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Sonya Stattmann offers real success strategies for women in business. She created a program that helps owners streamline their businesses and create more income, make more of an impact and actually achieve balance.

She’s spent the last 17 years helping women use the business arena to empower themselves and impact the world. She’s an advocate for women and is passionate about being more real around what it takes to succeed, find liberation and live in our full potential.

She shares business mistakes, experiences and wisdom with her audience on both her podcast and in her TEDx talk. She talks as much about self-development and mindset as she does business development because she believes they go hand-in-hand.

In this podcast episode, Sonya talks about challenges women face in the business world and how she wants to change that arena. We also discuss why having a clear business foundation is the most important thing you can do for your business.

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In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Sonya discusses the challenges women face in the business world and what she wants to do to change that arena.
  • We talk about job hopping and being bored with a job when you’re a born entrepreneur.
  • Sonya talks about her greatest challenge – balancing family and business.
  • She shares her best business advice – Find a mentor, coach, or someone who can support you.
  • We also talk about why a clear business foundation is the most important thing in your business.

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Welcome to the show, Sonia. Thank you. It’s a wonderful to be here. awesome to have you on. Tell me about yourself outside of your business. Well, my business is a lot of what I do, but I’m also a mom. So I’ve got two teens and a toddler. So it’s a very interesting party in my house on a regular basis. And I mean, really, I’m an advocate for women. So I do that in every area of my life. And tell us about your business and how you got started with that. Well, I’ve been in business for almost two decades. So it’s been a journey you know, as most people who’ve been in business for a long time knows it’s it’s this constant evolving process. So I really started out with an advertising agency and that was my first business and and I really liked it. We did a lot of work with kind of masculine

dominated industries on how to market to women how to talk to them, because back to that it was still a lot of, you know, beer ads and girls laying on cars and

that kind of advertising. So we would kind of go in and be like, that’s not going to work, you know, with the purchasing power that women have, you need to talk to them differently. So that was really cool and interesting and, and I I liked it. But I found that I really loved coaching women in businesses. And I didn’t enjoy as much doing some of the advertising branding work. So I launched into my own coaching business from there, and I’ve been doing that for about 13 years now. And I love it. I primarily work with women and I really help women navigate the business arena so that they’re more confident so that they’re more aligned. I think that the business world is very masculine dominated still, and a lot of the structures and the ways that we do things are still very masculine. So I’m a real proponent for helping women

Step into their power and the feminine, be able to really navigate the world into the business world, especially in a way that works for them and that we need a lot more successful women in the world. I definitely agree with that. When did you know that you were an entrepreneur? I’ve always I think I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I mean, my father ran his own businesses through a lot of my childhood and I started off in an advertising agency like a big one in Colorado in Denver, Colorado, and that was sort of my first you know, real job and I hated it I hated it I we used to call the place that we work the dungeon because we are like down in the basement and it just the whole principles of it, it was so disempowering, especially for women, you you not appreciated, there’s just a whole bunch of things and and so pretty quickly, like I think within 10 months of being in that first job, I had just like four years worth of work. I had a bunch of awards under my belt, and so I stepped out in Miami.

From there, and that was really it. So I was pretty much in my own business from then on. So I think I’ve, I’m definitely like an entrepreneur at heart completely. So it’s just always been in my blood. Yeah, I was always like a job hopper. I just thought I was lazy, but I actually wasn’t, you know, like, I would start a job. And I would master it really quickly. And I would get super bored and like, not have enough work to do and,

and I would just hate it and I just wanted to do something else. And then I wanted to move on to the next thing. And that’s when I discovered that I was an entrepreneur, but I didn’t even know it at that time. I was just looking back now. I’m like, Yeah, yes, definitely. entrepreneur.

Yeah. And I think that it’s sort of born in you. Like, I think you’re kind of either an entrepreneur or not an entrepreneur. I mean, you can learn the skills but it’s, it’s kind of that like you do get bored easily if you’re not creative.

If you’re not inspired if you’re not moving things and it’s sort of just something that’s inside of you and you kind of know and and I think sometimes it is labeled is lazy or labeled as not not stable or this sort of all these labels that is but it’s just because we’re we’re amazing

yes and you know what i think that the people that are not actually like born entrepreneurs they may not stick with it because of course entrepreneurship gets hard and I think those are the people that run away from it yeah i agree and it is hard like it’s it’s something you have to really be committed to and that’s I’m such a proponent for the truth telling of what is really like to be in business and what it’s like to have your own business what it’s like to grow and be in succeed because you know it’s tough and if you don’t have that fire in your belly that you know fierceness as you say, you know, you’re Yeah, you’re it’s going to be really hard to succeed because there’s no easy

path, you can’t just sit on the beach and collect money and create passive income. Like it’s just doesn’t work anymore. Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s not real life. It takes a long time to work so that you can do that. exactly what’s your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur? I think, you know, I think it evolves. You know, it all depends on sort of what stage I’m in what I’m creating at the time. So I find there’s like these ebbs and flows of challenges, right. So you’ve got these places where

things are flowing, and it’s amazing. And then you got the things where there’s, like, big challenges, probably at the moment, like I’m scaling and growing my business at the moment, which is amazing. And I’ve got a lot of sort of things out there that I’m doing as well. Like, I just did a TEDx talk last year and, and, you know,

so with all of that I find balancing the family and when I’m creating my business, that’s probably my greatest challenge at the moment. Like it’s I’ve got great skills and you know, I think I have a little

A lot of stuff but sometimes it’s just hard. Especially like we’ve got in Australia right now. We’ve got school holidays for like eight weeks and you know, it’s just trying to navigate I think the two of those things together that’s I’m finding that’s my greatest challenge at the moment. So do you find that you work best when schools back in? Yeah, I like having a regular like I find for me if I have a regular clear schedule like I know that Okay, these days I’m working these days I pick up the kids these are my long days. My short days, my husband I are really good at sort of flowing with that alignment on days. I find that just it’s just easier to know I have like free attention recognizing, okay, I’ve got this many hours to work but I find in the school holidays it’s more sporadic and so it’s like I feel like I don’t have like concrete time to know when I can’t When can I talk to clients you know when can I be working my business so yeah

and I think it’s a juggle regardless like I don’t know any you know, women or any buddy who’s

You know, juggling their kids as well. And juggling a home life, it’s just a constant juggling your. It’s sort of like you’re on that teeter totter, you’re learning to balance and you’ll be balanced for a while. And then something happens and you’re off balance again. And then you’re practicing the balance again. You know, I feel like that’s a constant. Yeah, it’s definitely it’s, it’s all a balancing act for us. You figure something out and then something else comes up. Exactly, exactly. I think you get more skilled at it. But I definitely find that still just a challenge. What advice do you have for someone that’s just getting started in business? I think that my greatest advice well to probably two things. One is find a mentor or coach or somebody who can support you because one of the things I see with people just starting a business and I know some people get scared of investing in that but I have seen so many startups and people starting a business who spin for years and like without clear direction and without clear step by step approach to creating a business and so either

It they never make income all that time or it’s very unstable or they create something that’s like a complete mess and they have to sort of unwind it all. So that’s sort of one of the most important things I would say because we all need guidance. Like I always have a mentor our business coach to help support me, you know, even after 20 years because you need that person who can sort of see your blind spots and and just really help you determine the one next step and to focus and probably the other thing I would say is that I talk a lot about business foundations because I feel like a lot of people especially coming to the online world and kind of the new digital age you know, everybody is sort of missing out on real basics around business. So for me, a solid business foundation is like a super clear and distinct target market and a super clear offer one offer like one service or one offer one product and you know, a really clear pricing and clear so

sales strategy, like so many people are out there focused on lead generation, and they have no sales strategy. So they can’t convert all those leads into sales. So I think, you know, sort of getting back to a really solid basics, where there’s clarity on all those things will make the journey so much easier than focusing on kind of just not having all those clear foundations, and then you’re out trying to get leads, and then you can’t convert or it’s not good clients or you’re just not making income. Excellent advice. Aside from not wanting to work for someone else. And aside from your family, what’s your why my Why is all about women, and it’s all about and to changing the landscape of business because I have grown up and feel like being in the business world for so long. It’s so patriarchal still. And I think a lot of women, you know, I, I kind of see all of us as on a spectrum of masculine and feminine, right, we both have masculine and feminine traits, but some of us are more one way or the other and if you’re more mass

killing your it’s easier to succeed in the business world. But if you’re more feminine, it’s a challenge. And a lot of women are burning themselves out trying to be more masculine and trying to function in the way that the business world works. So my aim is really to shift and change the business arena completely. And part of that is by teaching women how to operate more effectively in themselves more empowered and and as they do that will change that business landscape. But I’m an advocate for changing the business world as well. So that’s really my mission. Like I want women to be empowered in themselves and to be able to shift and change the business arena because we have so much to give the world in the business arena. We have so much to offer in our gifts and in who we are as women. And I think that that’s really what the world needs in order to shift and change what we’re experiencing now. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s what the podcast is all about.

If you could have lunch with one business.

leader, who would it be? Honestly, I don’t know if there be a business thought leader that I have in mind, because I think part of it is even the greatest women, business thought leaders, a lot of them are still very masculine, right? So I think if I was going to have someone like, you know, lunch or coffee or whatever, with a business with a thought leader, it would be Bernie Brown, because she to me is the epitome of what I want to be in the business world, which is that she’s humble and she has so much integrity and fire and she’s so clear about her mission, but she’s so real no matter where you see her, she’s really operating in that really authentic self and who she is. So she’s probably the person I would love to, to sit down and talk with it. What’s your favorite business book? I always have such trouble answering this question because again, I find very little business books that I feel are sort of coming from a more feminine perspective and so I tend to go more towards

books like Bernie browns, or I read sort of a lot of feminine focus books on how we bring out our feminine or how we empower ourselves. The one I’m reading right now is Bernie browns, braving the wilderness. I think that is a brilliant book for entrepreneurs. Because as entrepreneurs, if you haven’t read it, it’s really about how we are in some ways alone. Like we’re really when we’re standing in our power when we’re stepping into the limelight, when we’re really committed to our mission, you know, it can be a lonely road and she talks about that in a really real way I think it’s really good book for anyone who is has a business or is considered good business because at some point we sort of have to stop caring about what other things and we have to just really step into the power in ourselves and know that that’s okay. Yeah, definitely because and I am going to read that book because um, sometimes the people in your life that are not walking in the same path that

You are, they’re not going to understand so that most of the time, they’re not going to understand most of the struggles that you have. And it feels really lonely when nobody can relate. So I think that book will be a huge help. But also getting some entrepreneur friends helps you it does. I talked a lot about environment actually. Because what I find is so many of the clients who moved through my program, they, they start to feel that they start to feel like they can’t relate to their friends and family or they become more aware of how different they are. And so,

you know, we have to surround ourselves with that environment of amazing entrepreneurs and fierce women who are doing things like because we need those people to relate to and it can really be hard when we’re stuck in an environment where you know, people are don’t understand or they’re constantly pulling us in a different direction. So yeah, it’s really important to kind of surround yourself with some amazing people. Yeah, definitely. So I’m definitely adding that to my Goodreads. Thank you.

What’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier? I you so many It’s so hot like I think and I’m really loving cello right now. That’s one of those things I use because, you know, we’ve got to stay organized. And so I need I like the visual of if you’ve never use it, it’s like this great way to do I do my to do list. I keep track of my clients through that I do my weekly tasks. I do my 90 day plans. I like to use trial because it’s visual and clean and really easy to move things around. Yeah, I I’ve actually started using Carlo to organize my podcast. So I have all the interviews that I have scheduled down and then I put everybody on a calendar and then when I get pictures and information and everything, I just put it on the card and right now I have a checklist of the questions that I am asking you on your card. I love it. It’s brilliant. It’s

works really well I think yeah definitely works so good um. Where can listeners find you online what’s your website where do you hang out on social media

you can definitely find me at Sanja Statman calm on which I’m sure will be written, somewhere, to smell it

but um, you can definitely find me there. I’ve also got my podcast called the liberation lab. And and so you can find me at the liberation lab calm. And I do a lot on my personal Facebook. So you can just look me up on Facebook, and I’m very active on my wall. And I’m also active on LinkedIn. So it’s pretty easy to find me. In fact, if you put my name in Google, you’ll get it’s like the first six pages of Google or something.

Okay. I’ll include those links in the show notes. Okay, great. You guys don’t have to spell that

will. Sonia, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. Oh, thanks so much for having me on. It was a pleasure.


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