Dr. Sidjae Price on the Importance of Creating Business Strategies

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Sidjae Price, entrepreneur, and owner of Priceless Planning is a shopaholic that loves traveling and sleeping. She believes in enjoying life every single day.

She’s always known she was an entrepreneur but just hadn’t figured out which business idea to pick out the many she came up with.

She finally decided on starting Priceless Planning, where she helps overwhelmed & overworked entrepreneurs organize their businesses.

In this podcast episode, we discuss the importance of creating a business plan before you do anything else. Sidjae shares her strategy to disconnecting from her business, so she isn’t working around the clock. We also talk about our shared love of Gary Vee.

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Sidjae shares her greatest entrepreneurial challenge – stepping away from her business.
  • We talk about the routine she’s come up with to not work around the clock.
  • We discuss Steve Harvey’s book – Jump.
  • Sidjae talks about why she’d like to have lunch with Gary Vee.
  • We talk about the importance of creating a business plan before you do anything else in your business.
  • Sidjae also mentions why creating policies before a business launch is so helpful.

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  • Jump by Steve Harvey

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Welcome to the show. Sidjae, hello. Thank you for being on.

Thank you. Thank you. I’m really excited about chatting with today.

Yeah, likewise, tell me about yourself outside of your business.

I am a stop a holiday holiday shopping, traveling sleeping Cohen can. So that is a life outside of my business is trying to enjoy life each and every day.

And tell me about your business and how you got started with that I got started with process planning. In 2016. I started actually working on it behind the scenes in 2015. And then I launched it in January 1 of 2016 inside of planning. Basically, we have overwhelmed and overworked on top of noise plan and also organize their business do it commenting different strategies, systems and structure so we’re all about eliminating the chaos and really destroying that complete feeling of being overwhelmed and business awesome. When did you know that you were an entrepreneur I have always you know, it was more so what am I going to do because you know like sometimes you start you you have so many ideas of different business ventures that you want to own this was really just what was I going to narrow it down to get focus on and at first so prices planning is actually my second business my also have a nonprofit which was my business and now we’ll crisis planning is the second venture.

Okay, and what’s your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur, nothing away from the business because when you find something that you truly love, truly enjoy doing, you can find yourself wanting to work on it round the clock, so it’s really disconnecting. Um, but lately I’ve been pretty strict on myself about disconnected from it. So whatever you’ve been doing to disconnect

Okay, so I have a pretty strict routine where I basically I stopped working like around 910 ish I stopped working after that will write up those hours around some sometime between then and then also I weekends off. So I just really learned that no matter what is going on the business will not burn down especially being that it’s a versatile business. So that’s really what I have learned to do. To disconnect is having a casual have a routine it really helps with the business and is it easy for you to stick to the routine things it’s actually very easy for me. I nowadays I’m looking forward to mostly Saturdays and Sundays and those are my days off. I don’t have any major problems with thinking 17. I mean, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. But I have learned that whatever don’t get completed this week will definitely be completed next week. And you know, so basically there’s a life and sometimes after positivism Vinci of life, right, exactly. Because all of this work that we’re doing doesn’t really matter if we don’t get to enjoy the fruit of our labor if we don’t ever get to take a day off.

Absolutely. Absolutely. That is a point that is exactly what we try to teach individuals within the business. What’s your favorite business book, my favorite business book is actually jump by Steve Harvey. Before that book, I was a big ol I’m still a big fan of Obama, Steven Colby the habits of effective leaders and have seven habits of an effective leader. However, lately I have all my discovered by Steve Harvey and it is the book that is currently on my desk on my desk. And it’s a very good inspirational book if you’re looking for something that can really push you towards taking a leap of faith in your business.

So I heard it’s like a few minute long video that has been passed around Facebook I’m sure you’ve seen it before where he’s talking about like you’re never going to be successful unless you jump and how you’re gonna hurt yourself on the way down but eventually you’re gonna soar something like that is that kind of what the book is about yourself and what it is about just really discussing like how he went through the last Francis and every time that he took a leap of faith every time you took a leap of faith that when something that’s when like he’ll take he’ll basically a step further within his career.

I wasn’t aware that the book existence so i’m i’m going to add it to my to read list and check it out. Hopefully there’s an audio book I’m pretty sure that that there is. But it’s a really good book I really enjoyed reading, it is really allowed for me to step outside of that box of fair and that box of limitations. We all do it to ourselves. I was actually I think it was like on Twitter today that I saw someone right that the greatest hurdle that entrepreneurs face is confidence. Like, we don’t really we don’t believe in ourselves. Sometimes we don’t have faith in ourselves. And if we could just be more confident we do better. And I know it sounds really simple, but it’s not.

Yeah, and it’s crazy. Sometimes we can have confidence for our clients. And then when it comes to us, we limit our belief.

So it is a bit mindset. I mean, I’m not a mindset coach, but I know that the mindset coaches out there could definitely understand that. You know how challenging this could be. Mm hmm. So, yeah, definitely. If you could have lunch with one business thought leader, who would it be?

It would definitely be Gary Vee.

I am a big Gary Vee fan. I love his honesty is Ron. So just that plane? Frank honesty. I’m big on honesty. Honesty is the best policy is my mom would say. But I definitely like Gary Vee. I would love to have a conversation with him. So, hey, Gary, you’re listening a little me. I think I needed to change the name of this podcast to entrepreneurs who love Gary Vee.

Cuz like, everybody answers that question with Gary Vee. So my I might have to add in there. Besides, Gary, what advice do you have for someone that’s wanting to get started in business, create a business plan before you launch your social media pages?

That is my number one advice.

And the reason why I think is because in this modern entrepreneur, where I was, you know, with my fellow millennials, a lot of us are big social media fans. And sometimes we just think, oh, I’ll just start a social media page and lots of business, then before you look, they don’t even know what you’re like. They don’t know what they’re selling how to what they’re selling, they didn’t have the right and then place the right policies in place. I’ve seen people who literally launched a business on Instagram. And then three months or four months after the business, they’ve gone and made an announcement about creating business policies after you launch a business that is just like, like, you launch your business and lost the money from not having proper structure, then you go back and make that announcement. I mean, you can do it, but you, you know, just do the right the first time around as much as possible. So definitely make that plan before launching. Yes, absolutely. I have had people that paid me for half their website or the whole website, and then never launched, because the idea didn’t make sense to them anymore. Or as they were starting to put more work into it, they realize it was hard, it definitely that business plan will let you know whether it’s even worth you doing or not. Because while you’re doing it, you’re going to realize that it is hard. And you’ll say hey, like this is not something that I want to do. I don’t want to put that much work into it and just let it go without spending so much money.

Absolutely, absolutely. And I think I even think for the for website developers as yourself, or, you know, marketers graphic, whatever it is, it makes it easier to relate like total transfer the knowledge of what they’re trying to do, because I’m pretty sure you had a client who may have come to you and said, Hey, I’m starting a business and they don’t know anything else. They don’t have anything like even on turn into a new place on the website. Whereas if you’ve already laid out all of your policies and procedures, all be aware of all the systems that will make it easier for the website developer to know. Okay, we need that again. Okay, these are the policies that we’re going to put on the on the return page, you know, the little stuff like that I know what helped to make it easier for you guys. So I always recommend like the business plan for and then you go ahead and speak to your marketer, you know, you have to speak to your accountant, you have to speak to your financial experts. So I think just individuals in general, just realizing that business, it’s a team, it takes a team to really develop and have a successful and scalable business. Yes, definitely. Aside from not wanting to work for us, someone else. And aside from your family, what is your why, for me, it’s about generations. And since is the form the family I was born into the younger sibling, I wanted to really be able to be that example for them to show them that anything is possible and that you can definitely break the stereotypes of what you were born into. And then also because cladding directly linked to my nonprofit, and I work with us as well. So I also like to help them and show them, hey, if I was this girl that was born into this environment, then I’m quite sure why that you can do it too, as well. So just being able to, you know, create resources and opportunities for those kids. That definitely is a big inspiration and, and, and likes me, what’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier? I wanted my favorite app currently is it is not a go to that’s being able to think to myself what I know exactly what what I’m supposed to be doing it when I’m supposed to be doing it. It helps me to really organize things.

Do they have an app now? Or do you use it on the web? on your phone? Yeah, they have an app now. So where can listeners find you online? Where can we find you on social media? What’s your website on social media? I am on Instagram and Facebook as Titus planning. I am on Twitter as far as as a mom and I’m also on LinkedIn as a price. Okay, well, awesome.

Sidjae, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. Thank you. It was definitely a pleasure. Thank you. Thank you again for the opportunity.