the back of my mind. So it was the, the end goal for me to actually work for myself, what’s your greatest challenge as a business owner?

Oh, gosh, there’s a lot of challenges. Really?

Yeah, I mean, I think for me, on a more personal level, the talent is, have been kind of getting your mindset in shape, if you will, I think there’s a lot of what they call the imposter syndrome, kind of feeling like, maybe you’re not good enough, or people are going to take you seriously. And so for me, it’s really been reshaping those thoughts and knowing that I am very skilled and talented at what I do, and just being confident just getting out there. And I’m definitely an introvert by nature. So I’ve had to push myself to, you know, get out in front of people and do speaking engagements. And, and so that has, I’ve grown a lot from that. So I think for me, I don’t know if I would have done that if I was still working for someone else. And maybe it would happen later down the road. But it’s definitely been it’s been really fun to challenge myself. And I’m at the point now where I feel a lot more comfortable in this situation. So it’s kind of something I didn’t anticipate necessarily being a challenge, but it’s, it’s one I’ve I’ve taken on and I feel feel good about it.

Do you have any tips on getting over imposter syndrome? Because I know that creeps up on a lot of people.

Yeah, no, it um, I think for me, I’ve learned to sort of acknowledge it when it happens. And to, to kind of take a step back and take a breath and be like, Okay, why am I feeling this way. And in sometimes it is that you’re trying something new for the first time, or you’re taking a new approach in your marketing. And I think just sort of taking a breath back, acknowledging it, and then being like, Okay, you’ve been here before, you know, it’s going to pass and just and let it be there. But don’t stop and be frozen in the moment. But to keep moving forward.

What’s your favorite business book?

Oh, you know, I haven’t actually read too many business books. Not in the past few years. I think that with Google, I just Google it.

But I definitely read some of Gary banner textbooks if you’re familiar with him.

So he’s probably the last business books I read a couple years ago. I have connected with so many people because of Gary Vee. It’s like crazy, because he like makes his profile our profile, right. I know, he’s amazing. And I actually followed him since his Wine Library days, because I was working in the wine industry at that point in time. So I just remember watching those videos and, and just loving him talking about wine. And I loved his kind of fresh, energetic take on it, too. So to see him grow to where he is now. It’s been pretty phenomenal. But he’s got a lot of great points. And I don’t know, I follow him recently on Snapchat. And it’s like, well, daily inspirations. Oh, yeah. No, he’s great. Yeah, that’s funny. When you mentioned that you were in the wine business internally. I was like, cool.

I wonder. She knows Gary Vee. Yeah, I haven’t got to meet him in real life. But I’ve definitely followed him. So great. If you could follow just one business thought leader. That’s not Gary Vee, who would it be, um, you know, actually follow this woman who I think her name is Kara. All while Libra. And she asked me about it, the champagne that calm and she has grown from like a blog into a full on business. And she was kind of like, her side hustle for a while. And then she now works full time for herself. And she’s like a master life coach. And she talks a lot about kind of getting your mindset in, in in place for whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve in your life. So it might not necessarily be business, but it might be other goals. But for me, it she’s just her energy is amazing. And she’s just so fun and relatable. And so for me, again, like I feel like I follow on social media just got a great quotes. And so if any, like imposter syndrome does come up, I tend to go to like her Instagram page. I’m like, Oh, I feel better.

I have to check her out. I need that sometimes. Yeah, I think we all do. Yeah.

What advice do you have for someone that’s just getting started in business or wanting to get started?

Yeah, I mean, I think there’s so many things that you can do. I mean, part of it, I think, is just diving into getting started. But I think also kind of asking questions, you know, ask people, if there’s anyone that you know, in your community that maybe has done something similar, I think being able to find, you know, would be a business coach or someone to help you kind of really set that foundation for your business is very valuable. I worked with the business coach was fantastic to kind of really get focused in the beginning, I think, for me, and I talked to a couple other business owners to that when you’re getting started, kind of want to do everything at once. And it’s really kind of understanding what what do you need to do first, second, and third, and not kind of get distracted by shiny objects or new ideas. And I think being an entrepreneur, you’re always coming up with new ideas. So it’s kind of almost writing them down and being like, Okay, well, if I’m serious about those, like, how do they work into, you know, my next steps, or maybe it’s something you do six months down the road, 12 months down the road, and just really making sure that you have a clear path of where you want to go and then just breaking it down into steps from there. That’s awesome advice.

Aside from not wanting to work for someone else? And aside from your family, what is your WHY? That’s a great question.

Yeah, I think my Y is really wanting to help other businesses, Master social media and their online presence. And I think that sounds kind of materialistic in a way but I can’t tell you how many like products I have found online or communities I found online that have changed my life for the better or provided us solution to something that I needed. So I think there’s a lot of value in that storytelling and I like that it’s a lot more personal. It’s not necessarily sale sale sale, but it’s about building relationships. And that’s something that I think is valuable in your personal life or your business life and so I think that that’s what drives me is really kind of connecting people okay, and what’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier?

Oh man I feel like there’s so many there’s definitely the ones I mentioned earlier for sure. But I think even at like a more basic level I use like the Google Apps for Work and I manage like my workflow my team on there I also like share all the content calendars our clients that way so that is a very integral part to the day to day operation of my business where can listeners find you online what’s your social media accounts your website Yeah, absolutely my website is Chipperfield media calm, and we also have a blog on there, which we post a couple times a month with lots of resources, and then on Facebook and Instagram. We’re actually Broomfield media house, and it’s on Twitter and Snapchat at Chipperfield and kg, Charlotte, thanks so much for sharing your story with us today. You’re welcome. Thank you so much for having me.


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