Interview with Stephanie Rubio of SoVerve Marketing Group

by | Jul 4, 2016

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In this podcast episode, I interview entrepreneur and owner of SoVerve Marketing Group, Stephanie Rubio. I met Stephanie via Instagram and she’s quickly become one of my favorite people to follow on the site.

When she’s not busy building websites or managing clients social media accounts, Stephanie enjoys reading and decorating her home.

Show Notes

About SoVerve Marketing Group

SoVerve Marketing Group is Stephanie’s passion turned business. Stephanie started freelancing WordPress sites and blogging in high school.

Through the years she added in social media management to her list of services. Last year she started working on her business plan to bring SoVerve into existence.

What Stephanie enjoys most about what she does

Results! She works hard toward overachieving and over delivering because the satisfaction on a client’s face is the most satisfying part of her job.

Advice to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur

Just do it! It’s never going to be perfect.

Greatest challenge as an entrepreneur?

Stephanie’s greatest entrepreneurial challenge has been not anticipating fast growth.

She suggests you get organized early and implement processes in your business, so you don’t become overwhelmed by rapid growth.

When did Stephanie know she was an entrepreneur?

She always knew she was an entrepreneur. She just didn’t know when it would happen for her.

Stephanie’s “Why”

To leave a legacy for Latinas and Latinos.

Stephanie’s Bucket List

To travel more.

Favorite internet resource or app

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Welcome to the show. Stephanie. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. Tell us about yourself outside of your business outside of my business. I am someone that you will find poolside reading a book and or decorating my home. So those are my Two big passions outside of running my business. I also like to bake and cook. I’m an Athena. So I am always hosting. And I love baking and cooking, love, love, love it. So that’s pretty much what I do outside of working being that I am in my first year of launch. So and it’s not a lot of room for that stuff right now. But, but I do enjoy those things. Tell us about your business and how you got started. So this marketing group is my passion project turned to business. I started off really back in high school right out of high school, freelancing, building WordPress and developing and designing WordPress websites. And from then I was blogging so I did a lot of blogging. I’ve had so many different blogs and after that once my mother decided to incorporate her own this business while we were branding her business and working on her marketing strategies, that’s when I really decided that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. And it has been a big part of my adult life, social media management and building websites and all sorts of of digital marketing services. It’s just been it’s been integrated in all areas of my life. So I decided then that I wanted to pursue a formal education and it wasn’t until last year that I decided that I wanted to start working on a business plan and really start focusing on my competitors in my market analysis. In order to launch this year. What do you enjoy most about what you do and results that is I’m various driven. And so for me, I feel like I work so hard towards towards that, that expression and just that satisfaction that my clients get when I, over achiever over deliver their expectations and then pass that what they are able to do with the products and services that I provide them so the results of my work is really the main driving force behind what I do and and that’s what I enjoy the most.

And what advice would you give to someone who is wanting to start a business the biggest advice would be to just do it.

I mean, we always everybody says if I could go back I would change this or that.

I I don’t have any regrets in my career. You know, I started like i said i started from freelancing right out of high school I was working in real estate, my family had a short term rentals company and even then the seed of entrepreneurship was planted. Even from that early age if I would have cultivated that further. So birth would have would have been born years ago now. But there’s a lot of fear in our entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of fears. And so I would just say to do it, you know, make up that make up your mind and take the plans. It’s never going to be perfect. You are going to learn as you go and even the experience and education that you have, you’re always going to attain more as you go anyway. So just do it. Build that business plans and go for it. That’s my that’s my number one tip.

Yeah, that’s great advice. Because if you’re going through courses and reading books, that’s great.

But you really have to put some action because you’re always going to be going through courses. You’re always going to be reading books and always going to be doing new stuff. Absolutely. So what is your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur, not anticipating immediate growth. And I’m not at a place where I can even say immediate success, right? Because as entrepreneurs every quarter, you know, we have our goals and we need those goals. And sometimes we exceed and sometimes we’re right at that border before silver being that I just launched in February of this year this the four months I kind of want to slow time and and I get a little emotionally when talking about it. I want to slow time now because everything is happening so quickly and what I had anticipated what happened for me in six to eight even nine months. is happening now and happened right off the bat? Yes. So get organized, early implement strategies are linked and processes and procedures that are going to help you remain organized in your business on a daily basis. Because once you ring the bell that you are open for business, there is no going back he When did you know that you are an entrepreneur? I feel like I always knew that I feel like I always knew that I would have my own business. It was just about the when and like I said, when I was when I was working with my mom. And again it’s different when you are helping someone build their dream and their baby and their client unit I need so for me at that point, it was the seed of that you know, wanting to have my own started very early on so I want to say server has had a name since 2006 so since 2006 I’ve had this name in my head of this business and the concept and it is all about it’s that’s fabulous it’s great that you have that idea but you actually have to do have to take steps in order to make that happen for yourself and and so yeah since 2006 I think I knew that I would be an entrepreneur and since last year is when I really made that decision to to start getting serious about my launch it’s great aside from not wanting to work for someone else and aside from your family What is your why my Why is a legacy and and it’s why why I do what I do you know, seeing my see my uncle and my aunt build their short term rentals business and real estate company here in Central Florida.

I saw the ability to leave a legacy and not necessarily for family or for children. But for Latinas. And for Latinos. And and just that idea that I could do this on my own myself and be extremely happy in that. That is the legacy that I want to leave. That is my y. And that freedom, that entrepreneurial freedom of calling my own shots and be my own boss is my Why, what’s on your bucket list? I want to travel more

I love to travel and so I want to travel more So continuing to to work hard, so that so that I can travel more really that’s I mean, it’s it and I don’t have like a specific destination and my father was in the military so we traveled that’s been traveling my whole life to continue to see the world and explore different cultures and I love this. Yeah, that’s that’s what I would love to do is just continue to travel. What’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier? Let’s see that so many I would be nowhere without Dropbox and Evernote and together simultaneously love the apps. I mean a lover and then as a resource. I mean Google’s view makes the world go round as a resource. Right? So my reaches will be Google and my app with the Hutu and Evernote we, Hootsuite or Dropbox know Dropbox okay okay so um. What’s the best way for listeners to get in touch with you so my site okay I haven’t even launched my site yet but it will will be my my hub so survive dot com would be the best way to kind of have All of that information but other than that server so my username across the board is servers or underscore so and I am my communities are on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me friend. He was such a pleasure. Thank you. It was a pleasure interviewing you.