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In this episode of the Start Fierce Business Podcast, we welcome back Krystal Lynch who was interviewed on Episode 28.

Krystal is the author of Affirmations: Rewrite Old Scripts and Deactivate Limiting Beliefs. She loves crafting, writing and wants to inspire people through creativity.

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About Affirmations: Rewrite Old Scripts and Deactivate Limiting Beliefs

Krystal began writing this book in November 2015. She got the idea for the book after she realized she needed to take herself and her life seriously and started doing affirmations. Her book was inspired by the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are statements you speak to yourself in the present tense about things you want to incorporate into your life.

How can we get started creating affirmations for our own lives?

Think about an area that you want to change in your life and rewrite those scripts.

How often should we be reciting these affirmations?

Krystal recommends you write them down and read them aloud every night before bed.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

Finding out how much knowledge Krystal already had on the topic.

Affirmations-Book-Cover3bWhat advice would you give to someone who would like to write a book?

Start with a topic you’re passionate about. Research your topic and think about an outline.

Don’t feel like you don’t have a message or something to say. We all have something we need to contribute to this world!

Try transcribing your book first, instead of just writing it out as you may find it’s easier for you to get all your ideas out.

What was your greatest challenge when writing this book?

Krystal’s greatest challenge when writing this book was the editing part and getting the cover made. She ended up making the cover herself in the end.

What apps were essential in your book writing process?

Evernote for transcription and organizing the whole book.

Where can we get your book?

On for $2.99

To learn more about Krystal, visit her blog at

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Welcome back crystal Lynch, who was interviewed on episode 28 crystal is the author of affirmations, rewrite old scripts, and deactivate limiting beliefs. She loves crafting, writing and wants to inspire people through creativity. Welcome to the show. Crystal well thank you for having me. It’s good to have you back for whoever didn’t listen to your last episode when you were on the show. And just to keep us updated on what’s new.

Tell us about yourself. I am an aspiring entrepreneur. Currently I am working on a few different projects. I’m really interested in crafting how you discovered be also interested in writing and exploring those areas of my life and expanding that into business as well. And also going more in a direction of how to inspire people through creativity. So that’s kind of what I’m about right now you have a new book out. Tell us about your book. Well, my book is called affirmations, rewrite old scripts, and deactivate limiting beliefs to give some background on it. I began writing it in November of 2015. But even before that I had gotten really interested in pursuing you know more in the line of self development self help.

And started doing affirmations for myself. And that was probably, you know, beginning of 2015 is when I started actually taking that part of my life seriously. And I had gone through some difficult things on my job. And I was trying to make some changes. I had ended some projects that I was really sad to end at the same time that I needed to focus on another direction in my life. And I guess I started to realize that I just need to start kicking myself in my life more seriously. So I began reading this book. And so my book affirmations is I would say it’s definitely inspired by another book called it just escaped my mind. I am so sorry but the author’s name is Julia Julia Cameron, she wrote a book basically geared towards artists who have kind of lost their way in the sense and trying to regain that artistic quality back into their lives. And so she had some exercises in the book that helped me develop my own affirmations. And from that, that was when I was inspired to just make that a part of my daily life and really get serious about that really changed my mindset about myself and about my life. And then the idea for the book came way later because even that bad when I wasn’t thinking about writing a book, even though I’ve always wanted to write, I’ve always been a writer since I was a kid, I was a writer and went to school for English, but for some reason, I never thought that it was time for me to write something and that didn’t come until late in the fall of 2015. I’m gonna find the book and I’ll include a link to it in the show notes along with the title because that actually sounds like something that I want to read as an artist. You know, we do lose our way a lot, especially when you’re dealing with to having your art for pay. It can be really easy to lose yourself when you’re having to do something the client wants and it’s so far away from something you

What if that the book is called the artists way? I think I’ve heard of that. It’s pretty well known your books about affirmations. What are affirmations? Okay. Well, the way I define affirmations, I define them as positive statements that you speak to yourself. That affects some kind of positive change in your life. affirmations are typically present tense because you want to speak in a present tense way. You don’t want to say what you will be or what you have been. But you want to stay in the present what you are at that point or how you want to see yourself so long and short of it. Basically, they are these present tense statements that you been to yourself and they might have body some kind of quality or action or attitude that you want to incorporate into your life and that’s that’s how I define them. How do you suggest we get started creating affirmations I would say a quick easy way to

Get started right off the top of your head, you know, think about some area in your life that you would like to make some changes in, you know, maybe it would be just having a better attitude, whatever that means to you. So a quick, easy way to start would just be to say, I have a better attitude today, or my attitude is improving today. And it doesn’t have to be big and long and drawn out doesn’t have to be pages and pages and statements, but it can just be something positive, or that puts you in a positive frame of mind just that day to help you get through whatever it is it is that you need to get through. And that’s a really quick way to just dive in and start doing positive affirmations. It doesn’t have to be complicated. So do you write yours down and you see them every day? How often do you say them? That’s a good question. So you know, I would say like lately, I haven’t been doing my affirmations as much because I feel like I’ve been kind of writing off of all the work that I did previously. But when I was reading

We have what I was really doing them like, you know, intent, you know, intentionally and regularly yes it was every day I wrote down my affirmations I have a specific process that I use to create my affirmations and I can talk more about that and I said them at least once a day, mostly at night before I went to bed and I felt like that was a good way to get those positive thoughts into my mind so that I actually going to sleep with these wonderful positive thoughts in my mind and having that kind of like my so I’m on my subconscious to meditate on net throughout the night and I found that to be very effective. I didn’t do them as much in the morning only because I was always rushing into the work so I just found it when I could. I would want to have time but I definitely did them every night consistently for months and I had several different categories of affirmations that I did. as well. So what did you enjoy most about writing your book? I think I enjoy just realizing how much I actually knew that I didn’t think that I knew when I went through the process of writing the book, I outlined everything the actual writing process of the book, I’d actually transcribed it so I didn’t actually like type it out. So maybe incense like through the process. So the actual process of it was kind of my favorite thing about it, because I did spend hours sitting in front of a laptop or, you know, in front of a computer screen and typing out these words like it was like, almost like things was coming out so naturally and they’re flowing so quickly, I had to get it out as quickly as possible. So I didn’t type and I felt like that helped me to just get all my information out of myself so that I could get it onto the page after writing, getting all the material and going through editing. I would say that’s probably as well as like my favorite part of the process of writing the book.

Not editing itself, that was actually pretty tedious. But when I was going through and reading the book, it was a really, really interesting thing. Going back and reading it, because so much of what I had written down, which is resonating and reading and again, after writing it, I think it really helped to solidify some of my own thoughts and feelings, about affirmations about changing you know what it is to judge yourself what that means and the impact that can have on someone’s life. It was through that process I realized I spy and I think I really have something valuable here. There was a nice every So what advice would you give to someone who wants to write their own book, I would start with start with a topic that you’re passionate about, start with something that you know about Hillel or you know, if you’re really passionate about it, you can do the research and it’s no even better. I feel like that’s probably the first step. The second step is I found really valuable to outline the book. This is actually my first time writing a book. I’ve written a thesis before and I don’t think I went through any of the processes that I went through, and I was 10 years ago. So completely different mindset at that point time anyway. So I would start with that topic that it is you’re passionate about, what is it that you want to say? What is your message? Do you have a message and think about that, you know, and and also don’t think that I have nothing to say I have nothing to contribute. And that’s one of the things probably one of the things that I started to really ingrained in my mind just even through the practice of affirmations is that you know, you are important you do have something to contribute, you know, you just need to find out what that thing is to be something you need to sit meditate on or see you need to let go of something to find out what that is. So, anyway, back to the question. Yes. So definitely find something you’re passionate about. Do your research and let it slow you know if you have a lot of knowledge already.

No, don’t feel like you have to study study study, just go ahead and get the words out. And if you need to go back and fill in the holes and go back and fill in the holes, but I think the biggest talk to some people to some creative is just that whole editing process constantly because we’re bombarded. You know, we can we carry this from school and we carry this from work that, you know, everything has to be a certain way it has to be done a certain way. It has to be perfect. You can’t make mistakes, you can’t iterate along the way and Brian a very creative process and I would even say there is a spiritual aspect to it as well. So you need to kind of get out of your own way and not constrain yourself and if it works for you to transcribe try it. You know, try it for like a chapter or two and see if that works for you. It worked really well for me in this instance. But you know, we just find what works for you. What is your process is a benefit to sit and type.

Or the easiest for you transcribe now I run faster than I can type. So that’s why I did that way. Well, you made a really interesting point you say you may need to let go of some things in order to be able to find what it is that you’re writing about. And I have found in the past few months in my life, there have been some things that I’ve let go of. And I don’t even know whose life I’m living right now. And I don’t even mean that in a negative way. It’s just like, you let go of these things. And it feels like my life skyrocketed. It started going full speed so definitely people things habits could be holding you back from what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s a very, very real thing. So you have to look in your life and see what could be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Yeah, I think you said it perfectly. That

Sometimes that bridge between where you are now and where you want to be, is not so much about doing more of this or that it might be just letting go of certain things that you don’t have at wait and you’re able to cross over 100 So what do you think is your greatest challenge you face when you were writing this book I’m the greatest challenge just went back to like the editing that was probably the greatest challenge and it’s not even like a an emotional thing or a bad I really wasn’t like the mechanics of going back.

That’s very tedious thing. And actually that went on for months. And I have an accountability partner and Mitch kept asking me so when you can be done when he going to be done like I’m working on it. You know, I had to go through this with a tooth comb. I can’t just like put it out there because I edited my book twice before I had someone else go through it and edit it. So that actually was the biggest challenge. That was a huge challenge. Another challenge was getting the cover made and I was going to I was going to hire that out initially I was my plan was to hire that out I think at that point maybe the control freak and me said no I’m going to do this myself so I just did my own cover and that helps speed up the process because I for some reason I had this block of like handing that over to somebody to do it I really just want to be in control the whole process so that was kind of a thing so I actually I guess the challenge I kind of go over the challenge with a clever despite doing it myself however, I am looking to probably get a cover redone in the future and I will not be doing that I will I just wanted to get the book out thereand in order for me to get it out there at a time to get it done quickly and it felt easier for me to do it myself but later on down the line I think I’m like someone to you know design a new cover for me to suck and you know, keep improving on the book itself. So that was the challenge then Believe it or not even just formatting it for kindle now I don’t know how to do it it’s fine now but doing that seemed to be a little bit of a learning curve but it’s actually quite easy now that I’ve gone through it now now I look  back at it I want to write a book but I do have to find that topic that perfect topic and editing for kindle and just formatting the book I’m just like, oh my gosh Yeah. No, I’m good once you get over that hump. I mean I’ve actually like you know writing the book the other stuff really was not as big a deal so don’t let that deter you. If you know I did my book in word you know if I go back and do it again I might do a little fancier and like an InDesign and you know, have a good nicer you know, look to it. But again, this was more that it’d be an expedient and not taking too long to make it perfect. It was just okay. The contents good just put together.

Get it out there. So what apps were essential in your book writing process? Well I will actually repeat the same app that I mentioned in my last interview and that was Evernote. So I use Evernote to transcribe everything, all my chapters that’s how I organize my book was using the Evernote application. So crystal Where can we get your book? Well my book is available right now on amazon dot com is price at 299 like a lot of other ebooks and yeah, it’s available there right now for you. I am working on a print version of it. So I’ll be releasing the book through create space which is all my Amazon and it’s their print on demand. So when I get that together, that will be available as well. And then I’m also considering releasing an audiobook version as well. But right now

You can definitely get it on Amazon dot com and where can we contact you? Where can we find you on the web? You can find me at my website which is life by crystal L and the URL is life crystal info calm and that’s crystal with a. k. And on that website you can find more information about affirmations about positive thinking. And I’m also going to be expanding into just resources work creatives and freedoms meeting hobbyists, people who are just discovering their creativity and want to get into it people who do crafting so it’s separate from my crafting blog, which is all crafting. This is more like inspirational and then leading you towards whatever that creative lifestyle that you want to pursue. Well, Crystal thanks so much for sharing your story with us. us today. Well thank you for having me. Cindy has been great. I really appreciate talking to you again.


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