How Miz Rik went from Havetopreneur™ to Entrepreneur

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Miz Rik of Suite 369 opened her first business at the age of 12. She has a bachelor’s degree in project management and a masters in human resource management and marketing. In this episode we discuss why she left one of the largest radio stations in Atlanta to start her own business, and how she went from a Havetopreneur™ to an entrepreneur.

Interview Notes

  • Miz Rik has been a full time business owners for 6 years now.
  • 8 years ago she didn’t have enough hours at work, she was also teaching part time, and money still wasn’t enough.
  • So she decided to leave one of the largest radio stations in Atlanta
  • Her 1st client was the person she worked for at the radio station. She started building sites for his projects and got more clients because of him.
  • At that point she was making just enough to cover her bills and couldn’t get another job because of having too much experience.
  • She believes that the most important marketing tool that you have is your website because it works 24/7 for you.
  • Her free 7 day eCourse Website Prep 101 is available now to help you get your stuff together before your website launch. It takes ppl through steps to put content together
  • She is currently working on ebook coming out in October.
  • Miz Rik’s why used to be to pay her bills, but is now to help other people start their own businesses.

Favorite Internet Resources

Dropbox – (Note, this is a referral link and I will receive free space if you sign up through my link.)
Trello – (Note, this is a referral link and I will receive a free month of Trello Gold if you sign up through my link.)

How to Contact Miz Rik

Website –
Instagram – @Suite369


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Welcome to the show. Mz Rik, thank you for having me. Cindy. I haven’t interviewed for a very long time. So this is exciting for me. So before we get started, we want to get to know a little bit about you outside of your business. So tell us about yourself I am a new empty nester mama Atlanta. My daughter is off to college. Now. I started my first job at the age of seven and cook it for cheaper. A mom trained me how to do that before she was going on maternity leave. And I used to me 20 to 50 hours on the weekend. And then I opened my business at the age of 12, I meet pieces and my mom would pick them up on her lunch break and deliver them to her job. We did not have a pizza delivery service where I grew up, I grew up on the island of Bermuda and went to school there and I school there and I graduated from high school and went off to New York for college because I wasn’t succeeding yet. And then deleted at the time, you have to be 16 to the school even if you have graduated, which is crazy to me. So I want to know a little bit post school and then I returned to Bermuda and I worked for McCarty international in the cardinal imitate, which is a global headquarters for Bacardi rum and also worked for the Bermuda Department of Tourism. And I’m touching on those points because all of those things brought me to where I am today. And I had one daughter who I said is in college, now she’s talking to your colleagues. So it’s kind of an adjustment and I was in an adjustment period last year and most efficient getting used to not having another person to to kill a full time definitely an adjustment and watching her grow is pretty cool and watching her do things that I taught her for finding addition really was listening to me in the midst of all it’s To me, it’s pretty cool. I love to travel. I haven’t done much traveling lately. But I love to travel and I like to listen to music I pursued just about anything that crosses my path that I haven’t been interested in how also have training in radio and TV I have a project management bachelor’s degree in a master’s in human resource management and marketing. And so all of that into what I’m doing now. So let’s get into that tell us about your business and take us back to how it all started. Okay well my business is sweet thanks 69 dot com. And that’s it. We fix money dot com. I have been operating for six years. Eight years ago, I found myself in a position where the job that I had, I didn’t have enough hours. And it wasn’t enough to cover my household bills. And even though I was supplementing that with part time, teaching at my daughter’s Middle School is still wasn’t enough is definitely was not enough present what I was making at my previous job. And so what I ended up doing remains one of the largest radio stations in Atlanta, we didn’t we want to three. And my first client was the person that I worked for in studio at the radio station. And it became like his personal assistant, he had a couple of projects going. So then I started a website for his project. And because of our association, I started getting other clients that and just kept going. At the time though, it was basically making enough to cover my bill because I had to, I had tried to find full time employment. And I had hiring managers Tell me because of my experience that I would be intimidating to others in the organization. And people would think I was going for the jazz and I was like I’m complaining. One job, I really dizzy to keep a roof over my head. I kid and I had entertaining the daughters attend to Bermuda. But the things that when my daughter was involved in, she wouldn’t be able to get at home. So I stayed for her benefit. So main push behind me to keep growing mainly as a freelancer, because it was more freelancing than a business at the time was to make sure that one and I could cover my bills into I would be available for her and to give her two different entities and be there to support her in these that she was very strong interest in buying. And she started winning science fair in that Carnegie shuttle play instruments. And she was invited to different bands and things like that. So it became less of a search for job position and more of a life. You can make some money to keep going. That’s great. And there’s not enough women in science. So that’s really the

Not at all. Yeah, so there was one thing that caught my attention. When money aka Lindsay parks that was on episode one of this podcast, she posted on Facebook a link to a free website prep one on one course that you have, can you tell us about that your website prep, where no one came about. Because a lot of my clients have people who are just focused on what it is that they do. And they really don’t have an interest in building a website, run in a website, and a lot of the other administrative stuff. So when they come to me, they’re just like, I need a website. And this is what I need on it. And it needs to be done. They have budgets may vary. So depending on their budget, I mean, has consulted on the content for them to be able to have their website generate money for them, ultimately, what’s your website, you see what happened a lot on the early years was that listen with the job in January, and it would be a tool before we could wrap up. And that doesn’t work well, because one, you have to block time as a designer to make sure you can finish that project. And while you’re blocking out that time, they’re also blocking out any for the income because you’re the person who’s building the site. So what what’s I prep one on one does is it takes you through the steps really showing that you have the very least a minimal amount of content that you need to have in order to have a site functions well, so I find as a designer, your client comes to you. And they want a pretty website. But they don’t have anything to sustain the pretty and it doesn’t function, your website is your largest marketing tool that you have. And it works, we 24 seven. So you should always maximize that virtual real estate, I found that a lot of people don’t maximize it. And so I put website prep one on one together to take people through the steps of putting their content together so that not only they have a website, this functional way, they also have faster turnaround. I also have another package called website in a box. And that is a very basic functional attractive website that is turned around very quickly. But the main component of that package is that your content is ready and together. And on a good day, when all the content is together, I can turn around a site in three days. But it’s all content driven. Mm hmm. If I have everything that’s needed to start with, then I don’t have an issue getting the sights on and so that’s why website for one on one side one on one. It’s a free seven day seven days. And it’s by email. So you get an email every day for seven days with the different steps broken down. But I will be revamping an E book that I had. For those people who aren’t in such a rush, it goes more in depth, it’s designed to take 30 days, half an hour a day, there’s a couple of things where it takes a little more they’re also catch up days built into it. So if you don’t have that 30 minutes on a day, because you have to go to a meeting or you have to go to a snack. Again, there’s a couple of Tasha things built into the ebooks. But I am revamping that to go along with less I press one on one. So the course itself is free. It’s self paced to get every day for seven days. And you’ll have at the very least a minimum of what you need. Then the accompanying ebook that will be released in October goes a little bit more in depth as had someone who the date websites, but she did it over a weekend and she actually to design and build herself. So even if someone has a designer in mind already, or if they’re adventurous and what to do with themselves. What’s I print one on one, and the ebook will allow them to do that. That’s awesome. Once you have to what it’s pretty much like state board in order to put it together in any country, you know, because, yeah, you do that as well. What is your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur, my greatest challenge is organization.

Not that I don’t know what to do is actually like kicking myself in the to get it done when it’s not fun. Yeah. And so I have different platforms, or I need to help me organize. But it’s the actual doing of it. Because the left brain right brain, which thing always gets me Yeah, and sometimes I feel like if I’ve been creating for the last 60 hours, my brain is like, okay, no more bow down Friday, Cyber Monday and work on my business and work on client work at pride is inaccurate my scheduling so that I can make sure I make time for a month that I don’t burn out. I tried to start that up to try to do weekends work, focus on my business, because it’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s business. And then you don’t do anything on your own. And if I’m too busy, I try to spend at least 30 minutes a day on something related to my business. If I have too many products that I’ve taken on, I found the first 30 minutes of my work day for me work out so well.

So much better.

I usually use Sundays I don’t usually go in my office on Saturdays at all. Saturdays is usually housework and then Sundays I will sit on the couch and play Oprah’s gold Sunday or Undercover Boss or a widget Sundays I usually use awake, I’m an office sit on stays in my living room, and I have all of my papers spread out. And then I organize my meals for the week. And I plan my 30 minutes that part of it is cool. But then it’s getting back and staying on track is trying to maximize downtime, you know the law in between people’s projects in order to make sure that I’m ready to go when I get busy agent, but I am working on automating a lot more of it. But I just have to peek in on system I think that organization is something that a lot of creative people struggle with. Because I feel like our minds are all over the place. And so it comes out that way on our desks and in our tests that we have to do so if you could go back in time knowing what you know now would you have done anything differently in your business?

Yeah, I wanted to say no to anything I went through brought me to this calling I would love to say that but in reality the one thing that I would have donewas nice la harder a lot sooner Mm hmm. And I would have really a sport the revenue possibilities as opposed to letting people tell me what they could afford to pay okay I use the term happy and I used to trademarks and will behind  it until I did it writers you know that once you get into a whole different realm and you start getting out and meeting people you start learning new things and that type of thing and I was doing network some networking somewhere one day and literally selling 10,000 our website that looks just like the ones I was making. Yeah and she was looking three to five of them a month and I was like not even possible and on surface it was just like well she’s not really doing anything different than when I’m doing were using this framework by what exactly is it so if I could go back and change anything that would have been the research side of it and meeting harder and then being a whole different revenues not string but unfolding revenue model a lot sooner because when I started it wasn’t it definitely wasn’t a saturated as it is now. And I probably would have this made sure I see offline or did as much offline as I did, probably would have tried to make that work but simply years in is when I discovered that everything are really needed to know to run my business profitably I have learned while I was working full time job so once I got that in my head and moved more into running a business as opposed to being a freelancer nothing like on the job training yeah that is crazy to me because it’s free turn you just have to pay attention to it you know that’s one thing It took me a vintage state in all this stuff though and I think was actually while I was in college like while I was getting my degree and going through a class I’m like that you know this stuff when you work this Why aren’t you using this Alex kind of my wake up call aside from not wanting to work for someone else and aside from your family What is your why okay so when I started my why was Georgia Power and gas out and my rental management come in over my life now that I’m in a different position of course I still need to pay my bills but my Why is to help other has to foreigners who have to start a business in order a supplement or have a main income to help them transition from being a half north to entrepreneurs in transition and there is a change in mindset and so now that is to help as many of them that as possible because there are a lot of people who think have john for the job is barely healthy in and working two and three jobs isn’t possible because in expenses incurred when they go out for that second and third job with daycare or whatever have you eat up the second check it’s like a costume to go to work and that’s what position myself in it was costing me to go to work yeah I was eating a chess in the first instance but it all the things that helped me to get to that and I still wasn’t anywhere further ahead and I wanted to be and I’ve also had the experience of having a very good we’re having a second revenue stream just being ridiculous to me because mindset says you know you’re listening even rather than dollars a year why purchase up anymore You know me in so I’ve been in that position to have been in that type of play and then come to a place where he is very discouraging because people won’t hire you because of that experience in so as also a mindset shift yeah so that’s my why now to help them who are going through that transition have to printer pretty much is well can you describe what have to printer means to you and fastest one or to me is someone who if they don’t start a business they will end up homeless their kids will go hungry he’ll sit in the dark Nicole you don’t have a choice for whatever reason they can be unemployed or underemployed or unemployable to like how you are that no one would hire you yeah it’s happening with but with the older set of workers okay I have quite a few clients who were in the 45 plus one and we’re on our second or third term you know i mean we’ve done the gainfully employed thing for whatever reason we really off because of our experience your price out of employable range if my daughter and I’m going up for the same job she would get a job because they don’t have to pay as much she doesn’t have as much experience so I’m finding that especially a lot of mothers because I’m a mother are finding themselves enough vision and so in order to either make a gap in what three you making or does have an infantry they have like is there a last resort the last resort is to start a business like it has to work and that’s what I have to ignore it is to me yeah they have and even for their mental sanity for their mental and emotional capacity they have to have something to do as opposed to decision not to be sending out resumes all they are just sitting in an outlet for me, because crying for dogs is a full time job in itself. But they need something more to you than just apply for another job. Yeah, it so it maybe somebody can find employment is going to run out into mine. So I have to put in as a way to supplement that income ball piece on calm.

So I know you mentioned that you like to try out all these new apps and stuff. What is your favorite internet resource, or at the moment, I’m an avid periscope watcher and going to make some changes in actually I call my here on a regular basis. But I spoke more.

But periscope is one and I can just call it non business because it I’ve seen folding people increase their revenue stream using Periscope, another is Dropbox and I have a Dropbox pro account because I have had the pleasure of external hard drive scaling common client org on it and I’m just sitting here looking at a library and so Dropbox great favor in loving now that they have filed request feature.

So now I can just send a link to someone and say okay, you this and upload every as opposed to happen to walks them through getting a Dropbox account and setting it up.

And then cello love it.

Yeah, I love troll two. And that is actually how I have clients submit their now. Okay, so I have a master board  I am in a process of creating a new bucket list.

I’ll be 43 next month. I’ve done a lot of my bucket list already. And it’s sad because it’s like no, that’s awesome. That’s good.

It’s awesome. But I mean it’s awesome from having done it but from a rebuild a motivational keep yourself motivated by if it’s not cool and black people don’t talk about it. I think this is almost a you know what, your money I don’t know what my passion is, I don’t have a bucket list. And it makes the heart and look forward to doing stuff. You know, if you don’t have at least one thing on that bucket list. So I actually have a passion project called feature of in which I started after in Europe a couple years ago. But the ultimate goal for 60 children is to be able to fund in travel. So getting to feature film up there running fully operational and middle and then being able to generate enough funds to pay for student travel, whether it’s going to visit boarding school, or private schools or colleges bring boy trips and all that kind of stuff. Tap with an implementation so that they can go on mission shirt that the one thing that’s on my bucket, that’s right now I’m not in North out or the person. So being outdoors is not for me. It’s really, really, really not for me. So there’s a lot of places and I’m like, Okay, I’m okay, if I don’t see it. There’s a lot of places in the world that I kind of live vicariously through my friends as I go. Okay, well, if I get there, but it’s not really on my bucket list. Mm hmm. But chicks, the chicken is the one thing that is really on my bucket list.

That’s a great idea.

I think that’s a part of your why

Yeah, it is a comp from when my life making sure my daughter back to college, almost it for taking her to boarding school to visit an interview with something that I was not able to do. And it can make a difference in that mission. So that and taking to actually visit a powerlessness. Luckily for her, she went with her diet. And she got here and she was like, I feel like I’m home, which is cool that everybody doesn’t have that. Yeah, there are a lot of teams in program specifically because they’re from low income families who can’t get through school to go visit to make sure it’s the right fit and that really want to be and so they end up going and they hate the college experience, because it’s not a right fit for the personality. That idea came from the things I wasn’t able to do while my daughter was in high school.

If you had 24 hours with no responsibilities and an unlimited amount of money, what would you do?

I would hire a 7.7 and start off well, I’m in Atlanta and go to New York

I fill up the plane was like my friend we start off to me or and you have lunch at someone I mean, breakfast where you’re probably fly to Nigeria, that one place I went to visit you give me 24 hours, you might want to run a jet of Well, I’m going to run up 747 I don’t like small funny so I’ll try to a larger point. So maybe ask if the international portion of it and we’ll go and have breakfast in New York, New York City. And then I’ll do some more calls on the plane and then go into lunch in Chicago and I’m in the experiences things into my life. So I’m not really looking to pick up stuff. But I’m I would just rent a good a commercial side aircraft. So that was my first and we just go eat and talked. And that sounds fun.

So what’s the best way for listeners to get in touch with you on social media?

I am 3369 that’s ice in the numbers. 369 on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram and are active on Twitter. And then I am on Facebook. But I am on Facebook and Periscope.

So 2369 on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Periscope and I promise I’m going to start talking more and then the website sweet 369 dot com. Si p 369 doc and those are the best we can in contact with me. Okay, well, Miss Rick, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. I will include links to all of your contact information in the show notes which are available at the fierce entrepreneur dot com slash episode. 16.

Okay, well, thank you so much for having me, Cindy. It’s been so much fun. Especially because I worked at home and I’m home most of the day. So it’s nice to have an insult to talk.

I feel that way too. I feel like I talk more when I go out with friends because they have jobs that they go to people that they talked to at work and I’m like, Oh yeah, it’s a lot. It’s a lot more fun.