#167 – Business Advice for INFJ Women with Leslie McDaniel

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Leslie McDaniel is a certified professional coach who helps INFJ women bring their vision to life. She believes that few things are more powerful than someone at ease with her strengths, gifts, and quirks as she confidently lives out her purpose.

Her knowledge as an MBTI®-certified practitioner helps INFJ women understand their personality, celebrate their strengths, and claim their potential. Leslie serves other INFJ women through individual coaching and her weekly email, The INFJ Life.

In this podcast episode, she shares business advice for INFJ women. We also talk about how to deal with introversion as a business owner.

Unless we understand ourselves, our potential and possibilities will be limited in life. - Leslie McDaniel Click To Tweet

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • We discuss the importance of knowing your energy levels as an introvert and making sure you take care of yourself.
  • Leslie also shares advice for other INFJ women entrepreneurs.

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Welcome to the show. Leslie, thank you for having me, Cindy

Tell me about yourself outside of your business.

Yeah, a lot of my time, of course, is spent on my business. But I would say, you know, outside of my business, I’m usually either learning or dreaming or planning or reading. And sometimes those things overlap. And I also have a background and Creative Services like photography and video. So I’m always on the lookout for beautiful things, right? So I’m looking for well designed packaging or beautiful cinematography, and a movie or I love traveling my husband and I just got back from a trip not long ago. And that’s kind of when I usually use that skill of photography that I love so much. So yeah, that’s just a little bit about me outside of my business.

And when did you know that you are an entrepreneur?

I’m not sure that I knew what the word entrepreneur meant when I was younger, although I realized later that my dad actually was an entrepreneur, but and I started a few businesses over my life, but I never self identified with that term. So I think it really wasn’t until the last couple years that I started to realize that I wanted to work for myself, first of all, and that that, you know, would allow me to have potentially unlimited impact. And so then I started learning about what that meant, and accepted the term entrepreneur, I guess you would say.

So tell us about your business and how you got started with it.

So I’m a coach, an empowerment coach for women who have the INF j personality type in the Myers Briggs system. And I got started in this business because I had gone through a period of really intense personal growth on my own and an understanding of myself and learning about my if j personality type was a huge part of that and I was working for a couple nonprofits I really loved my jobs but I just had this desire to do more and to have a greater impact and so I realized the only way to do that was to go out on my own and in that process I thought really want to help other ifj women who have maybe struggled with some of the same things I have, like perfectionism or fear of criticism to really help them get toward our our move toward their vision in life. So they can feel the sense of purpose and fulfillment that’s so deeply important to us. So I’m an inf. Jay and I feel so weird. Sometimes I feel so different. Like a lot of people don’t understand me when I’m like, I can’t work at the office, right? I can’t get anything done when I come here. And I feel so drained even going into the office three days a week I’m by Saturday, I’m just like so drained. I don’t want to see a human Yes. And that’s totally normal and understandable for especially for inf Jays, you know, even if we like people and like being around people. So part of what I love to work with on clients is that self care, you know, I’ve had an aversion to that term for so long. But it’s really about understanding your energy levels, like you were just describing, and knowing that about yourself, so that you can build in that that time to take care of yourself and not feel ashamed or like you’re not being productive, or all these things that these thoughts that we might have when we actually do take care of ourselves. And what’s been your greatest challenge as a business owner, I think, Well, one of the things you just mentioned was making sure I take care of myself, because if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t be there for my clients and have the energy that I need to help them make the changes that they want to make. And I think also speaking about the particular identity personality type. I think a lot of times, we struggle with perfectionism. And I’ve really struggled to start before I’m ready, you know, to just move forward. And I’ve done that. And that’s what’s allowed me to get to where I am today. So I think those are some of the biggest chop challenges I’ve had. But also at the very beginning, amassing too much how to information. You know, as an FDA, we love to learn, most people do, but we really love to learn and figure out how to do something before we start. And so I amassed way too much information at the beginning before starting. And I think that was a challenge I had to get over.

Yeah, actually, I still do that. Like, I learned how to do something. And I’m like, Okay, I’m, I’m confident in this. And then this one little thing will get in the way. And I’m like, wait a minute, I have to learn how to do this one thing. So then I don’t continue until I master this little thing. And I really, really need help getting over that.

Yeah, and that’s, you know, that’s one thing I work with on clients is just helping them to know that as they take those steps forward, the path will be eliminated for them. And it can’t be eliminated unless they start to move forward. And those steps will help them learn, you know, and you can’t foresee as much as we have intuition, we can’t foresee what the future is going to be like. And we can have an idea of how we want things that turn out. But until we start taking those steps and moving forward and learning about things, you know, it’s difficult to know exactly what to do, aside from not wanting to work for someone else.

And aside from your family, what’s your why?

I think it’s mostly wanting to have as big of an impact as possible. And along that line those lines, I believe in the deep potential and possibility of every person. And I I believe that unless we understand ourselves and recognize and accept our value, that that potential and possibility will be limited in our lives. And so I really, really want to inspire other women and other IFC women in particular, to to understand themselves and to accept who they are, so that they can then have that foundation of confidence to move forward to see their vision come true. And what is the best piece of advice that you can give to an if a woman that is in business, I would say, you know, just like we talked about, start with your why you know, there’s that Simon cynics video and book about starting with your why. But it’s really, really important to always remember your values and why you started to begin with, because we can get so caught up in feedback from others, or what other people think or how it’s coming across. But always remember what your motivation was in the beginning to connect with that. And it has to be your motivation, not someone elses. And secondly, to just be really clear in your boundaries, just like we were talking about, you know, knowing when you you know, knowing how much is too much. And knowing when you have to say, No, knowing when you have to set aside time to be alone and to be re energized. And I think also limiting the amount of resources that you download and the amount of advice you take but hiring a coach to because or and advisor or mentor somebody to help you gain a bigger insight and help you take those blinders off.

If you could have lunch with one business thought leader, who would it be?

I think I would choose Selena Sue, I don’t know if you’re familiar with her, but she’s actually an IFA as well. And she’s created a signature program called impacting millions. And she really frequently talks about being an introvert and not wanting to seek the spotlight. But she’s been able to be successful by connecting with people who can work with her and partner with her to get what she does out into the world. So I think it would be really awesome to sit down and talk to her about how she manages her life in her business. If the Tucker out I haven’t heard of her before. What’s their favorite business book? I read a lot of business books, but I don’t know if I have a favorite. I think the first one I would say or the one I’m reading right now is called Building a story brand by Donald Miller. And it really resonates with me because of my background in photography and video and I’m always been obsessed with story. So it’s about marketing your business in a way that follows this story arc, and it’s about helping the person figure out what it is that they want. And following this hero’s journey, so to speak. What’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier? I have to I would say, Evernote, I love Evernote and I use it for my coaching clients. And I use it for my own notes. All those ideas that we have I use it to capture that and then acuity scheduling, and I could not live without that.

Where can listeners find you online? What is your website? Where do you hang out on social media?

Yeah, my website is Leslie McDaniel dot com. And I do write a weekly email for energy women called the IFA life they can sign up there if they’d like, but I’m also on social media as the iron fg life on Facebook and Instagram and if they are in more videos. I’m on YouTube is Leslie McDaniel and same thing for LinkedIn. Leslie McDaniel.

Okay. Leslie, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today

You’re welcome. Thank you for having me.