Mitchell Levy on How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry

by | Dec 18, 2017

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Mitchell Levy of AHAthat has been involved in the tech world for decades.

Living and working in Silicon Valley, he was able to be a part of many meetings regarding what the internet would be.

Today Mitchell is the Founder and CEO of AHAthat, a social self-publishing book platform for people that want to demonstrate that they’re an expert in their space rapidly.

In today’s podcast episode we discuss the early days of the internet and how technology has evolved since. We discuss how to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Mitchell also shares why he decided to self-fund his business, even though he lives in Silicon Valley.

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • Mitchell shares how he takes a yearly, month-long European family vacation and his business continues to run.
  • We talk about the early years of the internet and how technology has changed.
  • Mitchell goes into detail about his platform, AHAthat, and how you can use it to position yourself as an expert in your industry.
  • We also discuss the importance of capturing people’s attention quickly.
  • Mitchell shares his thoughts on how much curated content you should be sharing to be considered a thought leader.
  • We discuss finding your customer’s pain points, and how to give them the solution they’re looking for.
  • Mitchell also shares how to use books you write as a marketing tool in your business.

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Welcome to the show, Mitchell. Great to be here.

Thanks for having me. Great to have you.

Tell me about yourself outside of what you do for business.

Let’s see, happily married for 28 years. Mm hmm. I’ve known my wife now for 31 live in Silicon Valley, which just presents a whole lot of opportunities to do a number of different things. I have a son who’s now 19 off at college. So he’s in between freshman and sophomore year. And I guess part of what we do so what I do for fun, I I love hanging with friends. I do have a periodic poker game that I do with friends as well, which is fun. And I love I know this sounds silly, but I love what I do. And so if you if work equals play, then you play all the time. So I absolutely play a lot. In addition of poker, I think I want to do things with peace. I also like Pokemon. So I, I got caught in the program and crack. And let’s see there any other thing? Let’s Oh, we do take one thing. That’s fun. We do take a annual break once a year, typically four to five weeks. And we go to some European city. And so for me, it turns out that my business still continues to run. But I’m not doing business development stuff. So it gives me a chance to sit back and look at my company strategically, and what I want to keep on what I wanted what I want to get rid of, okay. And then you implement your new strategies when you get back, you know, absolutely. And, and, and this year has been so that we’ve been doing that for 17 years. This year is the first time ever since I got back. What I normally do is I tell the people who work with me, I tell my partners, and one of my partner said, so visual, have you written it down, and I’ve never written it down before. And I go, what a good idea. I mean, you know, I knew this, this would be advice I’d give somebody else but you needed somebody else to give that to me. And so I actually wrote it down and then shared it with my partners, because they should know what my new thoughts are.


Yeah, that’s awesome. So I were you in Silicon Valley before it was what it is today?

Or where are you there for business? Well, how old How old? I have to be really to be there before what it is today. Okay. I was thinking like, maybe like, within the last 20 years? Yeah. So I was no, it’s a great it’s a it’s a great question, because it’s for those people who have lived here for a long time. Silicon Valley used to be about orchards. Yeah, it was a phenomenal group, fruit growing area. And lots of if not most of the places where fruit are grown. And now gone. We have a different sort of fruit that’s grown. And I actually live in in Cupertino, where Apple is headquartered. Silicon Valley has been really hot for quite a while. And I was here just about the time when Sun Microsystems started and I ended up working for Sun Microsystems for nine years. And what was interesting his son was the firm known as sort of the inventor of the internet This is not really true it’s Al Gore’s the metro area. And of course, on the Sorry, I’m just kidding. Tim burners Lee and but the inventor of actually loved in serve. The interesting part is, I was I was at Sun Microsystems actually, as an employee and I was working on the e commerce component, a son supply chain, and, and it was during the dot com days. And that’s what so I was it around at an in a ton of the meetings of people who were talking about what the internet will be, and I’ll tell you something really crazy. So in terms of what I was doing, both at Sun and then elsewhere, when I when I started my entrepreneurial ventures, I would go into CEOs of companies and I would tell them that you know, we’re going to be using the internet to streamline our operations and we’re going to be saving a ton of money by doing e commerce over the internet. Now this is back in 1995 before even mosaic maybe might around the time mosaic came into being and I had CEOs and VP of public companies Tell me Oh no, we will never do business over the internet life has changed obviously between that and now Yeah, they’re probably not in business if they didn’t get on the internet you were definitely my friend I guess that’s what I’d say it’s a well you could be that way or you know there’ll be a part time will you go out of business now that’s not always true remember Wells Fargo right they had the horse and buggy and they they certainly transformed that their business into something else but there are many companies out there who had been littered and blockbusters are phenomenal ball and wet vans are greatest example of a company that had a good idea just wasn’t around. It was at the wrong time, right. So what web then promised is stuff that most of the supermarket chains are doing well then came into being, it was a really high flying startup during the dot com days, very heavily funded. And what happened is, they just they didn’t quite make it now the supermarkets are actually delivering groceries, and Amazon is delivering, right so they’re the promises is coming into fruition. It just was before its time. Yeah, that’s true. But any in even stuff on the web has changed. Because I remember at first with Netflix, you got DVDs delivered, and now I don’t know one part. I guess they still do it. But I don’t know anyone that gets DVDs delivered to their house.

Oh, I can’t imagine doing it. My right I was part of the DVD delivery service. I think we may still have a DVD somewhere in the house. I don’t think we have any eight track cassettes anywhere.

But we may have a DVD but I it’s so funny. Because you look at the red box. Those machine and I was driving my son. Oh, by the way, as your daughter gets older, you become the limo driver.

And so I drive my son to get get some food the other night those are red box. I hadn’t seen one of those. And whilst I walked over, because I just wanted to see the latest movies that were that they were featuring. And I go so if I actually got one in surprise, my wife. What would we do with it?

You probably have to watch it on a computer if you don’t have like a new Mac.

Exactly. Yeah, I don’t have anywhere to watch him either. And. And by the way, my dad does still have an eight track player and he has records a shorter coming back. Yeah, yeah. But he’s he’s kept them from when they were not in. Yeah, its life is funny that way. In terms of what is interesting, what’s not in what now for you. You’re young enough that you you you’d see what’s going on. You see what’s here today. But imagine now your daughter or my son who’s 19. He’s grown up in a world that’s so much different than than I had when I was growing up. And my guess would be that you had when you were growing up as well? Oh, yeah, definitely. We were watching an old movie. I forget what movie it was. But someone picked up a phone. And you know, they used to have those, like, a phone look like a shoe or smartphones? Yeah, those type of phones. And so the person picked up like a football looking phone and made a phone call. And my daughter is like, that’s not even a real phone. And I told him like, actually, it was okay, let me bring you to the video she would have paid your look like. Right, exactly. It’s like, I didn’t have a cell phone going up. And if you could see my first cell phone it it was a brick. That’s crazy.

So what are you doing these days, tell me about your business. how you got started with that the company I have now is called Aha, that. So ha tha T dot com.

And it is a super social self publishing book platform for those who want to demonstrate quickly that they’re an expert in their space. So my guests looking at the guests that you’ve had in your previous episodes, almost, if not all of them could use the opportunity to more quickly cat that’s not a good word that could more quickly I can’t even think of something else to say that that could that more more rapidly to determine that they’re the experts. So what what the platform is for those who are not in social media, or are in social media, but can’t find good content, we solve that problem. Today, we have 40,000 quotes in the platform. And the platform Aha, that calm free to use we share. So I’ve got thought leaders who have written their books that whose content is in the platform, and you can go ahead and share. And the cool part is of those in the platform. Those that have written books, we’ve had 300 authors write their books in eight hours or last.

Yeah, that’s normally when you get that audible side like, No, no, that’s not possible. And well, yes, it is.

And the one thing I’ve done is redefined the concept of a book because what you want to do as an expert, what you want to show people immediately, or actually, how about we say this, if you are in business tomorrow, like your daughter, she can’t go into business and do anything unless whoever wants to hire thinks that she can do the good job, right. And in business, anyone who’s who’s working today, whether or not you’re working for somebody else, or you’re an entrepreneur, your people want to do business with you. Because they either they know you, they like you, they trust you. And they expect or understand that you could do the job right, that you are recognized expert at solving their problem. Well, and I have a book is comprised of 140 bite sized quotes. So it’s 147 second sound bites. And I’ll tell you my favorite sound bite from the book that I wrote. It’s called hated you, aha, that, and it’s a book on why one should write it now. But my favorite soundbite is we live in a seven second sound bite economy. So make it count. So he can’t capture somebody’s attention quickly with the right person words with the right attention with the right approach with the right opportunity to make them think, Hey, this is the person who could solve my problem, they’re going to move on to the next solution. And so the issue that we solved is the pain point that people have that says, hey, I need to be recognized. And so you can be recognized by sharing other people’s content. It’s my fact, to be a good thought leader, or even anyone in business to 80% of the content you share should be somebody else’s. So hey, I’ve got a platform that continues to curate good compelling content and love to have your Cindy anytime you’re interested, love to have here. So.

So the interesting part is, is a you could share other people’s content. And then more appropriately, you could sit down in eight hours, we have three authors who have written their books in two or three hours, which is a little wacky for me. But let’s stick with with eight, you can sit down, write your book in eight hours, and now be recognized in your space. And then what we do sort of part of the part of the things that we do now is you could keep it as a social media enabled ebook on Aha, that platform, everyone gets a customized URL. So when you write your book, and I’ll give you mine, if you go to a hot pub ha dot EDU slash, aha, that’ll bring you to the book that I wrote, Hey, did you Aha, that if you typed in and, and there are links that will click over to Amazon, you could actually see the book, a Kindle, and also paperback and hardcover. So what happens you could still sit down write your book in eight hours, we could turn it into a PDF for Kindle. Now you’re recognized author on on Amazon. And we could also turn into paperback and hardcover. So now, if you are physically meeting with people, there is no better opportunity for you to demonstrate you’re an expert than to give them your hardcover book that you autograph for them with a personalized autograph that specifically talks about what they’re talking about. They will look at you in a different way. They just, it’s just the way it works. It’s just, it’s so much cooler.

That’s awesome. So you can format the whole book right through the platform.

We don’t need to use some other program to do that. We actually do the formatting manually. Okay. What happens is we add step one is, and I actually this is great. You the question you sort of asked me is, okay, eight hours, what do you do? I’ve got eight step process, but really only three or most germane. So let me tell you about the three steps. The first step is a Word document. And in that Word document, there were four questions. What’s your name? What’s your bio? What’s the title of your book? What’s the one paragraph summary? But let me tell you the most important question. And so we made a question number one, and I’m going to tell you what it says. And then I’ll tell you what it means. What it says is, who is the reader and how they benefit from the book, what it really says, Who is your prospect? And what is their pain point, right? So Cindy, this is the really cool part you I mean, you’ve got a start up right now that startup is doing what sounds to be really super cool things, right? So you could talk about it if you want, or you’ve talked about before, but optimizing e commerce on on stores, right? So if you want to sell that, what is the pain point you’re solving, right? And so you can talk about the pain point that you’re solving for your prospects? Well, somewhere in there discussion, that’s the title of your book, right? When people then go to Google and say, hey, how do I solve this problem? How do I how do I have higher churn and more conversions in my store, and your book pops up, guess who they think the expert is you so so that’s step one is a Word document that step two is a single page PDF, given that I’ve curated over 50,000 aha messages, I wrote a single page PDF on how to write a good message, how to write a good quote. So even if its freedom for those who want to get there, it’s at Aha, that comm slash author and feel free to PDF we don’t, there’s no gate to get there, you can just download that and start reading how to great good, compelling messages. And then the third step is an Excel spreadsheet. And on the spreadsheet, it basically keeps track of the character count, because it’s what we’ve done is made the book 141 40, so it’s 140 characters is the max and 100, 40 quotes is what makes up the book. So what you’re doing is is the author of your writing yourself, you are filling out the word document, and you are filling out the Excel spreadsheet, we then will create a cover for you, based on your suggestions will do a copy in it in a Content Editor of your content. And then once you approve it, we will then publish your book. If you want it turned into Kindle or PDF or paperback or hardcover, we then do the formatting. And there’s a little bit more information we need to do that. Because as you can imagine, with books, there’s so there’s a little bit of stuff in the front matter and back matter, so you can make it much more personal.

That sounds really cool. It sounds way easier than having to figure out how to do it all yourself.

Oh, well, that was it. That was the point.

Yeah, here’s a, here’s a great aspect. So let’s talk about an entrepreneurial floor. I’m happy to share my mind. I don’t know what they are yet. But I’ll figure it out when we talk about. But then they talk about an entrepreneurial floor, it is now easy to self publish a book, anyone can go to create space, Amazon’s product and self publish a book. Now, if you are going to do that, right you by the way, you’re going to hire somebody to do cover design, hire somebody do copy it, and content at it. And if your content is really horrible, that’s what a content is editors for. And they they’re going to need to spend a lot more time and depending on who you hire, they may just say it’s okay. And you publish a bunch of. And what happens is you’re going to spend time hiring people, you’re going to spend time managing those people, and you’re gonna spend time trying to figure out how do you make Amazon work for you. So if you’re an entrepreneur, why are you spending any time whatsoever learning how to be a book publisher? Right, right? And the answer is, there should be zero time spent there as an entrepreneur, you are solving a customer’s problem if that customer’s problem is not publishing books, you should know learn how to publish books. Mm hmm. Yeah, it’s just it’s not rocket science, you know, if you’re an entrepreneur, so if you have to pay me so we try it, right. We, for the book, we charge the origin 50 bucks, which is nothing if you wanted the physical book, we challenged 3550 bucks, we create and deliver 50 paperback, 10 hardcovers we do hardcovers while we print color any inside. And then, and we distribute you everywhere. So you can decide how you can pay less money than $3,550.

And you could spend 200 hours trying to figure out how to publish this stuff yourself. Where you could actually be an entrepreneur,

I’m going to focus on what’s important to me. And this product seems pretty cool. Let me let it help me. And so that’s really Cindy, that’s what we did was I wanted to, I wanted to help businesses figure out how do they get recognized for who they are. And, and the thing that we’re, I’ve also got for the traditional book publishing companies. And the hardest thing in the world is to watch an author spend a lot of time writing their book and not spending any time marketing it. Yeah. And so just so you know, this because I could tell based on the conversation, you get this right away, but I’m going to say it for the audience. And maybe most of them, get it 90% of the success of your book happens when the writing is done, okay. And, and it starts with the word the word starts with an ends with Jay its marketing 90% of the success what you do happens after you’re done writing. And, you know, even if you’re an entrepreneur, even, even if you’re really a hard, fast entrepreneur, in the back of your mind, you’re saying, hey, Mitchell, that’s not true, my content is so good, it’s going to sell itself. And I could only say good luck doesn’t, you know, it’s not content, it’s not product, it’s not capable abilities. It’s it’s good old fashion, you build a product that solves a problem, and then you got to let people know about it. And then you got to let them know about it again. And then you need to continue to let them know about it. And that’s been successful is all about. Yeah, and one thing that I thought about when you were saying that you get physical copies for that price, you showed me what the physical copies look like, right before our call, and they look really nice. And if you’re doing it yourself, you’re really taking a gamble on what that quality of the book is going to be like, you have to order samples. And it’s going to cost you every time you do a sample, it’s going to be like more than $100, you’re probably not going to get very good quality. And it just, it makes you look better when you give someone something that looks nice.

And by the way, for those that have known the platform for more than two years ago, we started with really boring covers, right. And, and what I have to say is, this is one of those, this is one of those mistakes entrepreneurs make, particularly publishing entrepreneurs. But we as a publisher, we all want to create the next Chicken Soup for the Soul series, right? So you take a look at what worked for them and what worked for them was a standard cover a standard stuff on the inside, you know, and and it was the right answer at the right time. And so my covers in the past with just super boring and because we had a standard look and feel for covers, and so so now what I’m doing is actually caught me at a good time. I’m in the midst of calling the authors who already published on the platform and say, Hey, listen, I want to give you a gift. We are updating your cover. Let me send you what we let me send you a prettier cover. You just have to say yes, or give us ideas for a new one. And, and I’d say the the cover you saw we have some really cool covers and the covers really should be it’s about the author, right. It’s it’s about you and demonstrate trading the success of who you are. So have an author by the name of Jeff shavitz who bought a golf course franchise and what the golf course franchise does is it books tee times it books tournament, and so we created a book for Jeff called driving incremental golf course. Why, because the best marketing approach Jeff can do is have 100 copies go out with a personalized letter to a golf course operator, and particularly if it’s a hardcover copy if you get a hardcover book in the mail for free and it has a note and you crack open a book and our books have one or two messages per page so you crack open a book and you read one right of 140 read one I can’t do that that one so you have 140 that’s that’s his intent is to capture somebody’s attention that golf course operative read one maybe they spend the 10 minutes read the entire book or maybe they read two or three more they either going to call Jeff or when Jeff people call call to do the sales call, they’ll get they’ll get through and so the cover Jess book by definition has a golf guy swinging on it right and it’s green. Um, we did a book which I just got to mail this is what I was excited about.

It’s called I’m sorry and it’s got the phrase I’m sorry in in 100 plus languages and so it’s got its got like a waiter’s hand holding up a tray and on top of the tray is I’m sorry. And and that one that one I think we’re the entrepreneurial players to go to florist.

Yeah. Because it seems like you’re good put for their the play that goes to companies is that is the book called Thank you. Right? So if your company and you’ve got thousands of employees and 10s of thousands of clients, why not for the holidays? Send them a personalized thank you book that has the word Thank you. And 140 languages, right? So in terms of thinking about what we do entrepreneurs, really it’s the put the tools in the hands of the entrepreneur to do something that will capture the attention the people who they want to be customers.

Yeah, I love both of those ideas to thank you book to send out to your clients. And I’m sorry, book. I think if I got one of those as an apology from someone, that’d be awesome. I would forgive them. That was a personal and I I was doing I was doing business with with a partner who was gung and and I made a mistake. Actually, technically, my team made a mistake, but it doesn’t matter. I’m the CEO, I made a mistake. And I just lost her attention. And I couldn’t say I’m sorry, in any way possible. So I decided I’m going to take the I’m sorry, book, make it a hardcover next time. I will send the hardcover book with a personal note in it. And that’s gotta work. At least I hope it does.

Yeah, that’s Yeah, I’ve never seen that. And it’s like it. What’s your greatest challenge in business? The biggest challenge, I think every entrepreneur has this challenge in one way or the other. I think I’ve got a super cool platform, right? It’s made by those authors who are on there today. They’re like little How come this is not? We have 700,000 users. We have 40,000 quotes. They go Mitchell, why is this not bigger? I’m in Silicon Valley. So 700,000 users, this is nothing, right? So any answer is, there’s so much I want to say the word junk. But I don’t mean that in a pejorative way. There’s just so much stuff out there. It’s really hard to, to sift through it all. And and so what is what is one new platform? So my biggest challenge is the first decision of whether or not I wanted VC funding, or to work for myself, and I sat on the board of a public company for nine years. I kind of like working for me versus having a boss. Mm hmm. So initially, I’ve decided to sell fund versus VC fund, and it’s a self funded company. There’s only so much I could spend on marketing. And so my biggest challenge is, how do I drive significant awareness for this platform? Because it solves a real problem and very, very intuitive way. So what’s your favorite business book? So I’m going to give a couple obviously, I like I like so many of the books in my platform, so that that’s where it gets really tough. The one that I did that I wrote myself hated you are that it’s, it’s my, my favorite book to hand out to other people, because it It tells whoever’s on the other side, when you give them a hardcover book, they say, Hey, where should I? Why should I write in a platform and I give them this and it solves that problem, right? It’s a 10 minute read that solves that problem. When I think about books that have shaped my thinking process, a book that’s been around a lot of these are books I’ve been around for a while, is Geoffrey Moore Crossing the Chasm. So thinking about how entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley become successful. So so that’s a fit, Crossing the Chasm is a favorite one one of mine. I also like the book, Michael Gerber did a book called The E myth, which talks about how many entrepreneurs are watching foreigners in art, really entrepreneurs. It’s great. And so I would say, if you’re an entrepreneur, and you think it’s more important to publish your own book, and spend all the money and time doing it, you’re probably more of an entrepreneur.

So that’s a good book is that one helped that one and one of my favorite sales books because I didn’t really know what a salesperson was. I mean, I, I’ve done lots of stuff. I know it, sales people are, but I didn’t have a good feeling for it. And there’s a book called selling the wheel and, and selling the wheel talks about the mythical process of the invention of the wheel and how it gets sold into society. And it’s, it’s a fable that is such a phenomenal way to learn about how there are different types of sales people and how those so there there are four categories as a salesperson that sells the vision, there’s a person who’s called a wizard who figures out how the product works in a particular environment, there’s the person who’s the relationship person, so you buy from them, regardless of whether or not the prices more or less, because there’s a good relationship. And then there’s the McDonald’s sales model that captain and crew so the person who sets up something that’s a very methodical standard approach, and it’s kind of fun to see when at different stages of a product evolution and the markets rebel evolution, which, which salesperson is the right one to use. So selling the wheel is is a one of my favorites as well.

Okay, so you said something earlier, that triggered a question for me. And that is when people ask you like, why they should use your platform, you just hand them a book.

So do you have some advice for entrepreneurs on writing a book to explain things to people so they don’t have to explain things over and over. I’ll give you the advice, which is a little bit salesy, and then I’ll give you the advice which is given I’ve started over 20 companies, I’ll give you the advice, which is entrepreneurial. So the salesy approach is really the first thing that you want to do as an entrepreneur is you want people to know, you, you want people to recognize you, and you want people to not just like you, but to actually recognize that you’re an expert at this the problem they have to solve and I can’t imagine a better way, if you’re an entrepreneur, then to identify who your clients are, or who your prospects are, identify their pain point, and then write in a book because I books or not, you don’t have to boil the ocean with a book. It’s 140 bite sized quotes. So write in a book or call up our team and have us write it for you with a two hour interview. And now all the sudden you have a book whose title addresses the pain point of your prospects.

I do.

I know that sounds salesy, but it’s also I’m living it and breathing it, I’m doing it, it works. And, and I could give you a ton of examples. I’ll give you one example.

We had a one of our, one of our authors, I was in front of her group or consultants, I basically it was a Friday afternoon, I say, Listen, if anyone wants to write a book Tomorrow, I will publish it on Sunday. And I’ll give you a discount of price for for writing it tomorrow, I will publish it on Sunday, or give you 100% of your money back and still publish it as soon as we can. So a woman by the name of Kevin crime, and she wrote a book on Saturday, we published it on Sunday, she then sent an email out to her mailing list, say, Hey, I wrote this book on this area. And she’s a PhD in organizational development. She pulled content from our past presentations. And 10 days later, later, she picked up a five figure consulting contract.

And it wasn’t because we introduced her to anyone new with somebody in her network, who was just reminded that Kevin could solve a problem, right? So that’s your job entrepreneur, you need to get out there and market you and let people know that you could solve their problem. So I can’t imagine a better way then. Then the aha, that platform? Yeah, definitely. And there’s really no better way to position yourself as an expert than to write a book. If, if there’s you and someone else and you have a book and the other person doesn’t have a book, the client is more than likely going to pick the person with the book. Cindy? Yes.

My fingers on my nose. Yes, you got it. And yet, I don’t have a book.

Well, let’s get get. Yeah.

So where can users find you online? I know we have your platform. But where are you add on social media and all that.

Let me say this first. And then and then you could buy there. One of the if you’re listening could always Google Mitchell Levy, connect me on LinkedIn. If you connect to me on Facebook, just let me know why. Only because there’s that 5000 limitation, right. And my friends always are, what are they doing? They’re complaining when they have to go in and manually delete 500 friends, right? It sounds painful. So I’m being a little more cautious up front, Twitter’s and easy thing to connect. So just google Mitchell Levy, yo, I’ll pop up on Twitter, LinkedIn, probably pop up on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as well. The thing that I recommend, if you go to all that calm and you like what you hear here, we have an eight step process. And as we talked about in this interview, there are three steps that are important. What you could do at the end of Step three is you could actually, instead of finishing all hundred and 40 quotes, you could you could write up your Word document, you know, your name, your bio, what the what the reader will get out of the book. And you could do 10 or 15 aha messages. And then you could send it to the email that’s part of the process and say, Hey, Mitchell, I’ve heard Mitchell at Cindy Rodriguez, a show he said that if I wanted Mitchell to give feedback on my book, that he’ll do that. So that’s one way to do it. My team will make sure that I get to review your submission and give you feedback and advice because because our job Cindy Our job is to make sure you look as good as possible so that you get more clients and you buy more books, right? So it’s a win win for both of us. Yeah, seven. That sounds really cool. Well, Mitchell, thank you so much for sharing so much knowledge for sharing your story with us today. Oh My pleasure, fun to get to know you. And yes for thanks for doing what you do. It’s it’s not always easy to to be the person who’s putting their thought leadership out there and finding new compelling people and and I listened to your last show was spectacular. So it’s forced me to think about listening to others, and I will. So Cindy thanks for having me on the air.

Thank you so much.