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Aside from being a busy entrepreneur, today’s podcast guest, Allison Maslan is a wife, mom, and dog mom. She’s also been a trapeze artist for 18 years. It helps her clear her head and become more inspired to do other things in life.

Allison comes from an entrepreneurial family, so it was only natural that while in college at the age of 19 she started her first company. Since then, she’s built ten companies including an Advertising and PR agency, a beauty salon chain, a software company, and a homeopathic school among many others.

These days, Allison takes her decades of business experience and mentors business owners across the country. She feels as though she’s doing her best work right now because she’s paying it forward by sharing all her years of business wisdom.

In today’s podcast episode, Allison and I chat about how her dad’s passion and love for business has been a huge inspiration to her. We also talk about surrounding yourself with the right people, and the benefits of joining a mastermind group.

In This Episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast:

  • We discuss the importance of having mentors in your life if you want a bigger picture for yourself.
  • We also talk about why being around negative people is detrimental to your business.
  • Allison gives some insight on why every entrepreneur who wants to be successful needs a business coach.
  • We talk about how mastermind groups are helpful in your entrepreneurial journey.
  • And Allison shares her thoughts on how she wants to elevate humanity through business.

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Welcome to the show, Allison.

Well, thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be here.

So excited to have you on tell us about yourself outside of your business. You know, they’re kind of my business and life are sort of one it’s really the way I live. I’ve been a business owner since I was 19 years old. So over 30 years, but I’m also happily married and been with my husband 11 years. He’s my soulmate. And I have a beautiful daughter Gabrielle, and a bulldog and a golden retriever. So those are the loves of my life.

And I’m also a trapeze artists. Oh, that’s interesting.

It’s different. But I’ve been flying techies for about 18 years now.

Oh, that’s awesome. And you still do it.

I still do it all the time.

The great thing about trapeze is, or anytime you have a sport that you are so focused on in the moment with your life, letting go of all your responsibilities or things that you have to do, or, you know, any stresses and you’re just in the moment 100% and when you’re on the trapeze, you better be in the moment or you could you know, risk your life.

It’s It’s such a relief and it’s you know, it just clears your head and you become more inspired to do all the other things in your life. So, tell us about your business and how you got started. I’ve built 10 companies since I was 19 and in all different industries. When I was 19, I started my first business when I was in college, doing personalized poems for birthdays and anniversaries. And I learned from my dad that if you want something, go make it happen. Go create it yourself. And so people started asking me, you know, do you do brochures, you to tell television radio, and I really had no idea what I was doing. But I just kept saying yes, and just wasn’t afraid to ask for help and get support early on and I built a full service advertising and PR firm. When I was by the time I was 25 and I had Ben and Jerry’s was my client Supercuts.

Charlotte, Ruth, and that was you know, my earlier the experience to business. It was a crazy, crazy time, and I’ve gone on since then I’ve had a beauty salon chain, I’ve had a software company, I’ve had homeopathic practice for 20 years, and they’ll tell me about the school. And so now I, I mentor, my, I have a team and we mentor business owners across the country. And I get to do my best work now because I’m, I feel like I’m paying paying it forward by sharing all these years of wisdom. So when did you know that you were an entrepreneur? Well, I think I came out of the womb as an entrepreneur. I felt that way because I couldn’t hold a job for more than two weeks. So it’s all I’ve ever really done. I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family, my father built the largest chain of women’s clothing stores in the United States, from 1955 to the early 80s. So it was just being around that energy and seeing his passion and love for his work. And seeing that if you have an idea, you just need to put it out there. You know, he was my obviously big inspiration in my life. So really, you know, I mean, from from the beginning, I was definitely destined to be a business owner, and you know, now helping other people reach those dreams. That’s what excites me the most. That’s amazing.

What’s your greatest entrepreneurial challenge, helping people to see the bigger version of their destiny, their possibilities, I think that people in general, think too small. And it’s really the mindset that is what creates success. Because I could give you all day long, if you don’t believe believe that you can do it. Most people don’t stick with it. So I’d say that’s probably my biggest challenge. And also what motivates me and excites me the most, because I know that there’s still so much work to do out there. And I want I want people to see that they, they can create absolutely anything that they want in their life that they have, you have to be willing to take those big leap. So big risks, even if they’re terrifying, because on the other side, just something magical and beautiful. That’s awesome. What advice would you have for someone that isn’t really thinking that big or doesn’t really believe that they can be that big? Well, it’s important to surround yourself with people that do. So if you’re around people that are negative, then they will tell you everything that you think is true, and you’ll just keep sabotaging yourself. So the key is, you know, I mean, Wayne Dyer used to say, to say, you know, whatever, you, you know what, wherever you’re going to give attention, that’s what you’re going to create. So if you are truly wanting a bigger picture of yourself, surround yourself with successful people, get support, get a mentor, someone that believes in you, and remind you, you’re getting down on yourself that you are capable, I have a mentor, and he’s amazing. I had some life situations happen. And I ended up getting a full time job.

And I met with my mentor, and he’s like, it’s all right, you have a job, but the next time I see you, you better be self employed again. And like two months later, I had the opportunity to be self employed again. So yeah, so you just need those people that are your your heroes that are going to call you on your staff, you know, it’s not about having someone that’s like, Oh, you know, it’s going to be okay, that’s not really going to help you, right? Someone that’s going to be honest and direct. Yeah, exactly. And then everybody wants to surround themselves with those people that always agree with what you feel you should do, or with what you’re doing right now. But you need those people that are going to be like, Okay, this is where you’re at right now. But this is not who you are. Right? This is not working.

So Exactly. So it’s not always what you want to hear. And sometimes I’ve had people call me on stuff and I would get angry. And, you know, and but then I was like, Okay, wait a minute, I’m getting angry, because this is true. And I really need to face this and look at it. And those have been the biggest shifts in my life. What’s your favorite business book, one of my favorite business books is the big leap. It’s an incredible book, because it really helps you to see how we allow our head to get in the way of our happiness. You know, we could be feeling really happy. And then all of a sudden, we let this negative thoughts creep into our head and how that stuff does. But it’s all about getting in touch with your genius. It’s a book by gay Hendricks. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

Awesome. adding it to my Goodreads right now.

So if you could follow just one business thought leader, who would it be? There’s so many depending on like, what it is, I’m interested in learning. You know, there’s, there’s a man named Les Brown who is incredibly inspirational and a great speaker. And it’s so funny because, you know, I run a mastermind and private coaching program for business owners for many years. And I was on stage two weekends ago, and one of my clients came up to me and she said, Allison, would you like to talk to Les Brown? I’ve got him on the phone right here. I mean, we, I had like, a 10 minute break while people were running to the restroom. You know, it’s like, are you serious right now. And, you know, I’d love to work for years, he’s been so inspiring. And so here I am, on my stage on the phone with Les Brown. And we’ve actually nowadays information he’s going to come on my show. Well, that was really cool. There’s so many business owners that I admire. And I’ve had the luxury and I’m not the luxury. But I would say the opportunity to meet these people over the years, many of them have become really good friends mine. So you can check that out on I have a show alley and you on, you know, right on my website, which I can share with you later. And, you know, I mean, I’d love to meet Richard Branson. I just, I love the work that he does. Yeah, love Michelle Obama, I think to the wonderful you know, I like people that are out there, and they’re making things happen. That to me is inspiring.

I look forward to listening to that episode that you have with Les Brown. I I keep hearing about him. But I haven’t actually ever consumed his content, but I’ll definitely check them out.

Yeah, you want to get inspired? Get on YouTube and look at some of his videos.

What advice do you have for someone that is just getting started in business? Well, I would say that know that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And that to get get a mentor work with a coach if you’re going to in anything that you want to grow successful people work with coaches, and I have since the early days, and even when I didn’t have the money, I just found a way to make it happen. And that really has gotten me to where I am now is that I had people that I could ask questions and get answers right away that of sitting there spinning my wheels and in throwing money through things that don’t work. So I would say, you know, don’t do it alone. And you surround yourself with other people that are more successful than you. Okay, what about I’ve seen people talk about group coaching, is that a good option for people that are like on a budget?

Well, in what we do, it’s private coaching, and the group we call it a mastermind, but it’s like having a board of advisors, okay, does it that the benefit of that almost more than just being alone with a coach is that you get a coach and then you also get get the insight from all of these people and their background and their wisdom. And, you know, just, I’m in a mastermind myself, you know, in with, you know, surrounded by brilliant people. So, it gets you to really open up your mind to, you know, how are they doing customer service? How are they doing their marketing, you know, how are they creating revenue streams, it could be a completely different industry. And it’s actually better to surround yourself with people in other industries, so that you can learn and apply those, you know, in your own way, in your own style to your business.

I was in a mastermind group two or three years ago, and we’re all of us from the group are still really good friends. And we’re all doing like some amazing things. Everything is way different from when we were in the group. So we’ve definitely seen that growth that we’ve had, and we still talk and we still encourage each other. So it’s a really good way to make lasting friendships with entrepreneurs.

Oh, yeah, I’m still you know, I’ve been in the same mastermind for years. These are people you become lifelong friends with, because you share, you know, your biggest dreams and your biggest fears.

Exactly, yeah. And you share a lot of stuff that you don’t normally share with your friends. There are specific problems that you have that only somebody that’s in your life that’s an entrepreneur would get. So your normal friends, your normal family wouldn’t really understand why it’s a problem. So you kind of like, share secrets with them. Yeah, you do. You do. And they get you they understand the challenges that you go through, they live it as well. Exactly. You don’t feel alone, you know, and that’s important being in business.

Mm hmm. So aside from not wanting to work for someone else, and aside from your family, what is your why my why truly is to elevate humanity business. And that is that the biggest changes that we have in the world are people that are inventing incredible ideas and in solving the world’s biggest problem, and I feel those are locked inside business owners. You know, inventors. Yeah. And I feel as visionaries and so that is my why that’s what that’s what gets me going. Every day. When I was younger, it was more about the money and the money is still important. We have to create a very profitable business and the more money that I’m able to make, the more people I’m able to reach. But that really is that is just changing the world. You know, one entrepreneur that time I love it. What’s your favorite internet resource or app that just makes your life easier. I don’t know that they necessarily make my life easier. But you know, we I haven’t found that the oldest project management software, we just moved to over our whole team to a sauna, and the jury’s out right now on that one, but I use Evernote I’ve used that one for years. I love that it’s easy for me to throw it in there like a file cabinet and it just goes right to my phone and I can dig it up and do searches easily with that we use slack with our team and that’s really easy to use.

But you know, I’m kind of old school and I think that I always tell people that telephone is the best social media tool out there so I prefer to call somebody because you could go back and forth on email forever and things are misconstrued right and I could just get it done with you know, with just pick up the phone right now I feel Yeah, cuz you can lose I mean somebody can make a joke and you think they’re being serious or they’re being serious and you think it’s a joke it’s just yeah it just gets confusing exactly where can listeners find you online what’s your social media Where’s websites My website is Alison Maslin calm and it’s a LL. I so and as as LA and I also have a free gift on there and you’ll see right there which is a my 12 months blueprint for building your business it’s a video training program super comprehensive and it’s free you can also Facebook I’m super active on Facebook and my URL or handle and Facebook is Allison spans Allison’s plural fans plural. Okay, and we’re super active on there and I have a an online TV show up and running for the last five years and that airs on Facebook every Wednesday at four o’clock pacific time. And yeah, so the checking out my website, you’ll find all of that information.

Okay. And then what about your book blast off. So my book blast off is I put my heart and soul into that book. And that’s a great for I know, a lot of you listening are just getting going with your business and law stuff is a great book for that. It helps you to get clear on your roadmap, your vision, and it’s truly a program in itself. It helps you to it there’s a chapter on every single area of your life as it pertains to business, you know, making it a lifestyle and it helps you to overcome your fears. It helps you to have a much better money mindset, which is super important when you’re building wealth. And it helps you also with self care, because you’re building this business and you’re working hard, you got to take care of yourself. So I have lots of great tips in there for that.

Okay, awesome. Allison, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today.

This was great. It was a lot of fun. And I hope that I hope that your listeners are inspired and will do everything they can to go after their dream.

Yeah, definitely. I was definitely inspired also. So thank you.

You’re welcome.


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